Best Foods to Try While Traveling in Germany

Germany is known for its rich foods, wines, hearty cuisines, vegetables, sausages, breads, noodles and so forth. It will interest you to note that few of the best chefs in the world are from Germany. Thus, you should get ready to eat very tasty and delicious dishes depicting the German culture as well as foreign dishes on your tour in Germany. You may need to visit different restaurants in Germany in order to eat the delicacies. This is why you should leverage exquisite car hire at Cologne airport to easily get around the country. Some of the dishes you should never miss on your visit to include Germany:

1. Currywurst, the German Sausage

Currywurst is a very famous German street food which was first produced in Berlin in the 1940s. It is a German sausage flavored with curry powder and subjected to some heat. It is a very tasty food that every tourist would love to eat in Germany. Moreover, Currywurst is a very cheap food and will not be beyond your reach.

2Taste some of the best wines in the world

Germany is renowned as a center of production for some of the best wines in the world. Most German wines are produced in the southern region close to the Rhine River. The Riesling or white wine produced in this region is very popular in Germany. Obviously, you should not leave Germany without having a taste of Riesling.

3Kebab, the delicacy from Turkey

Another wonderful delicacy you should eat in Germany is Kebab. This involves slices of lamb meat wrapped in bread and served with salad and sauce. It is usually used as a late night snack. You can easily get this delicacy in Turkish restaurants located in Germany.

 4A taste of Germany Dessert and Pastries

If you miss Germany dessert on your tour to Germany, you have probably missed it all. Different forms of desserts are served in Germany and they are all wonderful ways of concluding your meals.

German cuisines are generally free from calories. If that is true, then why don’t you enjoy yourself and take advantage of your beautiful moment in the wine country. It is very important to plan your dishes and the restaurants where you will have a nice time before traveling to Germany. You can take advantage of the services rendered in Cologne airport to achieve this. 

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