20 Best Stag Do Destinations In Europe

The best way to see your best friend off to his married life is throwing him an epic stag party. The ideal rite of passage for the groom-to-be is an overseas stag weekend to chill with his mates and enjoy the last few days of his singledom. There is something about spending a stag weekend abroad; from the obvious wide scope of activities and possibilities to the privilege of anonymity which assures that you can go about your weekend without bumping into someone you know and being awkward for the rest of your stay. To help you throw your friend the bachelor party he deserves, we have curated a list of 20 amazing stag do destinations in Europe and what makes them perfect for the staggers.  

1. Barcelona, Spain

[caption id="attachment_10492" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Barcelona, Spain Barcelona, Spain[/caption] From sprawling beaches, pleasant weather, immense historical, cultural and artistic wealth and the hippest nightlife, the Spanish beach city has every ingredient for a perfect European holiday. For your stag weekend in Barcelona, you can spend the day time exploring adventure fuelled activities at the beach. Try out some water sports like scuba diving, jet skiing or parasailing before setting up your lounge chairs on the shore, soaking the sun and getting your fill of booze for a perfect beach day. Explore the local culture and the genius of Gaudi architecture and try the most authentic Spanish dishes in the city restaurants; you can’t leave the city without tasting the famous ‘paella’. As the sun goes down and street lamps light up the town, get your game on and head to the hippest clubs to lose yourselves to the blaring music and vibrant atmosphere while you get those ‘Gin and tonics’ coming. And there, you have a perfect stag weekend in Barcelona.

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2. Budapest, Hungary

[caption id="attachment_10493" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Budapest, Hungary Budapest, Hungary[/caption] With Danube ebbing and flowing through its territorial border, striking ancient castles sprinkled throughout the city and the impeccable Art Nouveau architecture reflecting in most of its buildings, the Hungarian capital has a vintage charm to it. However, if its artistic and cultural schtick isn’t convincing enough to get you to fly out your mates here for a stag weekend, get this- you can get 9 pints of beer for around 8 Pounds. Now that is something, right? Budapest is among the most underrated Eastern European getaways, but worth every penny. The city has cheap liquor, endless pursuits, amazing food, hospitable locals and a great nightlife. You can’t possibly ask for more.

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3. Berlin, Germany

Its chequered past long forgotten, the German city has grown and developed incredibly since the war, making it a popular tourist destination and famous equally among staggers. While the city is bustling through the day with interesting activities for you to indulge in, like horse coach riding, historical tours, games at sport arenas and brewery tours, it is the night time when Berlin finally comes to life and proves why it is so popular with party lovers. With cheap booze and vibrant crowd at the clubs that stay opened till the break of dawn, you can have yourselves and uninterrupted night long celebration in the honor of your best friend’s bachelorhood.

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4. Prague, Czech Republic

[caption id="attachment_10496" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Prague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic[/caption] Prague happens to be the number one choice for an overseas stag do destination. Once you are here, you won’t struggle to understand why. The city has very reasonably priced food, beer and accommodation and a breadth of experience for all its visitors. Prague is one of those rare cities that are large enough to promise a wide array of activities, yet small enough for you to still find your way back after an all night rager. While in Prague for a stag do, you can’t not try the tantalising absinthe sold in the city bars. While there are many myths associated with the green liquor, it happens to have a perfect balance of healing and hallucinogenic properties to get you in the party mood. One you’ve let loose, get ready for a wild night out. Besides absinthe, the Czechs love their beer. Try their finest at some of the best bars in the city.

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5. Ibiza, Spain

[caption id="attachment_10498" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Ibiza, Spain Ibiza, Spain[/caption] Ibiza and party are two words that can very well be interchangeable. Regarded as the party capital of the world, the Brazilian island has repeatedly earned a spot as the best party destination in the world in terms of experience. The island sees a horde of tourists and staggers all year round looking forward to spend some days getting lost in its hypnotic charm. The city has sprawling beaches to spend your day relaxing under the sun or testing the waters while trying some water sports. A significant cultural and historical wealth emanates from its Old town neighborhood where you can discover its cultural roots and try authentic Brazilian cuisine. As the sun goes down, the city’s party character comes to life. Ibiza’s unparalleled nightlife sees some of the world’s most renowned DJs hitting the set at the city nightclubs. If you need more convincing, Wayne Rooney also jetted off to Ibiza for his stag do before getting hitched and Mike Posner got his mojo back on the island.  

