Top 5 holiday destinations in Europe: The ones that I wish to visit

Europe has innumerable equally delightful tourist destinations. So, it is not fair to hand pick 5 of them and dub them as the universally accepted favorite destinations. Different people will have their own opinions and if you and your wife are allowed to tour each and every destination of Europe, then I am sure that the final list of the ‘top 5 places’ which you two would string up individually will be starkly different, unless you two happen to be a rare couple who always agree on matters of geography!europe tour

Anyways, if you are getting bored of my blabbering, here are my personal choices for the top 5 holiday destinations in Europe. No, I haven’t checked them still, but they are on my wish list:

Paris, France:paris major attraction

The capital of France is on my bucket list actually. A few days back, my brother-in-law asked me as to the place where I would like to spend my honeymoon. And even I was surprised with the ready answer that I had for him. For some enigmatic reason, the Eiffel Tower in this city has been etched in my heart since the furthest memories I could reach within the chambers of my mind. Though, the city also has attractions like The Louvre and The Sun Palace, it is the Eiffel Tower, where I am dying to take my potential wife too.

Rome, Italy:rome tourist attraction

Most of the holiday packages abroad are centered in or on Rome, which is one of the most historic destinations in the world. As a kid, I have grown up reading about the Colosseum and about the rich history of the city. The food, the culture, and the artists who have taken birth in this town- all of them have that magnetic quality about them.

Dublin, Ireland:dublin ireland

I do not know exactly why I wish to visit this city. It is, no doubt, a popular destination with attractions like The Temple Bar and Trinity College. Perhaps, I love this place because one of my first online chatting friends hailed from this city.

Edinburgh, Scotland:edinburg scotland

Scotland has always charmed me owing to its castles and legendary Loch Ness Monster. It is only fair that I visit Edinburgh someday which is also the home town of JK Rowling, one of my favorite authors.

Athens, Greece:Special holiday packages are woven every day to accommodate the heavy stream of tourists wanting to have a go at Athens. With attractions like Temple of Poseidon and Acropolis, it is also in my wish list.

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