20 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Europe in November

Autumn is a time for romance and spiritual relaxation. A time when the weather is no longer hot, but not too cold. Golden mean! A good period for long evening walks, relaxation and enjoying the natural beauty. The incredible blue of the sky and the delicate smell of dry leaves. Everything around is filled with some mysterious refinement. And at that moment the soul asks for rest. 

Here are the best places to visit in Europe in november(like a city in Croatia as an example), after which, you will always remember their beauty and greatness. All cities listed in the rating, as well as possible, are suitable for autumn holidays. Give yourself an unforgettable journey into the world of fairy tales.

1. Berlin 

Wide clear skies overhead, purple-golden lush trees and sunny warm weather are all the capital of Germany. At a time when other countries are terrorized by rain and non-flying weather, the weather in Berlin is wonderful for recreation. In November, the temperature reaches 15 degrees Celsius. 

On walks along the modern streets of Berlin, you can not stop. The city will drag you with its diversity and richness of entertainment facilities. Of course, Berlin is the second largest metropolis in the European Union. And there are more than 130 museums. Among them, it is worth visiting such as Charlottenburg Palace, museums in Dalem, Cultural Center in Tiergarten and others. Being in Berlin be sure to visit the Europa Center. Berlin is colorful and diverse, and it is undoubtedly worth it to see it at the dawn of autumn.

2. Amsterdam 

In Amsterdam, autumn is truly golden and bright. A fabulous city filled with mystery and fun. Bicycles in the city at every corner and even roadside signs are installed specifically for cyclists. 

The city is similar to Venice with its huge number of channels. So, if you like to take a ride in a boat, turning an ordinary walk into an unforgettably romantic, visit Amsterdam. Enjoy the colorful houses and red-brick streets. 

Autumn makes itself felt cool weather, the sun looks out much less often. Most of the time is cloudy and damp. But you will not notice it behind the colors of the bent and lush trees. Walking through the alleys of the city, you will get lost in a variety of shops and cafes. Many monuments will enchant you with their attractiveness and intrigue, there will be no time to think about the dull weather. Besides, the very atmosphere of the city in no case will not make you bored. 

3. Madrid

Madrid is a city of endless celebration and fun. Romance fills the streets of this picturesque city. The Fall season in Europe is warm and classic, filled with fresh air, which you want to breathe in the whole chest. This time of the year is the right time for unhurried walks in Madrid since the summer is hot and its clocks are very cold.

Having been in the city it is impossible not to visit its center. And there is something to inspire your soul: the Puerta del Sol, framed by the columns of the Plaza Mayor, the statue of Philip III, the palace of Santa Cruz and many other incredible sights. 

If you prefer clubs and a modern form of recreation – no problem! In this city, you will find everything you wish. Prefer a nightlife? Then go to Piazza Santa Barbara, Alonso Martnez and Bilbao. 

Unforgettable impressions of the trip will remain with any person, with any preferences, and of any age. 

4. Barcelona

The temperamental nature of Spain is displayed even in its unpredictable autumn weather. Barcelona is different every day: today it is warm and you can lie on the beach, and tomorrow a cool wind will drive the rain. And then again the sun and warm. The sea nearby has to walk along the coast and even swimming. But only hardened residents can swim in the fall. Few tourists dare to swim in the cool water of a hospitable city.

If you go to Barcelona, then in October. Do not tighten, as this is the last month of most summer entertainment facilities. A famous show of the Singing Fountains on Mount Montjuic in November will be less long, and you will lose the opportunity to fully enjoy this momentous spectacle. 

Also, music lovers will be especially comfortable in Barcelona in October. This month there is an international jazz festival. And people will perform in open areas, so everyone can enjoy the music. 

5. Rome

The eternal city is famous for its romantic autumn walks among ancient monuments. A visit to the Colosseum, Pantheon and other sights without the suffocating crowds of tourists will help you to feel the ancient atmosphere of this militantly great city. 

An unforgettable high and blue sky will spread over you. And the air temperature can reach as much as 25 degrees. Even sitting by the fountain, you will feel the charm of Rome, imbued with a positive mood of cheerful and cheerful Italians. Do you know what the trick of the fountains of Rome is? They have drinking water! Yes, water from mountain springs still flows into city fountains. 

Rome is a city of the living and unforgettable images. The view of the city from the hill at dawn to the sounds of church bells or at sunset to the music of a tired city will be remembered for a lifetime. 

Rome is a city of creative people. Thousands of artists and writers come here looking for inspiration.

6. London

Autumn in the English capital is incredibly colorful and gorgeous. Day retains heat up to 19 degrees. But the morning and evening may already be cool, but it will seem to you a trifle compared to the unprecedented sunsets and sunrises of this city. October is the rainiest month in London. But this is his Majesty and mysteriously romantic atmosphere. 

