20 Most Beautiful places to visit in February in India

Rajasthan tour operator, you can explore the whole attractive places of Rajasthan and as well as in India.

1- Kutch, Gujarat

February is an extraordinary month to travel to Kutch area of Gujarat. The name of Kutch invokes a picture of the wide white salt desert, the generally dressed town ladies, huge local people artists and camels. Just tourists who visit Kutch district will have the capacity to value the lesser known jewels like Dholavira, an antiquated site; Mandvi, an old ship-building town; Bhuj, a tremor hit city which is growing quickly and the Little Kutch that gloats one of its kind Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary.
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2- Ludhiana, Punjab

[caption id="attachment_10050" align="aligncenter" width="810"] Horse race in progress at 79th Kila Raipur Sports Festival at Kila raipur village,Ludhiana.
tribune Photo ; himanshu mahajan.[/caption] Here’s one thing that you ought to do in February, you must visit Ludhiana in Punjab. Presently returning to the theme in the matter of why you should visit Ludhiana in February, well the least complex answer is appreciated uniqueness. It is accepted around 1 million individuals throng amid Rural Olympics, which has intriguing occasions like a dog race, camel race, horse dance, a tug-of-war and tractor race.
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3- Goa

The energetic state has days and nights gave fun and skip exercises. Be it the shoreline parties, you will see Goa dependably in a lovely and unconventional state of mind. Furthermore, the vivaciousness is infectious here. One of the great reasons out of many to visit Goa in February would be the festival of Goa Carnival. Amid the fair, most of the peoples can be seen dancing in the city; floats, parades, music and covered dancing parties are located over the state.
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4- Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

You should not pass up a major opportunity for accepting the open door of going by Rajasthan in the winter season. The long stretch of February adds to the officially existing purposes behind those arranging a trek to Rajasthan. It is that of the year when the celebrated around the world Jaisalmer Desert Festival happens in this heavenly city. The Desert Festival is the beautiful chance to encounter the social abundance of this sandstone city.
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5- Shekhawati, Rajasthan

In the month of February offers a splendid chance to stroll back in time in the Shekhawati area of Rajasthan. Mid-February appreciates the festival of Shekhawati Festival. The fest incorporates grouped social projects and exercises like Matka Race, Rangoli competitions, Tug-of-War and music performances and Folk dance. It is likewise the ideal chance to locate the customarily assembled havelis that Shekhawati locale is renowned for. You should likewise have the chance to relish the luscious Rajasthani food and love the huge shopping knowledge.
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6- Nagaur, Rajasthan

Approximately 150kms far away from the enchanting Blue City, Nagaur is the goal to find out about the provincial existence of Rajasthan. What’s more, what better time to do as such than the long stretch of February, when the second biggest cows reasonable in India happens here. Indistinguishable to the Sonepur Cattle Fair, just significantly additionally happening, Nagaur Cattle Fair is the occasion you should see in Rajasthan in February. Here you are probably going to witness the exchanging of 70000 camels, stallions and bullocks, and a number of conventional and social exercises.

7- Alleppey, Kerala

Like Goa, Kerala has every one of its seasons open for sightseers and there isn’t even one reason, none, that can prevent you from going to this current tourists heaven. One of the finest occasion goals in Kerala would be Alleppey. Although, in the month of February, you can visit Alleppey to adjust the experience; alongside romancing with the cherished one and nature, commit some time to going to the Chettikulangara Bharani Temple Festival. An outwardly captivating occasion, it combines an enthusiastic parade of splendidly enriched structures.
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8- Delhi

Officially the previous winter month, February is ideal for an outing to the capital. Preferably the best time to loll in the sun, which will soon turn into a fireball in the succeeding months, February is additionally an opportunity to go to two critical occasions in Delhi i.e Udyanotsav and the Surajkund Fair (Faridabad). It is additionally the perfect time to visit places like Jama Masjid and Chandani Chowk, the two of the most jammed places in Delhi, where one can appreciate ‘Shopping Till Dropping’ and mouth-watering Mughlai and road sustenance. Concentrating on our two headliners of February in Delhi, the Udyanostav, which is the yearly open opening of the Mughal Garden at President’s living arrangement.

9- Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Whether I instruct you to visit or not to visit Agra, you will, in the end, wind up going to this home of Taj and clearly for its love. February appears to be perfect for arranging an excursion to Agra, wherein the second 50% of the month the celebrated around the world Taj Mahotsav is composed. The flawless climate is joined by one of the finest occasions; henceforth an occasion thought in Agra amid February cannot the slightest bit end up being incautious. The occasion concentrates on expressions, makes, Indian culture, and reproducing the Mughal period.

