Travelling To Greece; Why Not Hire A Yacht With A Greece Skipper!

Travelling to the idyllic isles of Greece is something many people dream of, and what better way to enjoy the serenity and beauty of this unique area than by boat! There are many options for doing this, from taking a ferry to booking a luxurious cruise, but one option not many people think of is hiring a private yacht with their own Greece skipper!greece tour

A private yacht is a luxury most people only dream of, but one holidays, and especially when the exchange rate is this good, a little luxury is exactly what you need! Booking a trip on a yacht is possibly the best way to immerse you in the beauty of the Greek coastline and islands like Cyprus. And hiring a local Greece skipper means you’ll get to see a side of Greece that most tourists will miss. A Greece skipper will know the area, good spots to visit, and where to get the best food, and you might even pick up some of the language into the bargain!greece yacht tour

If you can find a Greece skipper local to the area you want to visit, this will be even better. Locals know all the best places, and if you develop a good relationship with your skipper you’ll see a side to Greece you never imagined you’d get to see outside a travel documentary. You’ll have such interesting photos and videos to look back on, as travelling by ocean you will avoid the crowds of tourists thronging the tourist spots and ferries, and will feel as if you have the Greek islands all to yourself!luxury yacht tour greece

Yachts can easily be hired at most Greek ports, with many private yacht hire companies offering a range of services, from yacht hire alone for experienced sailors to full, catered tours with a Greece skipper, luxurious food packages, and fun activities pre-arranged at interesting stop off points. Yachts of all sizes are available, meaning you can organise a private, romantic cruise for you and someone special, or a group of friends or work colleagues can enjoy the beautiful scenery and soak up some sunlight, while your trusty Greece skipper makes sure you see all the best spots! Chartering a yacht is also a romantic way to pop the question, and it also makes the perfect honeymoon. Sailing around beautiful sunny Greece with your special someone is surely the best way to celebrate your love in a way they will remember (and boast about! ) for years to come.

Hiring a yacht with a Greece skipper is the best way to see the beautiful Greek coastline and islands, while enjoying a luxurious and trouble free holiday. Avoiding the crowds of tourists, you’ll sail into the sunset every day. The beauties of Greece and the age old foods and traditions of Greek people will be laid out before you to savour at the start of every day, and your Greece skipper will sail you safely to port while you relax, carefree and pampered. Don’t bother booking tours of crowded attractions, come and see another side of Greece, hire a yacht with a Greece skipper for a holiday you’ll never forget!

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