London’s exquisite streets are filled with museums, including the house-museum of the famous character Sherlock Holmes. A cozy cafe with fragrant cakes and morning tea will fill you with warmth and peace of mind. 

In November, impenetrable fog covers England. And London is saturated with some magic and mystery. Besides, November 4, all of England celebrates the national holiday “Night of Guy Fox.” This man in 1605 took an attempt to blow up the parliament building, together with King Jacob I. But they were stopped and Guy Fox was executed. Since then, for the past four centuries, the Englishmen have been celebrating the disclosure of crime against royal power. This evening, almost every seed sets fire to the effigy of Guy Fawkes in his yard, and the night brightens from a multitude of lights.

London is indispensable for lovers of adventure and mystery. 

7. Paris

Oh, France! Paris deservedly takes the first place of this rating. Gold touches the trees of the city, and he continues to maintain a romantic mood, not letting go after the summer. All the streets of the city are painted in bright autumn colors, and the view from the Eiffel Tower will amaze you to the depths of your soul. This beauty will remain forever in your memory as the brightest memory. 

Despite all this, the weather in Paris remains relatively warm until November. And although the nights are cool, the days are flooded with sunshine, keeping warm. In October, the temperature reaches up to 22 degrees and only in November it begins to drop. 

Paris is rich in boulevards, parks, gardens, and embankments. Evening walks through the famous places of this unforgettable city will not leave you indifferent. Visit the fantastic cathedrals and churches. Make a trip to the islands for yourself and your friends. 

On the other hand, in autumn, Paris turns into a land of light. “White Night” in Paris is filled with various activities. The light show lasts all night, there are museums and art galleries, which are free to visit. Agree, it is worth to allocate time and visit Paris at this time of the year. The unforgettable atmosphere of the most romantic city in the world will remain forever in your soul.

8. Neum (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Usually, if tourists travel to the Adriatic coast, they choose Italy, Croatia or Montenegro. Few people know that 25 km of the coastline of this sea belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina. This 25 km is located in the resort town of Neum, where the rest is much cheaper than in the cities of the above countries. And the citizens of Russia still do not need a visa.

9. Orchar-Kablar gorge (Serbia) – secret churches in the rocks

In Central Serbia, there is an amazingly picturesque place – two wooded and rocky mountains Ovcar and Kablar, between which the Morava River winds. Among the natural beauty located 12 monasteries, which were built in the Middle Ages. It was here that many Serbs took refuge from the Turks during the Balkan Wars.

One of the most creepy and inaccessible sights of the gorge is the cave-church Kajenica. In the XIX century, during the uprising against the Ottoman Empire, residents took refuge in this cave from the Turks. They issued a crying baby. Punishers found shelter and lit a fire in front of the entrance. Everyone who was inside died from suffocation.

There are few tourists in the Ovcharsko-Kablar gorge, and there are big advantages in this: low prices and no crowds. But there is also a minus – to get to many places of interest is very difficult. For example, the path to Kadjenica lies through a dilapidated railway bridge, on which it is very dangerous to move.

10. Magpies (Moldova) – the world capital of the Gypsies

The Moldavian town of Soroki cannot boast of sights: the brightest is the fortress of the XV century. This castle would remain the only tourist lure if it were not for the Roma, who radically changed the architectural appearance of the city.

Now there is the Capitol, the Cathedral of St. Peter and even the Bolshoi Theater – all these are the mansions of rich gypsies. The baron lives among them, and he is not just a leader of the diaspora, but a serious government official – advisor to the president of Moldova on Roma affairs. By the way, a little advice: in this country, representatives of this nation should be called Roma, the word Gypsies can be seriously offended here.

11. Visoko (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – European pseudo pyramids

In 2006, a sensation thundered: pyramids were found in Europe. They were discovered by amateur archaeologist Semir Osmanagic near the Bosnian town of Visoko. He claimed that he had found man-made stone blocks, from which representatives of the ancient civilization and erected their mysterious structures. The authorities in Bosnia gladly helped spread the word.

Tourists rushed into the town. But it soon turned out that the pyramids were a fake. Scientists have found that these are just hills of natural origin. But tourists continue to go to Bosnia. And why not go, if nature is beautiful?

12. Sighisoara (Romania) – the birthplace of Count Dracula

Perhaps the most popular tourist destination in Romania is Bran Castle, where according to legend Dracula lived. If Dracula had been there, he was just passing through. Fans of the prince are invited to visit his homeland – the city of Sighisoara in Transylvania. There little Dracula was born and lived up to 5 years.

Now in the house of the ruler is a restaurant, decorated in a vampire style. The Romanians themselves, Dracula, do not consider a vampire, for them he is a national hero who fought for the liberation of Europe from the Turks. The prince is even canonized by the Romanian Orthodox Church.

