6 Steps for Planning your Weekend Getaway

The weekend getaway is becoming a popular vacation option. Weekend trips require little time off from work and are significantly less expensive than a week away from home. Whatever the reason for going, the weekend getaway can make lasting memories. Here are a few easy steps that will make those memories happy ones.travel tips

STEP 1:Set your budget. Planning is much easier when you have limits.Your budget will determine how far you will be traveling and where you will be lodging.Driving is the safest bet when it comes to weekend vacations. A delayed flight or lost luggage can drastically affect your weekend. When time is short, make the most of it. Plan to take a short road trip and make a fun playlist to pump up your drive.

STEP 2:Choose your lodging. Larger hotel chains can be luxurious and often have last minute deals. They might also offer toiletries, blow dryers, and complimentary breakfast which will help cut down on packing and spending. Smaller B&B’s offer a home-like feel and truly individualized hospitality. Wherever you decide to stay, plan to stay both nights at the same place. Don’t waste time checking in and out of hotels because you can save a few dollars. Remember, time is a cost to consider.

STEP 3:Pack smart.When packing for a quick trip, think comfortable and day-to-night. You won’t want to be running to and from the hotel to change. Check with your hotel beforehand to see if they provide basic toiletries and appliances to cut down on packing. You should plan to pack a mini-cooler with water bottles, sandwiches, and breakfast bars to limit your day-time costs and time spent worrying about meals.family travel tips

STEP 4:Plan activities in advance. Depending on where you go and the time of year, the types of activities you plan will vary. Have at least two activities per-planned before you even hit the road. Call the concierge desk at your hotel and scan the local Chamber website to see what the must-dos are. Commit in advance to activities and you will avoid wasting time planning in the hotel or waiting in lines. Have a folder with printed directions, tickets, and parking passes in the car with you.

STEP 5:Dine local. One way to soak up local culture is by eating local cuisine. Researching reviews and menu prices in advance will help you make the right choice for your budget, taste buds, and wardrobe. Make your dinner reservations in advance to cut down on stress. Weekends are the busiest nights for restaurants and if you plan to go to a local hot spot, you will need reservations.

STEP 6:Plan time to relax. The point of a vacationer getaway is to help recharge the mind and body. Proper planning can help take the stress out of traveling and will help you make time to rest. Not only should you plan down time in your itinerary, you should follow these steps to ensure a seamless trip!

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