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6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

[caption id="attachment_10499" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands[/caption] From picturesque canals to the notorious De Wallen, legalized marijuana to famous nightlife, Amsterdam makes for a perfect destination to throw your friend a stag do. The Dutch city has ample historical attractions including Anne Frank’s house to some of the cheekiest night clubs for a experience like no other. You can spend your day exploring the city’s landmarks and attractions on a beer cycle, enjoying a hearty meal at one of its quirky restaurants or getting high after purchasing legal grass. As the sun sets, be prepared for an epic night out. Bar crawling in Amsterdam is the best way to get a taste of the city’s nightlife. Hop into bars, enjoy your choice of poison, soak in the vibe and then go off to another bar until you can party no more.

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7. Krakow, Poland

[caption id="attachment_10500" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Krakow, Poland Krakow, Poland[/caption] Combining the rich elements of its historic past and the modern advancements of the city’s present, the Polish city offers a unique experience to anyone who wants to get off the beaten track and have a gala time in a European city. Regarded as the ‘Prague of Poland’, Krakow is blessed with many landmarks and has a fun oozing nightlife. While in the city, set out exploring the quaint streets of Old town, dotted by ancient churches and buildings reflecting centuries old impressive architecture or mingle with the locals at the lively bars around Rynek Glowny. Krakow also happens to be among the cheapest European destinations, ensuring that throwing a stag party abroad does not drain you financially. Some of the best clubs in Krakow are housed within centuries old cellars that adds a hint of vintage charm and depth to your nightlife experience. The booze in Krakow is surprisingly cheap with beer costing as little as £ 2.00 and vodka shots for as low as £3.00.

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8. Hvar, Croatia

[caption id="attachment_10501" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Hvar, Croatia Hvar, Croatia[/caption] While its reputation of being famous among the who’s who of Hollywood and businessmen of the world may make want you to rethink your plans of throwing a stag do in Hvar, as a nod to your bank balance, you will be surprised to know how much you can experience in the Croatian city without burning a hole in your pocket. The town is known for beach parties and a great nightlife. From open air nightclubs to expansive beaches and historic neighborhoods, there is no dearth of possibilities to explore on your weekend in Hvar. Spend a day strolling through the quiet lanes of the ancient town of Stari Grad to stumble across some architectural gems from the past centuries. Head to the island to try some local dishes like ‘gregada’, a fish stew seasoned with a perfect mix of spices and condiments, and some local wine like Bogdanusa to wash the food down your palate. In the evening, head out to one of the beach nightclubs to experience the magic of a beach party. You may also opt for stag weekend packages for Hvar to have everything planned out for you, so you don’t have to constantly plan itineraries.  

9. Copenhagen, Denmark

[caption id="attachment_10502" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark[/caption] The Danish capital is known for its architecture, characterised by colorful buildings, sophisticated culture, lip smacking cuisine and a great nightlife. This happens to be the land that blessed the world with bacon and beer, so you know your stag weekend in Copenhagen will be worth it. Spend your days exploring the city’s landmarks and taste some local dishes. If you seek some light adventure, go go-karting or play a combative game of paintball at the arena with the lads. For your nocturnal adventure, the city has something for everyone- right from hipster microbrewery bars to underground nightclubs and the traditional bars. This variety in nightspots makes pub crawling in Copenhagen a truly unique experience; you get to explore widely different options in a span of a few hours.

10. Sofia, Bulgaria

[caption id="attachment_10503" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Sofia, Bulgaria Sofia, Bulgaria[/caption] With Mount Vitosha domineering over the city, Sofia in the west of Bulgaria promises you a stag weekend that you’ll remember forever. The city is safe and exhibits a strong Mediterranean influence that lends it a summery charm. Owing to its long history, Sofia is blessed with many remnants of it past that you can explore on your visit. It is a land of charming locals with unique habits that can actually make up for a great game once the lads are boozed up; for example unlike the most of the world, a shake of head mean ‘yes’ in Sofia, while a nod means ‘no’. It’ll take you a while to get a hang of it. Until then, you can laugh at yourselves every time you make the mistake. Liquor in Sofia is cheap with a pint of beer costing as little as £1. So get them beers coming in. If the locals like you, you may also earn yourself a complimentary drink.