13. Cachtice Castle (Slovakia) – the home of the most terrible crimes in the world

Here lived Countess Erzsebet Bathory, who is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most bloodthirsty female murderer (she is accused of killing 650 girls). According to one version, she used the blood of the unfortunate for cosmetic purposes to preserve her youth. The criminal was walled up in a room in the castle in Hungary, where she ended her life.

It is worth noting that Batory could have slandered Count Thurzo, who was investigating her. The reasons are the rich lands of the aristocracy, as well as the political ambitions of the prosecutor. True or not, Erzhebet went down in history as “the Chakhtitsky monster” and “Countess Dracula.” By the way, she is a distant relative of the Romanian prince.

14. Kosovo – tourism for extremes

The partially recognized Republic of Kosovo is a place that many people associate with war and drug trafficking. However, due to its bad reputation, few people know that it is amazingly beautiful there: for nature lovers, there is the Mirusha National Park with karst lakes and waterfalls, for history fans, there are many mosques and monasteries. The latter, unfortunately, are often destroyed by local Albanians.

Kosovo should attract lovers of unusual tourism by the fact that it’s not so easy to get there. First of all, it is better to enter there from Serbia, so that later you can freely visit this country. Secondly, if you do not have a Schengen, then a visa will have to be issued in Istanbul. If you leave Kosovo through Serbia, do not forget to cancel the Kosovo visa in Belgrade.

15. Passage – a cave in which God looks after you (Bulgaria)

Prohodna Cave is one of the coolest landmarks in Bulgaria. It is located about 110 km from Sofia. Tourists are attracted to her two holes that resemble the eyes, so the cave got its second name – the Eyes of God.

You can get there at any time of the year, but preferably not in winter: the risk of falling icicles is high. But rainy autumn in Europe is perfect – then from the “eyes” roll like real tears. You can visit the cave on your own without resorting to the services of a guide.

16. The most fun cemetery in the world (Romania)

In the Balkans, where bloody wars have been going on for many centuries, the attitude towards death is more philosophical than in Western Europe or in Russia. But in Romania, it is very special: there is the funniest cemetery in the world in the mountainous region of Maramures.

Here you will not find gloomy tombstones and mournful epitaphs – instead, on the graves, there are carved colored crosses with funny pictures about the deceased. 

It all began in 1935, when a resident, Jon Petrash, built a tombstone for his dead wife. His fellow villagers liked the idea, and they began to order his crosses during his lifetime. As a result, the cemetery was one of the most striking sights of Romania and is now protected by UNESCO.

17. Cities built by Kusturica (Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina)

Emir Kusturica – master of all trades. He makes cool films, plays in a cool band and even builds cool cities. In Serbia, not far from the town of Zlatibor, he built Drvengrad, an ethnic village, in which, by the way, he did not forget to build a house for himself. It was in these parts the director shot the film “Life is like a miracle.”

25 km from Drvengrad – already on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Kusturica erected Andricgrad, named after the writer Ivo Andric. The director reconstructed the historical center of the town of Visegrad, where the action of the novel Bridge on the Drina takes place, for which Andrich received the Nobel Prize. 

In both cities of Kusturica, you can stay for one or several nights – there are a hotel and restaurants. By the way, the prices are quite affordable. Often in Drvengrad, you can also meet the director himself, who is always ready to talk with visitors.

18. Liberland – the world’s first cyber state (the border of Serbia and Croatia)

Liberland is the first cryptocurrency state in the world. It exists only in the network. At the same time, the country even has a very real territory – 7 square meters. km between Serbia and Croatia, however, it is very difficult to get there: the authorities of actually existing states blocked entry to the virtual one.

It is almost impossible to get into the territory of a freedom-loving republic, but you can get citizenship through the official website. And if you want to look at the magic country, it is better to do it from the territory of Serbia – there, in the town of Backy Monostor, even the first embassy of Liberland was opened.

19. Albania – a paradise among the wreckage of the communist past.

Albania is one of the least studied tourist countries. For a long time, it was an isolated socialist state ruled by Stalinist Enver Hoxha. By the 70s of the 20th century, Albania cut off all ties with other countries. Citizens were strictly forbidden to use foreign products. In the 1990s, the socialist regime collapsed and the civil war almost broke out.

Now Albania is still learning how to live in a new way. Here, few people speak English, and the poverty and devastation of many cities scare tourists. But Albania has an amazing Adriatic coast, beautiful nature, unique monuments of architecture and excellent cuisine – all for little money. There is something to do and beach lovers, and pilgrims, and stalkers.

20. Croatian Coliseum

The Roman Coliseum gathers huge crowds of tourists, and enterprising Italians with its help replenish the state budget well. If you want to see such an amphitheater, but that was not so crowded and a bit cheaper, go to the Croatian Pula.

Arena Pula – the same age as the Colosseum: it began to build in the I century of our era. True, it is slightly smaller and occupies the 6th place among the ancient Roman amphitheaters. But it is perfectly preserved and spectacular events are still taking place here. Recently, for example, Sting performed here.


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