Top Reasons Why Kerala Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

The name Kerala stands for pictures of endless palm groves and paddy areas. The relaxing green vision of characteristics expanded out constantly around you can calm your racing thoughts and pacify your thoughts. At any season, the places can indeed be a good to the eye. Kerala, The God’s Own Country, provides countless ways to attract the visitors to its area.

1. Backwaters in Kerala:

kerala backwater

The most elegant aspect of Kerala that draws a large amount of visitors to the state. Visiting on houseboats on these backwaters is a wonderful encounter, especially for happily married individuals. The relaxing environment and dream like drive on slow rich waters gives the most relaxing encounter on the earth. Alleppey and Kumarakom are the two hot spots wherein visitors can appreciate a cruise on the backwaters of Kerala.

2. Houseboats in Kerala:

kerala houseboat

A houseboat ride is one of the most exclusive encounter. Ideal for honeymoon vacation couple, these houseboats are equipped with most modern features and living on them is like sailing on a five star resort and an encounter one cannot miss.

3. Ayurveda in Kerala:

kerala ayurveda

Well-known for its healing treatments through the conventional Ayurveda method. There are many ashrams, centers and hotels devoted to this objective and thousands and visitors come here from all over the globe to get surviving from their illnesses and engage in some critical pleasure. Enjoy some of the most relaxing treatments that are given here with the use of naturally grown herbs and oil.

4. Beaches in Kerala:

kerala beaches

The beaches of Kerala are wonderful and not populated, thus giving one an opportunity have fun in the sun and sand. Kovalam beach is perhaps the most famous one as it provides a variety of aquatic activities; Fort Kochi beach provides attractions of the conventional Chinese netting. and Alappuzha beach known for its wonderful lagoons.

5. Tree Home Remain in Vythiri:

tree house kerala

Have fun with the most exclusive vacation encounters with a Vythiri shrub house stay. Situated around 62 kms from Kozhikode, staying in these one-of-a-kind wood houses situated on plants is unforgettable.

6. Snake Boat Race in Kerala:

snake boat ride in kerala
snake boat ride in kerala

Renowned for being the variety of some of the most anomalous celebrations in the nation. Check out during the several weeks of June and July when the preferred reptile boat competition is held on the backwaters of Alappuzha and Kottayam.

7. Wildlife in Kerala:

Kerala, God’s Own Nation has been given with wonderful forested acres that make it an ideal sanctuary for animals and parrots and a well known location for wild animals hunters. Check out the Silent Valley National Park, vision rare varieties of parrots in the trip to Kumarakom Bird sanctuary or appreciate an opera on the globe renowned Periyar National Park, Kerala is rich with plants and creatures of all kinds.

8. Waterfalls in Kerala:

Athirappilly Waterfalls in Kerala
Athirappilly Waterfalls in Kerala

Bestowed with the best of all the organic fascination. Besides the backwaters, the falls of Kerala are popular. A fountain tour to the Athirappally and Vazhachal falls are sure to rehydrate your persona. Check out during the monsoon several weeks (June to September) when these gurgling flows are in full vitality.

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