11. Dublin, Ireland

[caption id="attachment_10504" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Dublin, Ireland Dublin, Ireland[/caption] The land of Guinness and famous Irish coffee, Dublin is an ideal destination for staggers. The erstwhile home of the Vikings, the Irish capital now has an impressive cosmopolitan outlook, but the remnants of its long history dating back to 9th century can still be found in the city. Like most European cities, this odd contrast of historical elements clashing with the modern elements make Dublin an interesting city to explore. For your time in Dublin, spend a few hours at the Dublin Castle, marvelling at it’s Gothic architecture and tracing the historical journey of Dublin. Then head out for a fun time at Guinness Storehouse brewery where you can learn a fact or two about the beer and enjoy some tasting under the balmy weather. As dusk begins to envelop the city, head over to the bustling Temple Bar. The ancient street is marked by cobbled lanes and is a key cultural hotspot of Dublin. The lively pubs host live folk music on most days as well as techno DJ sets. You can taste a variety of cuisine at the restaurants in the area that are famous for serving Asian, American and Irish cuisine. The street is also marked by boutiques that exhibit clothes and crafts by local designers. Once the streets are lit, hit the city pubs and let the Irish show you how to party!  

12. Brussels, Belgium

[caption id="attachment_10505" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium[/caption] Brussels is the epitome of multiculturalism that adds to its lively vibe and makes it an amazing stag do destination. With warm locals, fine beer, hipster bars and unique landmarks, Brussels guarantees you an interesting stag weekend. First of all, the variety of booze in the city is impressive. The bars offer as many as 2000 different types of beers, some of them even host tastings. So if you’re a beer buff, Brussels is your oyster! Besides beer, there is absinthe and gin served in the most eccentric underground bars. The city is marked by any attractions like Grand Place and Music Village that you can spend your time exploring. The nightclubs in Brussels are more than just plain venues for drinking and rock music. Each of them have unique interior design that adds to the ambience. There are many themed clubs as well Havana Club that serves some serious Latino vibes.  

13. Riga, Latvia

[caption id="attachment_10506" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Riga, Latvia Riga, Latvia[/caption] The Latvian city has endless travel and exploring possibilities. Tasteful architecture, ancient museums, and the stretch of white sand Jurmala beach are just a handful of things that await you in Riga. Besides a scenic beauty, the city has great bars and a thriving nightlife that make it popular among staggers. For your daytime adventures, take a stroll through the Art Nouveau District to marvel at the city’s artistic masterpieces. If art isn’t your thing, head over to Pilsētas Kanāls where you can rent a kayak to paddle along the canals and discover the city from a whole new perspective. Spend a day at the Jurmala beach to have a relaxed noon under the sun with nothing but the expanse of blue for as long as the eye can see. If you are up for it, try some water sports. As the sun sets in the horizon, the city’s night pulse starts throbbing. What makes Riga’s nightlife amazing is that most nightclubs have no entry fee. So, the money you save can be used to get extra booze. Try out some local alcohol, especially Riga Black Balsam in any bar you hit. There is just no leaving Riga without trying this famous Latvian Balsam.

14. Warsaw, Poland

[caption id="attachment_10507" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Warsaw, Poland Warsaw, Poland[/caption] The Polish capital has pulse, scenic beauty and vibrant nightclubs that make it stand out among party lovers and staggers. The city has the quintessential elements and activities that make a stag weekend a success in every way. You can go quad biking, or head to the shooting range or a go karting rink for a friendly race competition. If your squad is a bunch of thrill seekers, there are activities like bungee jumping and indoor skydiving to get your adrenaline pumping. The high octane Warsaw nightclubs are famous for their lively music and friendly locals who may recount the tales of the city with you and also buy your squad a round of drinks. Don’t forget to return the favour.

15. Dubrovnik, Croatia

[caption id="attachment_10508" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Dubrovnik, Croatia Dubrovnik, Croatia[/caption] Welcome to King’s Landing! The medieval city and the location for Kings Landing on the ‘Game of Thrones’ , Dubrovnik is bordered by the sea and lies at the foot of a mountain making for a view right out of a postcard. Once you set foot here, you know your stag weekend is going to be unforgettable. There is no dearth of activities and things for you to do in the Croatian city. Take a walk through the City Walls dating all the way back to the 9th century and try some of the water sports like surfing , kayaking, jet skiing or scuba diving on the waters of Adriatic Sea. If you’re up for it, drive up to the nearby Konavle Valley to taste some locally made and manufactured white wine. You may also head to Park Orsula to enjoy a live band concert featuring some indie bands and dance the night away. However, if you’d rather stay in the city, pop into the local bars. They offer some of the best local wine and other liquors for you to raise a toast to the groom-to-be.

