Dalt Vila Ibiza – Exquisite Heritage Of World

An expensive walled center situated in the municipality of Ibiza. It is appealing to the visitors, architectures and archives and therefore, it was named World Heritage Site in 1999 by UNESCO. This site is also valued for it has preserved the best coastal forests in the region of the Mediterranean. It has the global importance of its history, culture and architecture which is unmatched to any other region of the world.dalta vila ibiza

Sa Caleta in Sant Josep has Phoenician Remains and has Phoenician-Punic cemetery of Pug is des Molins in the town of Ibiza are also considered precious by UNESCO for they are assets of World Heritage and they are the only evidence that can witness the urbanization and social life of Phonecial colonies that resided in the western Mediterranean.

UNESCO has crowned Ibiza with the most privileged World Heritage Site for its biodiversity and natural assets that majorly includes the huge wealth of oceanic Posidonia meadows that are the plants to be found on its sea beds. It has the nature privileges also because these are the best plants, preserves in the Mediterranean region and must be credited for keeping the water off island pure and clear by surrounding it.


This is the main entrance to Dalt Vila. Drawbridge has a wooden plant named Taules, which decides the name for the place. Its accounted as one of the most essential parts of the town. It also has an ArmoryCourts beyond it. It has ten round circles which make the place even more interesting.


The place offers astounding g views of Ibiza’s harbor and La Marina. It is one of the largest and most popular mainstays that are accredited more for its views from the ramparts.


These are the ancient churches, popularly known as Baroque Church and Dominican fairy (former. Both of the churches added to the credential of the town between 16th and 17th century.


It is located in the premises of a noble house in Can Comasema in the town of Dalt Vila. Its amazing fact is its most ancient port that dates back in the 15th century.


It has the pride to be Ibiza’s first law courts for many years. It was established in the 13th century. Now it consists of MadinaYabisa which is a famous museum, having religious importance because it depicts Ibiza to be the follower of Islamic rules.


This is the original Gothic structure which laid its establishment in the 14th century. It was then reformed in 18thcentury and it was granted the look of the Baroque. The exterior of the building portrays simplicity at peak with durable ramparts.


Ibiza has the pride to have innovative markets, valued Craftworks, best craftsmanship and multiracial nature of the cosmopolitan area.

Let’s know about a few of its famous market.

Las Dalis – It is situated near Sant Carlesamd opens every Saturday of the whole year.

Punta Arabi– It is located near Es Canar and opens every Wednesday for a short period of April to October.

Sant Miquel – It is located in the center of the village and opens every Thursday in the summer.

Besides these markets, there are some shops and stalls where handmade crafts can be bought. You can also find gifts and fashion wear also in the town of Dalt Vila, Av. Bartolome Rosello and La Marina within the premises of Ibiza town. If you wish to find stalls and shops f gifts and Craftworks in Sant Antonia then you need to go through the Sea front Ses Fonts. It lies besides the commercial zone. Artisans can also be visited for more fun in SantEularia.

They have stalls that are available daily in the season of summer in the region of S’Alamera walking.

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