10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece

Greece has a very jagged coast, more precisely the third in Europe after Norway and Croatia. With plenty of islands and peninsulas in the Ionian, Aegean and Cretan Sea and with favorable Mediterranean climate, today it is probably the most important tourist destination of the world. What characterizes the famous Greek coast is its unique diversity and clean and transparent waters. Most of the thousands of Greek islands are free to access and you will have a chance to discover them, enjoy in many beautiful beaches without the presence of the large number of bathers. You can also visit those islands that are the most popular and the most frequented. In any case, no one will remain indifferent to the beauty of this marvelous tourist destination.greece tour

1- Porto Katsiki beach, Lefkada

This beach definitely looks better when you see it live than in pictures. Then you can imagine how beautiful it actually is. Above the beach there are two snack bars and parking area and the beach is reached by a set of stairs. Smooth white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters definitely make this beach as one of the most beautiful in the entire Europe.

2. Balos beach, Chania, Crete

balos beach chania

It is difficult to describe in words the raw beauty of the Balosbeach. Soft white sand is kissed by the crystal clear turquoise waters while the whole landscape is surrounded by small islands and mountains. It is a bit away of the main road but cruises from Kissamos offer simple access. The castle on the nearby Gramvousa Island contributes to the beauty and mysticism of this place. You can also reach Balosby car but count on a lengthy walk to the beach.

3. Navagio beach, Zakynthos

Navagio beach, Zakynthos

This is another isolated beach that can be only reached by boat. Coarse white sand, deep blue waters, steep cliffs and large caves waiting for the divers are good enough reasons to make this beach one of the most beautiful in the entire Greece. What makes this beach special is the shipwreck right in the middle of the beach which is probably the most distinctive feature of Navagio beach.

4. Egremni beach, Lefkada

Egremni beach, Lefkada

This is one of the best kept secrets of Greece. Wonderful landscape, crystal turquoise water and soft white sand make this beach one of the most beautiful in Greece. Because of its a bit remote location on the western coast of Lefkada and numerous stairs you will have to pass to access, the beach is rarely overcrowded and it is perfect for peaceful relaxation.

5. Belegrina beach, Chrissi Island

Chrissi is a small uninhabited island south of Crete. The island has beautiful beaches with white soft sand and pristine sea. Belegrina is the most beautiful beach among this group of beaches. Despite the fact that Chrissi is a “deserted” island, its population increases during the summer when many campers come here to camp under the cedar trees enjoying in the natural beauties that this island Generously offers. Thousands of beachgoers from Jerapetra come here to take a bath in the waters of Belegrina. The beach is located on the “edge” of the Europe but it is definitely worth a trip.

6. Paradise beach, Kos

paradise beach

Image source: https://a.travel-assets.com/findyours-php/viewfinder/images/res60/73000/73538-Paradise-Beach.jpg

Soft white sand and sculpted rocks frame the divine warm water of Paradise beach of Kos. Despite the large number of tourists who come here during the holiday season this beach is still one the best beaches in Greece.

7. Finikas, Kato Koufonisi

Finikas, Kato Koufonisi

The whole strip of coast from Finikas to the northern tip of the Island (Pori beach) is the Aegean dream for the sun lovers and for those who practice naturism. There and plenty of sand and numerous stones on this wonderful coast.

8. Elafonisi beach, Chania, Crete

elafonisi beach chania

In addition to Balos, another beach from Chania is ranked as one of the top beaches in Greece. Elafonisi beach is too crowded for such a remote location but it is well organized and maintained in respect for the protection of the environment program. This is definitely a must visit place.

9. Myrtos beach, Cephalonia

myrtos beach kefalonia

The visitors of the web site of the Greek Tourism Organization voted Myrtos a few years ago as the best beach in Greece and that is certainly not without a good reason. Fabulous sea and smooth stones are situated between the steep cliffs on the western coast of Cephalonia.

10. Plaka, Naxos

plaka naxos greece

An Endless strip of sand starts close to the city of Naxos and stretches on the whole coast of the island, most the thanks to the southern tip. There are beautiful beaches filled with sun chairs and plenty of people, but also there are more isolated parts framed by large sand dunes.

Deciding which beach is the most beautiful one is really a difficult task, especially because Greece is offering a huge number of beautiful destinations for swimming. In addition to the large number of unexplored places in Greece the question is raised whether these above mentioned are the most beautiful places and beaches for bathing and soaking up the hot Greek sun.

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