Top 5 places in India for a Trippy Vacation!

When we think about vacations and some leisure time, the first thought comes in the mind is Peace. We all make some extra efforts to take a break from our regular chaotic lives to relax and rejuvenate. In India people usually travel to explore amazing culture, traditions and power of peace. Tourists come from all over the world to understand the depths of spirituality of this nation. Also, India has always been popular for its positivist and free spirits, i.e The Hippie Vibe, which influences every traveller to leave all there pretentious layers and just be free. During my travelling years, I have encountered people who earn good amount of money, live in luxurious houses and drive expensive cars, yet they leave that life behind and spark their inner sides and stay in India like regular people for months. India is quite generous in every way and offers really amazing places for such people, who throw away everything just to lead a simple vacation on this land. So check out these 5 astounding destinations for a memorable trippy vacation: Goa goa holiday This place in India is the major popular destination for all the hippie trippy vacationers. It’s beautiful pristine beaches, moderate climate, free spirited people, calmness and much more is what attracts the tourists from all around the world. Goa is also popular for the amazing sunburn festivals, where great popular music artists participate to spread happiness. Enjoy the psychedelic trance music in an open beach party with thousands of good vibes around you, and make your journey the most happening trip of your life. Goa is a most popular beach destination in India.   Manali- Himachal manali tour A beautiful town in Himachal, surrounded by lush greenery and towering hills, is another place for a peaceful trip. Comfortable resorts, shopping roads and good restaurants for food is what people experience in Manali. However if one wishes to get lost in the woods and wants to get a glimpse of Israelis culture and trippy people, then Old Manali is your place. 2-3 Kms ahead of Manali, there goes a lane which takes you inside the beautiful village of Old Manali. Beautiful artistic places to stay, live music, colourful hippie clothing and a positive aura all around is what you will encounter here.   Nubra Valley- Ladakh nubra-vally Ladakh, we all know is the mesmerising place for nature lovers. I have seen lot of people picking their bikes and travelling for days, to feel the beauty of this place. The charm of this valley will certainly take you to another world of tranquillity. With clear blue sky merging with crystal clean blue valley is a must watch scenery in someone’s life. There is a guarantee we received from all the travellers who have been to this place, where every one claimed to meet their own soul, sitting at such alluring spot.   Jaisalmer- Rajasthan jaisalmer-tour When you leave your real world of hassles and mayhem and start living in a world filled with peace and happiness is what we call a trippy vacation. Rajasthan is the place of Nawabs, the place where warriors were born, the place where Authencity lies in the air people breathe. Explore the astonishing forts built in this deserted land of Kings, and experience the royalty of Jaisalmer. The sophistication and elegance is the best part of such places, where you get treated like a prince or princess in the royal palaces of these Nawabs. Read more about: Of Sand Dunes and a Rich Cultural Heritage – Welcome to Jaisalmer. Kovalam- Kerala kerala tour Kerela is known to be the God’s Own Country, due to its awe inspiring beauty and Ayurveda remedies for human beings. Kovalam is known for its beautiful scenic beauty and house boat rides.  These rides are meant for you to explore the depths of this mesmerizing land of coconuts and its peaceful nature. Apparantly, staying in a house boat and spending time alone without any hurly burly on your head, is another way to have a trippy and indelible experience. ]]>

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