Places alone traveller should definitely visit in Dubai

Travelling in Dubai is never less than an adventure and the city has got everything you could possibly like. From a wide range of beaches to great shopping malls, an adventurous drive in the desert to a luxurious cruise on the city roads with modern high rise buildings joining you, falling from the sky while bungee jumping and jumping on the land for a rare experience of snow skiing among penguins in the Desert tour

Everything you want to experience, you can find it effortlessly in Dubai and if you want to save your money while having the delightful time of your life, even such a thing is possible but for that to happen, the first thing you need to consider is accommodation in Dubai.

With the accommodation issue settled, let’s look into the vibrant options a lone traveller can choose from:

Mall of the Emirates:

Perhaps the first place to go to get you started would be the Mall of the Emirates. Why so? Simply because here you can find almost everything you need and especially if you are living in one of those exotic apartments for rent in JLT, you will find it in close proximity. At the mall you can choose from 560 international brands all under one roof and you can buy anything from branded clothes to groceries. Since you don’t have to pay for walking around the mall let me tell you about the two exotic places you must not miss while being at the mall.

  1. 1.    Ski Dubai- Located within the mall of Emirates is the third largest indoor skiing slope of the world which enables you with an experience you can boast about to your friends that you had the chance of snow skiing in a desert where there were real live penguins around you. You can also experience a ride in a chair lift, hovering about the entire slope and a refreshing drink in a glass made purely of ice!
  2. 2.    Magic Planet- Magic planet stands to be the largest indoor family entertainment centre in Dubai, featuring several award winning rides and games that have never been found indoor before. The place is spread over two levels and it simply makes every boring shopping journey really entertaining.

Gravity Zone:

Out of the Mall and into the sky! Yes, what you can do after your experience at the largest shopping mall is some bungee jumping. Adventure is adventure and nothing beats a good free-fall at the gravity zone where the staff is so amiable that they simply siphon away all your fears and embark you to an experience of a life time.

Dubai Fountains:dubai fountains

Ranked as the no.1 attraction of Dubai are the colourful dancing fountains of Dubai. Best to be observed during the late hours of evening, the fountains simply provide you with the sight of colourful jets of water dancing on your favourite songs.

At The Top: BurjKhalifaburj khalifa

Last but not least, the tallest building of the world, BurjKhalifais the only building you can identify from everywhere in Dubai. Just look at the horizon and you’ll find it there provided that it’s not behind you and you are looking in totally the opposite direction. Observation deck of BurjKhalifa could be found at 124th floor and the elevator can take you there in just 60 seconds! Amazingly fast isn’t it? And what you can enjoy there is the exotic view of the landscape of Dubai.

These are only a few of the many places Dubai features to the people around the world, but they are the best and worth a visit with respect to their uniqueness in the entire world.The rest is up to you. Travel alone and have fun!

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