10- Palakkad, Kerala

Exactly when you thought an excursion was Alleppey was sufficient to judge Kerala, the area of Palakkad will get your attention. February is by all accounts a month of festivity for the state; after you are finished praising the Chettikulangara Bharani Temple Festival in Alleppey, it will be a great opportunity to be a piece of another festival in Kerala. In the Palakkad region Pariyanampetta Pooram Festival is held in mid-February. The real fascination of the celebration is the custom (Kalamezhuthu Pattu) of drawing the picture of the managing divinity Bhagavathy with the assistance of nature hues on the floor.
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11- Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Winter is the best time to visit the visitor goals of Madhya Pradesh. If we discuss the particular month of February, at that point this Month of Love is perfect to take a voyage through the really popular goal of Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho. Not just the tolerable warmth will enable you to invest more energy investigating the staggeringly designed sanctuaries yet February is the time when the much acclaimed Khajuraho Dance Festival likewise happens. The moves are performed in the Western gathering of sanctuaries, fundamentally in front of the Chitragupta Temple (devoted to Surya the Sun God) and the Vishwanatha Temple (committed to Lord Shiva). An enthusiastic occasion, it is the feature of the long stretch of February in India.
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12- Jodhpur, Rajasthan

We know how the charms of Blue city, Jodhpur can entrance the explorers. Presently, February adds more to this experience and allows sightseers to rise above into a profound world by organizing World Sufi Spirit Festival. It’s one of those phenomenal occasions that you won’t not have the capacity to discover anyplace else; and that is the reason you should an arrangement outing to Jodhpur in February. The World Sufi Spirit Festival means to take one on a stunning profound and melodic excursion through the Sufi customs winning in the East, Africa, Asia, and India.
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13- Trivandrum, Kerala

Another welcome in the month February from down South originates from Trivandrum, Kerala. All things considered, if the appropriate response is yes, at that point Trivandrum is the place to be in February in light of the fact that here one can witness the biggest ladies assembling on the planet. You would be glad to be educated that as far back as that number is step by step expanding.
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14- Kasargod, Kerala

This one is the uncommon from North Kerala and you should witness this celebration in Kerala. Consistently in Kasargod region of North Kerala, Kuttikkol Thampuratty Theyyam Festival is commended. Amid this celebration the Theyyam type of Kerala, which is a hallowed move custom is displayed. The specialists spruce up and, in a stupor, channel divine beings and goddesses through their bodies. It is stand-out celebration in South India and accordingly is an unquestionable requirement see in amid your February excursion to Kerala.

15- Puri and Konark, Odisha

February is an ideal opportunity to witness the serene beaches of Odisha wake up. The reason of such an uncommon change is Indian Surf Festival. Sorted out by Surfing Yogis (a gathering of similar individuals who join yoga, surfing, and nature), this is an eco-accommodating festival that gives a typical stage to flexibility of articulation, reveling into enterprise, and enjoying music, art, dance, and photography.

16- Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

If you are not love the beach and have more slant towards culture, Odisha sends you second welcome of the period of February to be an observer of its Dhauli-Kalinga Mahotsav. Held by Odisha Dance Academy (ODA), the occasion consolidates martial dance, which is figured to commend the triumph of peace over war, with traditional and cultural dances of the state.

17- Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Plan an excursion to Ratnagiri in the period of February for an out of box involvement for it is where you can witness the recently brought forth, imperiled Olive Ridley turtles take their first walk into the ocean. Local people are in charge of sorting out this one of a kind Konkan Velas Turtle Festival, where it will also be an open door for you to test the Indian town life by ceasing over at neighborhood homestays in the territory. This celebration is presumably one of the finest occasions that can be seen in February.

18- Ranthambore, Rajasthan

Indeed, they say that the perfect time to watch animals in an wildlife save would be summer, when the creatures need to as often as possible walk to the waterholes to keep themselves all around hydrated. The soothing evenings of February are immaculate to amusement in untamed life holds like Ranthambore National Park. Aside from the tigers, Ranthambore is the home of number of mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds. Accordingly, watching them all appreciate the warm sun and walks around the forested areas is extraordinary compared to other thoughts for the period of February.

19- Kaziranga National Park, Assam

There are not just the tigers that appreciate the warm day time in the wild. In Kaziranga National Park, the One-Horned Rhinoceros enable their practically impervious skins to get some glow from the sun also. In the midst of the dry yet still upright prairies, numerous creatures can be spotted getting a charge out of changed exercises in this National Park. At Kaziranga in February a beautiful and enthusiastic picture is normal and that is the reason this can be your preferred destination.

20- Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

February is perfect for going by Gulmarg in Kashmir Valley. Infact it is that time when the thrill seekers get most extreme offer of excite in Gulmarg. It as often as possible snows in Gulmarg amid February and that is the reason you will see a conventional number of swashbucklers up on the skiing inclinations. There are separate fields for novices and veterans; the fledglings have the chance to take in skiing from the specialists and attempt their hand (for this situation foot) at skiing on moderately less demanding slants.]]>

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