16. Benidorm, Spain

[caption id="attachment_10509" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Benidorm, Spain Benidorm, Spain[/caption]   Located on the coast of Costa Blanca in Spain’s Valencia region, Benidorm oozes a Mediterranean charm and has been Europe’s popular stag do destination for decades. This is the place where you can enjoy a tropical getaway at the beach as well as indulge in stag activities in the main city. After a night spent in its vibrant clubs boozing and bar crawling get to you, don’t let that be a bummer. There are activities you can explore on the days you don’t want to drink, chief among them being Catamaran cruising on the crystal clear waters.  

17. Paris, France

[caption id="attachment_10510" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Paris, France Paris, France[/caption] Combine fun with sophistication and you’ve got yourself a perfect stag weekend in Paris. If suaveness is your aesthetic, Paris is ideal for your stag weekend. The Parisians may be all about fashion and sophistication, but they sure know how to party. They just do it in style. Replace your cheap booze and chicken wings with champagne, wines and cheese and voila! You are ready to take the city by storm. But it isn’t as plain as it sounds. You can still enjoy indulging in stag activities with your mates. Go on a winery tour across the vineyards and taste freshly made wine or rent a private boat under Notre Dame and drink next to the Eiffel Tower on the waters of Seine. The city is also home to Cabaret dancing. Catch an extravagant show of cabaret dancing or the famous Moulin Rouge. The bars and nightclubs in Paris offer a variety of finest wines that are manufactured locally. Many bars also hold frequent tastings.

18. Bucharest, Romania

[caption id="attachment_10488" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Bucharest, Romania Bucharest, Romania (Source)[/caption] Perhaps not the first city that comes to mind while planning an overseas stag weekend, but if you want to step off the beaten path, give Bucharest a try. The city will surprise you with what it has to offer you and the lads. For your ultimate adventure activity together, forget the indoor skydiving and jump off a real plane to the view of Carpathian mountains. Talk about adrenaline rush! If skydiving is too extreme for you, head over to man’s favorite machine- sports cars and drive around in a red Ferrari as the engine roars through the streets. When it comes to nightlife, the Romanian capital is incredibly blessed. With hundred of bars and clubs bustling with energetic crowd, you’ll have the time of your life in Bucharest. The groom-to-be couldn’t have possibly asked for anything better.  

19. Marbella, Spain

[caption id="attachment_10489" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Marbella, Spain Marbella, Spain (Source)[/caption] Think Marbella and bright sunshine, crystal clear waters an epic nightlife come to mind. The Spanish seaside resort is an idyllic European getaway before your friend gets hitched. Savor the Mediterranean vibe at the beach while sunbathing and chugging chilled beer. Owing to its proximity to the sea, you can engage in a number of water sports and activities ranging from boat ride and jetlev to hopping on a catamaran party cruise while sailing on the waters and so much more. For your nocturnal adventure, spend at least one night at Puerto Banus to enjoy an amazing night out among a lively crowd with loud music blaring through the speakers while you get drunk celebrating your friend’s new chapter.  

20. Bratislava, Slovakia

[caption id="attachment_10490" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Bratislava, Slovakia Bratislava, Slovakia (Source)[/caption] Scrumptious cuisine, hip bars and cheap liquor make Bratislava a favorite among staggers. The city is often overshadowed by Prague but true party lovers know how much the city has to offer. The day time activities range from firing shots from a real gun at a range and playing ice hockey to the ample attractions sprinkled through the city that you can spend your time exploring; most notably the baroque Bratislava Castle resting atop a hill and the ruins of Danube Castle. Once the night descends the city flaunts its party pulse. Much akin to Prague, Bratislava also has cheap alcohol with a beer pint costing as little as £2. So you can have a gala time in the city without going broke after the unforgettable weekend.  


Stag parties are a nod to your friend’s bachelorhood and are supposed to be the one time before the big day when the groom can bond with his mates and make great memories. To give your friend the weekend he deserves, step up your game and plan his stag do in an exotic European city. You don’t have to splurge a lot to fly out. Set a budget, weigh your options, try getting a package deal and you’ll realise it takes a lot less than you thought to throw an epic bash in Europe.]]>

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