5 Things That Would Make Your Rishikesh Visit Marvellous

Rishikesh is a small hill area in Uttarakhand. It is a mix of nature and adventure filled place.  It is situated on the laps of the Himalayas and is an important tourism destination in India. It is basically a pilgrimage place and the Yoga capital of the country. But, many tourists from abroad and locals visit this place for an adventure trip. There are a lot of activities that would pump adrenaline like nothing before. There might be a lot of places for sightseeing and other activities in this town. But, there are 5 important activities that you must try here.


trekking in rishikesh

You can mix trekking and sightseeing together in this town. There are many stunning places that would provide you joy, fun and high spirit. Trek to the Himalayas and enjoy many stunning nature filled places. The most common track for trekking is the Har-ki-Dun. Other important places are Dodital and Gaumukh. If you are planning for outdoor activities with the least amount of adrenaline pumping and high enjoyment, this is the right activity for you.

White water rafting

water rafting rishikesh

The powerful river of Ganges stands as an important place for sightseeing, religious visit and rafting. There are many companies that provide this service for you. Shivpuri is a small town that is a little away from Rishikesh. This is the important spot for rafting. You can choose areas of the river as per your ability and thrill requirement. The water current and the climate during winter would make this experience very unique. You can also find the rafting services in Kaudiyala,Brahmpuri  and also in the South India tour.

Cliff Jumping

cliff juming rishikesh

This is an activity that is usually linked along with the rafting. In Brahmpuri where the river current is very slow, cliff jumping is an important activity. This is the one of those who want some grand adrenaline rush activities. You need not worry about your safety as most of the companies providing this service would keep your safety as their first priority. This activity would give you a lifetime experience of a unique adventure.


camping in rishikesh

This activity is for those who want some mild adventure. This would suit people of all age groups. You can enjoy the warm sandy beaches of Ganges and enjoy the exotic flora and fauna as you camp near the Ganges in Rishikesh. It is an important tourism destination in North India for camping. Many people visit this place just for the sake of camping. If you are looking for an activity to rejuvenate you and de-stress, this is the right activity for you.

Bungee Jumping

bunjee jumping rishikesh

This is the activity for wild ones. Your heart would literally be in your mouth. The bungee jumping is the activity in which you would be tied with cords to your ankle and should jump off a long cliff. When you reach near the ground, the elastic would snap and pull you up. This is a lifetime experience. This is for those who want some extreme excitement in Rishikesh.

Most of these activities would be at their prime beauty from September to March. The other important activities to enjoy in this town are rappelling in Ganges, kayaking, canoeing, Himalayan tour into jungles and shopping. If you are visiting with your friends, backpacking and mountain biking are important activities that you ought to experience. Are you looking for nightlife here? There are a lot of cafes and pubs here to enjoy a striking nightlife.

In short, no matter what type of tour you want, you can find it here. But, the above said five activities are must-do here.

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