Thrill yourself by Walking on the Terrifying Skywalks

Skywalks are breathtaking and viewing platforms of the surroundings and it gives a genuine feel of walking on sunshine. There are many of us who always search adventure and if you are looking for some spectacular lookouts, great viewing platforms and observatory desks then below is the list of some thrilling skywalks in the world.  These amazing skywalks are meant only for the strong heart people not for the faint hearts. Skywalks is the genuine creation of humans and it is a must have experience to watch the outlook of nature at a certain height.  

Grand Canyon Skywalk in United States

grand canyon usa This enticing skywalk is situated in Arizona in United States of America. It is a transparent horseshoe shaped bridge and one of the most attractive tourist place and is constructed with steel and glass. It is placed 4000feet above the Colorado River. This skywalk is operated by the Hualapai Tribe which does not allow any personal belongings to be taken onto the skywalk. The architect of this beautiful skywalk is Mark Ross Johnson.  

Glacier Skywalk in Canada

glacier skywalf in canada Glacier Skywalk is located in the Canadian Rockies and it provides scenic views across Sunwapta Valley. This Skywalk has a height of approx 1000 feet and Canadian Rockies is an outstandingly. Canadian Rockies has many high peaks and ranges like Mount Robson and Mount Columbia. Many people are crazy about this skywalk and thousands of visitors visit to Canadian Rockies every year.  

Top of Tyrol in Austria

top of tyrol It is a mountain top viewing platform which is placed in the Stubai Glacier in Tyrolean Alps and is at a distance of one hour drive from Innsbruck, Austria.This platform is stunning placed in the center which divides Stubai Glacier in western and Eastern half. It is situated at a height of 3200 meters above sea level. Top of Tyrol is placed at an amazing position and it offers 360 degree panorama from the Zillertal and Stubai Alps to the Dolomites and Chalk Alps.  

Cliffwalk in canada

cliffwalk in canada Cliff walk in Canada is at a height of 300 feet above sea level and is a 700 feet walkway which is beautifully constructed. The Cliffwalk is attached with a granite cliff and faces the Capilano River.  

Aurland Outlook in Norway

aurland lookout It is situated in Aurland in Norway. It is a beautiful viewing platform and an outstanding work of architecture and technology. It has a length of about 30 meters and width of 4 meters and it has a perfect slope which gives views an opportunity to enjoy the nature at its best. This observation deck overlooks Sogn Og Fjordane.Tom Saunders and Tommie Wilhemlsen are the two architectures of this amazing platform. The thrilling fact about this is that only a thin glass keeps the visitors away from falling, but this thin glass is very strong; strong enough to take the weight of visitors so feel free and enjoy the beauty of nature.  

Skywalk on Tianmen Mountain in China

Skywalk on Tianmen Mountain in China Tianmen Mountain is located in Tianmen Mountain National Park in Zhangjiajie in China. Its footpath, glass elevators and cliffs makes it an enticing tourist spot. One peculiarity is that you can’t wear your shoes while going at a spinning height on a thin sheet of glass which is the only barrier between you and a scary downfall. The panoramic beauties of Hunan province is well known and if you are planning a visit to China keep this in mind that you have to experience this skywalk too.  

Dachstein Stairway to Nothingness in Austria

Dachstein Stairway to Nothingness in Austria It is situated in Austria near the town of Schladming. It lets the visitors enjoy the outstanding panorama on the 100m long suspension bridge. This structure gives the amazing view of the surrounding and it is even built under the supervision of professional architecture. This place is only for the visitors with nerves of steel.]]>

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