20 Ideal Destinations for Yoga and Meditation in the World

There is no place as such Paradise. The strife must be to turn the place where you dwell or aspire to go, into a paradise for your own self and for others. This also makes sense when it comes to choosing the best destinations for Yoga & meditation. Yogis and Gurus have travelled the whole world, crossed many oceans, and forayed cultures in order to understand life, its truest meaning and how it affects the entities around. With their preaching and lessons, they have made certain places on the world map a destination for people to come, unwind, and forget all their worries. Are you planning to take your Yoga experience to the next level by feeling the bliss away from chaos? Do you feel fascinated by the idea of meditating on a beach at a far-flung place? Here are 20 destinations for Yoga & meditation:

1. Goa

A place famous for its fish fries, cashew nuts, and beautiful beaches, Goa has everything to be your favorite destination for Yoga & meditation. Yoga sessions on the beach, sea walks, amazing coconut water, and delicious cuisine are enough to take your breath away. Moreover, you can also find a number of popular Yoga Teacher Training programs here that preaches you the art on some other level and help you awaken your soul as well.  Learn Ayurveda, healing herbs and more on Indian culture that dates back to thousands of years. The sessions at the beaches ooze youthful zeal and Goa is everything about colonial influences, beauty and oceanic waves.

2. Bali

One of the most popular destinations for yoga retreats and meditation, Bali has a beauty that will steal your heart forever. But, what makes Bali the most-sought after destination? For Yoga enthusiasts, the options are endless, starting from Vegan, raw, macrobiotic food, concepts on meditation, and practicing Reiki. This Southeast Asia’s destination has some of the most beautiful beaches in Kuta, rainforests in Ubud and rice fields spread across the island. What else to look forward to?  Bali has beaches for surfing as well. There are several popular food retreats organized every year and opportunities to go for mountaineering.

3. Sri Lanka

The shy queen in the troop that seldom projects her beauty out, Sri Lanka is a place that brings together experiences of both the worlds. The sea-shores, coarse sandy bays, and the coconut trees all over the place offer a tantric memory for the lifetime. Indeed one of the best places to go for a Yoga Holiday, go for Ulpotha, trek the pathways between the mammoth  Galgiriyawa Mountains, and explore the lives of Monks living in caves and spending most part of their days in temples. Moreover, there are farms where you can go for private Yoga sessions, meditation classes and experience spirituality. Under the guidance of Gurus, you can learn more on Ayurvedic treatments, and rehabilitation techniques for chronic illnesses as well. For the extra jazz, go surfing on the beaches in the southern Sri Lanka and make life happen now.

4. Italy

You cannot relate Italy with Yoga at this very moment, right? If you choose to lurk beyond the fancy stuff on social media about Italy, you will find Spirituality asking you to take a step ahead. A country with a history and culture, Ragusa and Tuscany are two very frequently flocked destinations in Italy for Yoga & meditation sessions. You can find exclusive Yoga retreats in Tuscany and Spring Yoga vacations organized in the pretty town of Lucca during the time period between April and June. Enjoy the beautiful olive trees and taste some of the oldest wines in Italy while you wrap your inner demons in the wrath of peace and love.

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a dream come true for any travel junkie and for a Yoga enthusiast, it’s like reaching heaven before the last breath. The enviable beauty of Costa Rica with its virgin sand and glazing sun shall enliven the inner Yogi in you. Plan an adventure that will allow you to trek in the Inca trail in the Sacred Valley of Peru or explore the hidden secret Chakra Lodge amidst the might of the mountains of Costa Rica. The best time to get a dose of spirituality in the lands of Costa Rica is during the falls and for adventure activities in the sea, the obvious season is the summer.

