Things to do and Places to visit in Shillong

Shillong, one of the most beautiful places in India has recently been given the due credit it deserves. Shillong has been named India’s favorite hill station by the Government of India, which is very likely to boost the tourism of the hill station even more. Book your train ticket to Guwahati, check the 14055 running status online and get ready to enter the paradise on Earth of India. If one asks the question of which is the best hill station in India, the instantaneous answer will most probably be Shimla, Manali or some other hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand or from Tamil Nadu or Karnataka. But the answer lies in the small hill station tucked away in the far North-East region of India. The Government of India and the tourism ministry declared in 2016 declared Shillong as ‘India’s favorite hill station’. Lying at exactly 100 km away from the city of Guwahati, to visit this pristine land, one has to take a train or flight to Guwahati and then approach it by road which takes about 2 and a half hours. You can check the 14055 train running status of the Brahmaputra mail which is the cheapest train you can find that starts from New Delhi and goes all the way to Assam after crossing parts of Nagaland. Once you have achieved your destination, here are some things you might want to see in this place.  

Rock Climbing

rock climbing shillong Image source: Along the lines of the East Khasi hills where you can find some uneven and rough rocks as opposed to the beautiful lush spread of greens in Shillong, the spot is utilized by people for rock climbing activity. This is the only spot you will find a barren land of hard rock hills where hardly any vegetation grows.  

Visit Asia’s cleanest village

mawlynnong village shillong Image source: Mawlynnong is Asia’s cleanest village. Compared to the rest of India, the North-Eastern region is much cleaner. Starting from the Mawlynnong, the breathtaking beauty of nature continues to amaze everyone till the Living Cliff Bridge. The Living Cliff Bridge if you have not heard of it yet is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The ‘bridge’ extends long and sturdy and the highlight of it is that it is naturally formed. No humans participated in the forming, shaping or structuring of this sturdy bridge and it remains to be one of the top tourist attractions of the city.  


camping shillong Image source: One of the must dos in Shillong! If you wish to witness and capture the true beauty of Shillong, grab your camera, your camping gear and pick a good spot to get some breathtaking and mesmerizing pictures of the sunrise and sunset. A fine photo of the subtle rays of sunlight hitting the tree tops of the faraway trees on the hilltops will make you look like a professional photographer! Because the beauty of the place is such, any photo taken, either by an amateur or professional photographer looks breathtaking.  

Water rappelling at Elephant falls

elephant fall shillong One of the top tourist destinations in Shillong, the mesmerizing scenic view of the Elephant falls will leave you spellbound. You can simply stand there and let the beauty of the place slowly sink in and capture it in your camera, or you could also try rappelling! Yes, you can try water rappelling from about 40 feet high, which is a good height to make someone piss in their pants, especially more so if they are not too good with heights.  

Umiam Lake

umiam lake shillong Image source: One of the most beautiful sites in the city, the beauty of the Umaim lake travels far and wide. The lake is crystal clear and surrounded by beautiful lush green trees all around. You can also take part in water activities like water-skiing, boating and various other options you can check out from the Water Sport complex just by the lake.]]>

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