Places in India You Should Travel with Your DSLR

travel with dslr People take pictures to capture the beautiful places one has visited; to preserve the moments lived so that you can recall whenever you feel like. India is a land full of beauty; its every corner depicts its own story, charm and the reason to get clicked. From valleys, hills, ancient forts and famous buildings, India has it all that one can imagine. There are places which are rough and desolate, and there are places which are bestowed with verdant greenery and amazing forests. Capture the true essence of the incredible India with the best places to visit with your DSLR. Following is a comprehensive list which has the potential to go much wider than this.  

Lotus Temple, New Delhi

delhi lotus temple The place is truly picturesque and also known as the Bahai Temple. Capture the best picture of this monument during the ‘blue hour’ – a short period just before sunrise and immediately after sunset.    

Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

kutch road trips Travel far to the seasonal salt marsh and capture the ecstatic contrast between the blue and the white sparkling sky. The place will surely going to stay with you forever with those stunning pictures you will capture.  

Agatti Island, Lakshadweep Islands

lakshadweep island There is tranquility in the island of lakshdweep. The water is calm and never looked as exquisite as in this island. Travel to this corner of India with your DSLR and enjoy capturing the reality.    

Hampi, Karnataka

hampi tour The intricate carvings and ancient monuments all around Hampi is a perfect place to capture the beauty of the place. Bring out your DSLR and enjoy experiencing the surroundings while clicking.  

Secretariat Building, New Delhi

Secretariat Building At night when people usually go to sleep, the entire area of the Secretariat Building lit up with bright shining light and looks perfectly amazing to be captured.  

Jama Masjid, Old Delhi

jama masjid delhi The place is perfect to enjoy the bustling- atmosphere and to capture it through your lenses. This old majestic Masjid looks simply beautiful early in the morning. The ambience, the sound of the crowds and the birds circling around the region, makes everything worth taking a shot.  

Alleppey, Kerala

alleppy Clear water and clear sky reflect everything that should be captured. The image of the palm trees along the houseboats gives a surreal feel to the region.  

Shaheed Minar, Kolkata

kolkata shaheed minar This beautiful Minar in Kolkata deserves to be captured during the time of the sunsets when the darkness of the silhouette contrasts perfectly with the innumerable shades created by the sun.  

Vidyasagar Setu, Kolkata

kolkata vidyasagar setu It is advised to click this stunning monument by opting for the right angle. Capture the bridge with a perfect distance to emphasize its splendor with the different hues of the sky and reflection in the water. Perfect amalgamation can be created.  

Golden Temple, Amritsar

golden temple unique view Everyone usually goes to the place in the morning when the majority of people come in for the prayers, but if you want to capture the real beauty of the temple, stay further till the night comes – the vibrant yellow light blends in with the architecture along with the reflection of the water so well that the place gets illuminated to the mesmerizing level.  

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

valley of flower The variety of hues and the color that flowers offers is beyond imagination. Choose your angle in a way that you might feel like clicking some calendar picture. Experience the vibrancy through your lenses and capture the satisfaction while clicking.  

Thikse Monastery, Ladakh

Thikse Monastery, Ladakh Blue sky with the clouds moving from here and there and the peacefully settled monastery is a sight that asks your DSLRs to be taken out and made to work. The surrounding and the location makes the place look finest to capture.  

Amer Fort, Jaipur

jairpur tour attraction The place looks stunningly beautiful and majestic as the colourful architecture gets illuminated with the sky clear in the backdrop. So bring out your creativity and your creative instrument to capture it live.  

Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai

haji ali Click this ancient structure during sunset when the orange shade of the sky in the backdrop makes it more beautiful.  This world- famous Dargah in the middle of the water looks exquisite to capture.  

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

kanyakumari beaches Clicking a picture is basically an art which clearly depends on the color of the sky and the angle with which you take it. Capture the tranquility of Kanyakumari and the lush green surrounding using the zoom feature and experience the effect.  

Fort Kochi Beach, Kerala

fort kochi beach When the sun looks as if being eaten by the sea in the background, the place looks perfect. Capture the astonishing Chinese nets in Fort Kochi while incorporating the shades of the sky for creating a more subtle image.  

Belum Caves, Andhra Pradesh

belum caves These caves have the qualities to stretch in your photographical skills as the amount of sunlight that goes into them is very low making you adjust everything right in your DSLR and capturing the hidden charm of the place.  

Jamali Kamali Tomb, New Delhi

delhi jamali kamali tomb Enjoy the lost charm of this ancient structure while capturing it with the sun at the back of the structure. Enjoy playing with the shadows of this old tomb.  

Taj  Mahal, Agra

taj mahal tour Taj Mahal could be your perfect muse, for that wide angle shot to be clicked. This brilliant architecture of the 17th century is one of the most photographed monuments in the world.  

Dal Lake, Jammu and Kashmir

dal lake kashmir This destination of the Kashmir valley, famously called the heaven on earth is one of the favourite sights to be captured.  The clear sky, that calm water and the shikaras are the best way to click and appreciate the stunning nature.]]>

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