Amazing Places You Should Visit in France!

France is one of the top destinations to visit in Europe whether you’re looking for some romance, or just exploring a new destination with your family or friends. The food is amazing, and you can find American, French favorites like steak frites or experiment with some new dishes like escargot! It can be hard to decide where to go when you go to France. Here are some of the most amazing places you should visit. Disneyland, France                     Image Source   Disneyland, France If you are going on holiday with your family, there should be one obvious choice for where you should go. Disneyland Paris is perfect for when you are visiting with little ones. There are so many rides they can go on, and they will see many of their favorite characters. In the evenings, they often have shows which you can all watch together. They tend to have fireworks one night a week, which is just amazing. It’s a magical place for all the family, and will be an unforgettable vacation. paris trip                     Image Credit   Paris   One of the most popular places to visit, if you are going to France, is the capital Paris. It’s the top romantic destination in the world for getting engaged. There is so much to see; the Eiffel Tower is its top attraction. There is also the famous Notre Dame, which is a must-see. If you are a fan of art, then Paris will be perfect for you. There is the Louvre, which has a vast collection of art pieces that you need to see. There are also so many restaurants and bars you can try. Paris is an ideal place to go to for a long weekend. cannes france Image source: Cannes   Another great place to visit in France is the wonderful city of Cannes. It’s a beautiful upmarket beach resort which has gorgeous beaches, charming shops, and hotels. It also is known for its annual film festival, which is attended by stars from around the world. It can be very expensive and busy to visit during the film festival, but would be unforgettable to be there. The harbor is also worth a visit as it’s filled with luxurious yachts. Saint-Tropez Image source: Saint-Tropez   If you fancy somewhere that you can go and sunbathe in France, Saint-Tropez is the top choice. The beach town is known for its gorgeous beaches and busy nightlife. If you want to go on holiday with your mates, this is the place to go. There are so many hotels to stay in, but if you want to experience real French luxury, you could stay in a villa or a traditional cottage. nice, france                     Pixabay   Nice   Another top choice to visit when going to France is the charismatic city of Nice. If you’re a fan of looking around markets and unique shops, Nice is a great place for you to go. It also has great restaurants you need to try. There is so much history in the city, and you will see monuments including some Roman Ruins. Remember, you don’t have to stay in one place when visiting France. There are excellent train services so you can do some exploring, or you could even hire a car!]]>

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