6. Guatemala

Guatemala is like the ‘dark horse’ in this arena that is yet to receive its due credit of appreciation for its beauty and an environment that embodies tranquility. A most-loved yet not so popular destination for Yoga & meditation, Guatemala is a place known for beauty, food, and hospitable citizens. The jaw-dropping beauty of Lake Atitlán and the volcanoes are surely going to take you on a ride of a lifetime. Apart from this, there are a number of women retreats Yoga & meditation sessions conducted along the pathways that slash through the mountains which overlook the beautiful waterfalls & rivers. One of the most important events you should not miss is the Soul Seed Gathering, which is a popular collective festival for women. Guatemala is surely going to take you on a ride to discover yourself and let you submerge in traditions.

7. Morocco

In search of an affordable yet lesser known destination for Yoga & meditation? Try something non-stereotypical and go for Morocco. Come here if you have not experienced Nature and age-old practices like Hammam. But what are the best things to do in Morocco, though? As someone on a kaleidoscopic health retreat, Morocco has plush and simple options for you, such as indulge in Yoga sessions along the edges of Marrakech or catch moments of peace in one of the hotspots at Rose Garden Resort.

8. Thailand

When it comes to choosing an affordable yet fascinating destination for Yoga & meditation, it becomes hard to ignore Thailand. This destination has some of the popular beaches, and world-class Yoga studios to fuel your aspirations. Thailand has some of the best spots for retreats; both modern and traditional in terms of options. This destination has two most loved cities – either you have the option to wrap yourself up in the beauty of Phuket to enjoy healthy meals and wellness programs, or take a bold plunge to experience the bustling city of Bangkok, and get associated with best of Yoga studios. Amazing sea food, people, and cheap local markets are some of the options you cannot overlook.

9. South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa has unmatched beauty and an aura of mysticism, you just cannot ignore. The Yoga retreats here offers a chance to experience the Safari, explore the depth of the woods, campfire, and lift your soul with the dose of spirituality. This is surely a wholesome deal that you cannot afford to miss, for sure. During your Yoga & meditation sessions, you have the chance to visit a popular farm for retreat, ‘The Rest’ that is located in Neiu Bethesda, Karoo in South Africa. While you meditate on the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica, Nungwi and Nakupenda, you can also take some dance therapy and add some colors to your life. Are you inquisitive by nature? If yes, experience South Africa.

10. Cyprus

Cyprus manages to maintain an unmatched beauty and a sense of peace within the surroundings of its existence. A beautiful and scarcely populated island country, this Yoga & meditation destination boasts of a plush flora, beautiful beaches, terrific night life, and amazing food that amalgamate the flavors of Greece and its own special endeavors. With its Greek speaking and Cypriots community, people here are hospitable, and being a small island, you and your family can explore the place in comparatively lesser number of days. There are popular Yoga retreats on the NISSI beach, famous Ayia Napa, and Kourion Beach Limassol. Cyprus is a melting pot of several civilizations, just like India; therefore, you shall find yourself unraveling an awakened part of your existence and witness a cultural blend on grandeur.  

11. Greece

Greece is a popular tourist destination in the world but few people know that it’s a go-to destination for Yoga & meditation as well. Yoga retreats on the islands Crete, Kythira, or Paros are some of the great choices to look forward to. You will have days wherein you wake up to a yoga session by the seaside, and get on with your day with beautiful hike along the amazing pathways or simply sit by the seas reading or listening to music. While on a Yoga adventure in Greece, you will have the chance to enjoy the picturesque views of the Mediterranean Sea and time to rejuvenate and relax.

12. Japan

Japan is a country that has everything a man can ask for – growth, money and a lifestyle. However, it has also some peaceful spots to practice life and experience the crux of it through Yoga & meditation. A Japanese yoga retreat on Kyushu Island and in Kyoto has a mix of body-transforming Jivamukti yoga followed by beautiful hikes through the mystic autumnal forests surrounded by with ancient temples. What else do you have in Japan? Well, there are hot spring baths, meditation sessions with local priests, tea ceremonies, and delish Japanese-style vegetarian meals.

