Most Popular Monuments to Visit in Kerala

Kerala enjoys a beautiful heritage, culture, which is greatly visible from various popular monuments of the state. These heritage monuments offer a great testimony of the history of Kerala. Monuments in Kerala are not only worth visiting for people interested in history, but also are a treat for the photographers. Explore the list of various delightful monuments of Kerala that you may visit on your trip to this state. Read in detail about each of them. Anjuthengu Fort

1. Anjuthengu Fort

Anjuthengu is a place, which is full of coconut palms. The fort was built by the British East India Company in 17th century. The fort has received much historical importance due to being the first key trade center of the East India Company. The fort was also the first indication station for the ships arriving in Kerala. Guruvayoor Temple

2. Guruvayoor Temple

Guruvayoor Temple is located in Thrissur and is a very famous pilgrimage center of the state. The temple is worth a visit and the main deity here is Lord Vishnu. Guruvayoor Temple is considered so blissful that the mere sight of the idol is sufficient to make you feel pure and sanctified. In this temple of Kerala, only Hindus are allowed to enter inside. Paradesi Synagogue

3. Paradesi Synagogue

Also referred as a Jewish Synagogue in Kochi, it is the oldest active synagogue amidst the common wealth countries of the world. It was built in 1568 AD. The Synagogue (Jewish worship place) stands proudly as the live proof of the reciprocal accord in the state for long. This holy place is covered by wonderfully decorated Chinese tiles, which differ in color and print. The Interiors of the Synagogue are marvelously decked up with Belgian chandeliers and splendid lighting. It is a place to visit must in the state. Kunchan Smarakam Fort

4. Kunchan Smarakam Fort

Situated 30 KM away from Palakkad, Kunchan Smarakam Fort is not only a typical historical monument. This is in fact a memorial constructed as a tribute to the renowned poet of Kerala – Kunchan Nambiar. This monument presently serves as an institute for young people having a knack for satirical art form. This institute also provides a great insight into the life and intellectual brilliance of the poet. Napier Museum

5. Napier Museum

Napier Museum is located in the heart of the Trivandrum city. The museum is named after the governor of Madras (1866-1872), John Napier. It is prepared with natural air conditioning and offers a complete view of the rich culture and heritage of Kerala. Napier museum and art gallery of Kerala are situated in the same complex. The museum has a great compilation of ancient archaeological artifact and was constructed in the 19th century. Padmanabhapuram Palace

6. Padmanabhapuram Palace

Located 65 KM away from Trivandrum, Padmanabhapuram Palace is a splendid palace that speaks volumes about the ancient architecture of Kerala. The Interiors of the palace are wonderful and give an idea of the royal life of the region. It has a big hall known as Durbar hall with shiny black floors. The floor seems like floor of granite, but in reality, it is prepared using jaggery, lime, burnt coconut, and charcoal and river sand. tipu sultan fort

7. Tipu Sultan Fort

Situated at the heart of Palakkad town, Tipu Sulatn Fort is also known as the Palakkad Fort. It is one of the best preserved forts in South India, which was built in the year 1766. Presently, this fort is taken care by the Archaeological Survey of India. This significantly remarkable monument of Kerala has seen the Mysorean invasion and the British colonialism. So, Kerala tourism is not all about beaches and backwaters. There is history too, that can be explored on your visit to Kerala. Plan a trip to Kerala with EaseMyTrip and enjoy a memorable holiday. ]]>

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