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Recognized in the world through different names like Silicon Valley of India or Garden City, Bangalore is one of the widely known metropolitan of India. It is the capital city of Karnataka that makes everyone talking about it through its attractions and various important features. This ultramodern city is recognized for its pleasant weather and lush green surroundings. It can amaze its visitors with its infrastructural and industrial developments. Bangalore is a perfect mix of urbane society, salubrious weather, lush green surroundings, and trendy places for hangouts. The city is also home to several IT experts and professionals due to whom, the city is named with Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore boasts of a number of tourist attractions like royal palaces, manicured gardens, sacred pilgrimages, famous museums and ancient monuments. Explore the tourist attractions of the city.

Bangalore Palace bangalore palace
Comprised of a Tudor architecture, Bangalore Palace is one of the topmost tourist attractions of the city. Constructed in same style of Windsor Castle of England, the palace attracts visitors with its rare charm. It was built by Rev. Garrett, who was the first Principal of the Central High School in Bangalore. The construction of the palace started in year 1862 and completed in 1944. Maharaja of Mysore bought this palace in year 1884. The palace is endowed with abundance of exquisite woodwork.

Bull Temple bull temple bangalore

Located in Basavanagudi, Bull Temple is typical Dravidian style temple that is recognized for its mammoth bull statue. The statue is carved from a single boulder. The prominent landmark is dedicated to Lord Shiva and features a huge structure of Nandi that is 15 feet tall and 20 feet long. There is a legend about this temple that says, it was built to soothe a prowling bull that stole local crops.

Tipu Sultan Palace tipu sultan palace

Dating about the year 1790, this palace is the summer retreat of Tipu Sultan featuring a two story structure that is made mostly out of wood. The palace features finely embellished balconies, pillars and arches.

Vidhana Soudha vidhana soudha

Vidhana Soudha is the legislative House of the State of Karnataka, which comprised of granite building. Built by Sri K. Hanumanthaiya, the architecture of this monument was constructed at an expenditure of Rs 18.4 Million. With marvel of neo-Dravidian architecture, it turns into one of the most imposing buildings not just in Bangalore but in India. The most remarkable element of this building is its imposing stairs in its front.

Cubbon Park cubbon park

Positioned over 300 acres of land, Cubbon Park is one of the biggest parks in Bangalore. The park is named after Sir Mark Cubbon, who was the highest serving Commissioner of Bangalore. With lush green lawns, vibrant flower beds, shady bowers and flowering trees, the park becomes an ideal place for fitness freaks and the elderly where they can enjoy morning jogs or evening walks. The park is home to more than 6000 plants and trees in its premises and it also features trees from 68 generations and 96 species.

Attara Kacheri attara kacheri

The impressive charisma of this imposing edifice on the landscape of Bangalore makes it an important landmark. The building of Attara Kacheri is built using red brick and stone and houses the state High Court. It enjoys a Greco-Roman style of architecture and reflects a colonial charm.

Presenting an illustration of urban-chic metropolis, Bangalore is a city with pulsating energy that has a lot to offer its visitors. Go for a visit to this wonderful city that is beautiful in every sense taking best travel deals at

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