13. Scotland

The unbounded beauty of Scotland is known to one and all. You can choose to go with this Yoga & meditation destination and experience a soul calming spiritual awakening. You have the opportunity to become a part of a well-structured Yoga Teacher Training programs, experience some of the most luxurious Yoga retreats. One of the most enviable aspects about Scotland lies in its collection of Yoga studios that offers various styles of esoteric Yoga forms, meet new-age Yoga teachers, and become a part of sessions that offers preaching on Kundalini awakening. When in Scotland, it would be unfair to not visit Edinburg, one of the hot spots for Yoga enthusiasts.

14. France

Apart from the beautiful city of Paris and classical monuments, France has the element of tranquility that elevates the quotient of your Yoga experience. One of the most popular forms of Yoga in France is Karma Yoga, which teaches following a sense of selflessness when dealing with worldly problems and using meditation as a physical tool to lift up worries and regret off your life. The grounded experience will also take you on a ride to experience Kundalini system that awakens your soul and solves all the burning questions that holds you from being happy. Even though France is yet to gain popularity amongst a major part of Yoga clan, Southern France is still the touted destination for meditation sessions.

15. Turkey

Turkey is a treasure on the world map with its old historical sites and a lot of opportunities to enjoy Yoga sessions and retreats. With an air of mysticism surrounding the destination, Turkey has a number of places for Yoga & meditation, such as Dalaman, Fethiye, Aegean, and Ortaca. Each of these places has serene mountainous regions with lush greenery embellishing the scenic panorama. You can find a number of retreats that offer combined sessions of Yoga, Pilates, and mindfulness meditation here.

16. Ibiza

The chic city life, lush beaches and salty sandy bays together makes Ibiza one of the most loved Yoga & meditation destinations in Spain. The Yoga sessions and classes on mindfulness meditation in Ibiza are for everyone who has a varied skill level. You have the learning opportunity to get acquainted with styles such as Hatha, Ashtanga, and the new-age power Yoga. While you make attempts to accommodate in the heart of Spain, the Yoga & meditation retreats here shall offer a smooth passage through its clean eating schedules, herbal teas & juices for well-being, and mindful hill walks in the beautiful Nature.

17. Nicaragua

Be a part of the tantric Nicaragua and experience Yoga & meditation at its best. The destination is famous for its deep wilderness that lets you be friends with the most mystic side of Mother Nature, watch rare species of fauna and surround yourself with peace. You can choose to visit places like San Juan del Sur, Costa Dulce, Laguna de Apoyo for some amazing Yogic experiences. The commutation is quite easy through air planes and you shall also get to taste authentic cuisine that elevates the quotient of the overall jaunt.

18. The United Kingdom

The UK is a famous tourist destination all over the world and places like London, Sussex, and Worcestershire are some of the frequently flocked places. However, few people know that some of these places are also a favorite amongst Yogis and fitness freaks as well. One of the popular Yoga & meditation destinations in the world, you can choose to go for England, Oxfordshire, Cornwall, and Sidmouth for the ultimate experience.

19. Brazil

How much do you know about Brazil, other than football? When it comes to choosing the best Yoga & meditation destinations, Brazil might not capture your mind at first but best believe it is no less in any way. Places like Buzios, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, and Chapada Diamantina are famous for Shamanic healing sessions, mindfulness meditation classes in Nature, and meticulously planned Yoga Retreats. Go for an amazing experience that comes drenched in age-old culture and tradition.

20. Portugal

Another great Yoga & meditation destination in Europe that delivers more than it offers when it comes to an overall experience. Go for Santa Cruz in Lisbon for some of the best Yoga retreats and studios to learn various styles of Yoga and the art of clean eating. This is like great things bundled up in a small package that offers you trekking, mountain walks, and Nature gazing as the add-ons. Douse in the serenity of Pranayama, walk through the hills lining up Alcabrichel River and eat delicious vegan/vegetarian meals to enliven your soul.

What’s your pick?

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