Things To Do with Kids While in Phuket

Phuket, the island paradise comprise of a ton of activities which attract people of all ages. There are also opportunities for cute little travelers to explore this kid friendly kingdom. Prepare a list of attractions for your younger ones with the help of this guide and in deed execute the same to make them happy.

Phuket Aquariumphuket aquariam

Gorgeous parade of freshwater and marine water species are found in the aquariums of this water park. This place covers a huge space with featured aquariums where you can enjoy and watch rare creatures of the underwater sea as well as those that are found in the freshwater lakes, rivers, ponds and other backwater streams. Wide open your pupil to discover the rare water sheltered creatures such as cuttlefish, seahorse, jelly fishes, stonefish, sparks, whales and other creepy water species. Polar animals such as penguins, seals, sea lions are also found in this massive aquariums.

Elephant Tourselephant ride phuket

Ride back on the elephants back to tour the forest. Yes, it’s of course safe to trip in to a forest with the help of a giant friend. Elephants being very kind and is a friendly animal, kiddies will anyhow love the experience to ride on them. You can also encourage your tiny ones to feed bananas to the largest animal on earth. Sessions are also available to bathe the elephants and play with them in the rivers. This will give you a memorable experience to yourself and your children, and you can remember this forever as they provide you with photographs of your moments.

Zorbingzorbing phuket

There are many tiny parks that gives you an opportunity to try the zorb balls. If you are going with a teen age daughter or son then better let them try the rolling balls, where they will be locked inside the ball and rolled from the top of a slope, yes that is absolutely trilling! If your kid is too young to try the above said one, then gift them with a floating ball ticket. Here, the zorb ball floats on the still-standing water. The child will be arrested in a zorb ball and he can float cool on the pool of water.

Phuket Fantaseaphuket fantasea

This is definitely a dreamland for the kids! There are so many attractions included in this wonderland. There is a theatre with exclusive performers performing on the stage, there is a stage show performed by the elephants, lions and the tigers. Kids will just love this show as animals are made to perform live in front of them.

The fun land also grabs a few models of the great architectures and religious sites. They include a miniature of Angkor Wat. Buffet restaurants, coffee shops and shopping opportunities are also available within the complex.

Beachesphuket beaches

Plenty of kid safe beaches are there in this island town. You can play frisbee or throw ball with your kids and enjoy the breezy climate of these seashore destination. Surf and wakeboarding academies are also there near the beach roads, if your kids have a passion towards it then give them an opportunity to learn these adventurous water sports. You can also accommodate in a kid friendly hotel near the beaches such as the Patong Beach Lodge Phuket to make it a safe and an interesting stay for your blooming buddies.

Dino Park

This is a place for enthusiastic of all age groups. Mini golf is the main featured game available here, but the twist is you can play this game in a completely thrilling environment. There are statues of dinosaurs here and there, so this is definitely going to be an adrenalin pumping place.

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