20 Most Popular Trekking Destinations around the World

Trekking is an activity that is getting popular by the day in this time of the 21st century. It’s almost people have lost and now found that travelling is in fact inherent to human nature. However better late than never right? The world has seemed to have forgotten the beauty of nature and been consumed by the materialistic world that they made for themselves. The main idea behind trekking for me still remains the fact that we need to bring the attention back to her (to nature) and her massiveness and her enriching beauty and wonderful faces of wonder. To make people remember what it feels like to feel SUBLIME, the emotion of feeling small in front of a greater entity and still feeling connected to the greater entity.

All kinds of artists from times of yore till date have always associated the feeling of sublimation with mostly nature and her creations. The mighty Himalayas are one of the many wondrous creations of nature. I have found that many artists, painters, writers, poets, musicians and storytellers look towards the mighty Himalayas as their muse and as inspiration in their works of art and for a true reason; the Himalayas are the largest mountain ranges in the world. Most of the Himalayas lie in the country of Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is gaining momentum in terms of visitors received every year. The rest of the Himalayas are hosted by India, trekking in India is also a sought after activity as India hides many incredible trails of trekking and other adventurous activities.

But we are here to learn about the best destinations for trekking and popular trekking destinations in the world. And without much ado let me just tell you that there are such beautiful trekking destinations around the world for you to venture on; that trekking may just be your newest favorite activity to do.

We have put together a list of the world best-trekking destinations that have made it to the limelight for public consideration.

1.. The Inca Trail , Peru:

Let’s start with some of our earliest civilizations. Machu-Pichu is also a world-famous site of archaeology, as it brings you to a sacred site of the royal Incas. This was the site where they performed sacred rites and rituals, prayers and studies about the world that they were living in and their own religious beliefs. These people were some of the most intellectual beings that ever lived.

This trail takes you through the Andean mountains that were taken by the Royal Incas themselves. Feel like the royal Incas as you will walk in their trails of cliff-hugging sites and it’s going to be really thrilling.

2. The Mount Kailash Pilgrimage Trek, Tibet:

The Mount Kailash Trek is a religious trek to undergo in many religions such as the BON, JAIN, BUDDHIST AND THE HINDU religions. According to the Hindu religions, the peak of this mountain that is at about 22,000 kilometres is the place where the great Lord Shiva meditated for years at a stretch. This is the reason why trekking to the ultimate site is strictly prohibited but one can always make the pilgrimage trail through mountainous passes and curvy peaks.

3. The Kilimanjaro trek, Tanzania:

This trek takes you through an array of terrains. From deserts to savannahs, to glaciers to snow fields and tropical jungles; the highest peak of Africa brings to you vitality in the different kinds of ecosystems you trail through. It may be a slightly difficult trail to trek considering most Africans celebrate anyone who successfully scales the trek to this mountain. The diversity in the terrains is what makes this trail so well-known.

4. The Appalachian Trail, U.S.:

This is known as one of the most difficult trails to trek in the world because it is the longest and continuous hiking. This trail leads you through 14 US states. The trail is known to start from Maine and ends in Georgia and vice-a-versa. To go through this trail one must be thoroughly prepared not only physically, but also mentally as only the most trained and professionals can sustain trough the 14 states of trekking and hiking. Not only is the terrain challenging with vertical cliffs and far from any sort of civilization, but even the flora and fauna that may host you will feel like you’re on an episode of man v/s the wild. All sorts of poisonous plans and venomous snakes and bears are known to inhabit the area, so be well prepared before you start on this trail.

5. The Narrows, U.S.:

This trail is seen in many Hollywood movies that revolve around adventure sports and trekking. The Narrows is a stretch of a 26 km canyon that has been carved out by the Virgin River. During this hike, you may have to swim and wade as well for a few miles. But it will be an enjoyable hike. The narrows canyons are located in the Zion National Park. The trek can be scaled in a single day but your leisure will beg for you to stay a few nights in the beautiful hanging gardens and natural springs that host one of the 12 camping grounds for people that like to extend their stay.

6. The Indian Himalayan Ranges, India:

As mentioned earlier, India hosts about 30% of the world’s largest mountain ranges. Most people fail to acknowledge this side of the Himalayas. But Rudyard Kipling was not ignorant, in one of his books he exclaimed “Surely the Gods live here; this is no place for men.” Trekking in Himachal Pradesh will astound you as it will take you through the unaltered Himalayan beauty that is extended from the Nepali side of the Himalayas. Trekking in spaces like Spiti and Ladakh will take your breath away; the famous Pin Parvati trek is one of the most sought after treks in Himachal Pradesh.

7. The Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal:

It is a different elating feeling altogether to be standing face to face with the highest mountain peak in the world. The Everest base camp trek takes you through the remotest areas of Nepal, through the Sherpa Villages (Himalayas own sons and daughters) and their ways of livelihood in these extreme areas. The Everest base camp is a trek for so many kinds of people, the ones who will come back to scale the heights of the greatest mountain peak there is, for those who want to simply claim that they scaled till the base camp one of the highest peaks of the world and so on…

8. The Payas Dogon, Mali:

The trek through the Payas Dogon is not the usual snow-clad mountain trek. The Dogon regions are one of Africa’s most mesmerizing regions. The underline of the trek is the Dogon villages that outline the trail. This sets the mood for the cultural experience of the entire trek. The Dogon people are known for their pueblo-like dwellings, elaborate stilt and mask dances and intricately carved outdoors made of wood. During the trek, you go through soaring cliffs and the dwellings on the abandoned cliffs.

