5 delicious getaways in Jaipur

One of the most frequented cities by Delhiites, Jaipur has every element to be an ideal place for a weekend outing. Well connected by all the modes of transportation, you can visit Jaipur during the weekend and come back to resume the jobs. A relaxing getaway, Jaipur not only has best of the royal palaces, but also a whole lot of places to gorge on the delicious food. Just take some time out gets on a New Delhi to Jaipur train and get ready to set your tongue rolling. Here are some of the places to visit if you are a foodie by heart. Peacock Roof top Restaurant: One of the best rooftop restaurants in Jaipur, the places has been turned into the oasis of culture. Furnished with awesome antique furniture, fountains and peacock statues, the place has perfect mood to enjoy a serene evening. The food is great too and don’t forget to try the Mediterranean Pizza and Kofta (quantity is good!). The staff is quite good too, with attentive waiters waiting for your orders.   Shreenath lassiwala: srinath lassiwala Image Source: https://b.zmtcdn.com/data/pictures/3/101523/1e54a16337ae96678726909403fb426e.jpg What come out as a small and dingy place, the Shreenath Lassiwala is actually a super awesome place to chill. With just 5 tables in the eatery, you won’t be disappointed with the food as everything from aloo paratha to the famous lassi is mouth watering. You get the lassi garnished with thick cream and dry fruits. The place is quite cheap and you can get food for two at just Rs 150.   Tapri: tapri jaipur Image source: https://thetravelbugbitesagain.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/img_0161.jpg A place with beautiful decor, the place wins your heart with a fancy elaborated menu. If you are a hardcore non- veg fan, then the place is for you as it serves some exotic beverages. While here, you must try Tapri “especial” Pink Italian and Red pasta as it has a strong ginger flavour which gives it an awesome ecotic feel.   Baluchi: baluchi jaipur Image source: https://b.zmtcdn.com/data/pictures/1/101141/5bf11c5579bf9d4fbdffbb12e6898b32.jpg If you love Punjabi food, then you must have visited Baluchi in one city or the other. Even the one in Jaipur is a great one and everything there is near to perfect. A great atmosphere, attentive staff and good food, you find everything here that you need in a good restaurant. With live songs in the background, you will never get bored sitting here. While here you must try paan kulfi as it is just awfully delicious.   Kalyan Rooftop Restaurant: kalyan rooftop restaurant Image source: http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/03/c4/76/6b/kalyan-restaurant.jpg A great place to spend the evening, you can have a good time with your friends and family. A great Rajasthani restaurant, the ambience is great and the place is decorated in Rajasthani style. Food is delicious and the staff is quite attentive with waiters keeping a keen eye on the customers sitting all around the restaurant. With so many places to visit in Jaipur, don’t wait just catch any New Delhi to jaipur train to have the time of your life.  ]]>

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