9. The K2, Pakistan:

K2 is well known as the second highest peak in the world after Mount Everest. This mountain is extremely difficult to ascend and is hence gained the title of ‘Savage Mountain’. It has the second highest fatality rate so it’s advisable to be professionally trained before scaling this trail. The snow corridor introduces you to the trail and proceeds through icy waters and granite peaks namely the Great Trango Tower, the Paiju and the Uli Biaho.

10. The Snowman Trek, Bhutan:

The Snowman trek is counted in one of the most famous treks in the world and it is also a difficult trail to scale. This trek takes you through a whopping 11 passes that stands at 14,000 feet along the Tibet-Bhutan border. Along this trek you also visit the famous Taktshang Monastery that is also known as the Tiger-nest Monastery. The most special thing about this trek is that it is hanging along a cliff and was built centuries ago by monks. Bhutan is known for its rich cultural and tradition. This trek gives you an inside insight of the lives of Bhutanese people living on the secluded parts of this country.

11. The Mount Roraima, Venezuela:

This trail takes you above the clouds like in the movie Small Foot. The ethereal sight of the plateau like peak above the clouds and the fog makes you feel out of the world and truly ethereal. The best part of this trek is that it offers an array of trekking options for all kinds of trekking enthusiasts. You do not have to essentially be an experienced trekker to perform this trek. The trail is a ramp that makes it easier to walk to the top of this mountain. The splendid trail leads you through lush flora and soothing waterfalls of the Canaima national park and beside the Guyana mountain range.

12. The Laugavegur trek, Iceland:

A little mythology exists alongside this volcanic mountain range. It is said that the landscapes were created when the Norse-god Thor struck his hammer on its plains. The volcanic mountains are capable of erupting and should this happen the trail will be closed. The volcanic mountain that was talked about in Europe in the year 2010 is called Eyjafjallajokull.

13. The Tour Du Mont Blanc, France, Italy and Switzerland:

The trek du Mont Blanc will lead you though jaw dropping landscapes and glaciers, beautiful meadows and valleys and of course the Mont Blanc. The climb that you will make on this trek is a whopping 10,000 m, which is a km more to the Mount Everest climb. It leads you through France heading to Italy then heading to Switzerland and back to France which makes it a round trip.

14. The Long Range Traverse, Newfoundland, Canada:

Enjoy the rugged back-country routes of Newfoundland amidst rich fauna which include the sightings of moose and Caribou. This is a bag packing route, one in which you will be welcomed by plenty of campsites along the way. But be sure to carry a map and a compass nonetheless.

15. The Santa Cruz Trail, Peru:

This flat land trek will ascend to a highpoint of 4,750 metres above sea level. And lead you through gushing rivers, lagoon areas, snow-capped mountains and tumbling valleys along the way. The trek is not a very difficult trek to conquer, but nonetheless, be prepared with all the essentials for the way.

16. The Overland Track, Australia:

Now, this is one trek that is gaining fandom each passing year. This is due to, firstly the Cradle Mountain inside the Lake St. Claire National Park, and secondly and thirdly because of the mesmerising lakes and waterfalls that you may witness on the Hike. Trekkers also usually go off-road and take the path towards Mount Ossa, which is Tasmania’s tallest mountain.

17. The Kungsleden, Sweden:

This is one of the most beautiful treks in the world. Kungsleden translated to “king’s trail” and this royal passageway will take you through incredible sceneries, mountainous heaths and alpine forests. This trail is a photographer-friendly trail and has options for your trek. One may opt to not take the entire trek as the trek is divided into 4 fragments and there are many entry points to each fragment.

18. The Pacific Crest Trail, Canada:

This unique trail stretches from the Mexican border towards the Canadian border passing through the U.S. states of Oregon, Washington and California. The wilderness and the beauty of the trail will welcome you as you make a crescent of the Pacific Ocean all throughout the trail.

19. Te Araroa Trail, New Zealand:

New Zealand is known as one of the best places to go on a trek because of the array of options to trek through. This particular trail may be one of the longest treks panning through 5-6 months for complete exploration of the trail. During this hike, you will be visiting New Zealand’s two main islands along with many volcanoes, beaches, forests and cities during this trail. If you have a few months to spare for a rejuvenating experience of a lifetime, definitely head to this trail.

20. The Arctic Circle Trail, Greenland:

If you truly want to unwind and reconnect with nature, this is the best trail for your likings. The only cities that you will come across during this trek will be at the beginning and at the end of this trek, but the in-between is the most refreshing. One will be eating freshly caught trout fishes for their dinner, and interact with wild beings like the reindeer and arctic foxes and you may as well meet Santa Claus on your journey! Keep an eye out.

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