20 Best Places for March Holidays Around the World

The New Year is well underway and soon it’ll be summer hols for schools, end of fiscal years and vacation time. It’s the perfect time now to start planning for your March vacation. Many countries in the world have exciting festivals in the month of March as well. The world is full of endless travel options. Every year, fabulous locations around the world wake up to tourism. Wonderful countries such as Georgia and Mongolia have become hot tourist spots in just a few years. Dubai is ever-popular as is Egypt and surprisingly, several islands. Here are 20 fantastic places to consider for your March Holidays.

1- Morocco

Morocco pulls tourists who are intrigued by its culture, cuisine and narrow cobbled streets and traditional homes. Morocco is best explored either on foot or by small motor bike. Ouarzazate in Morocco is considered the gateway to the Sahara. Stay at the Riad Ouarzazate, which is built in the local Kasbah style, offering traditional, stylish rooms. This city is located south of the fabulous Atlas Mountains. Be sure to visit the old village of Ait Ben Haddou, where you can watch the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets at the ancient Kasbah. Morocco’s markets are an absolute delight and one of the best places to visit in Morocco. You can bargain for spices, food, clothing and other items. You can chat up shopkeepers and enjoy the fantastic old world Arabian market ambience.

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2. Egypt

pyramids in desert, egypt
pyramids in desert, Egypt

This enchanting North African region experienced a great deal of political unrest during 2015. However, the country’s back with a bang and tourism is booming again. The new Grand Egyptian Museum has gathered major archaeological artifacts from a number of other museums. The new museum is a grand endeavour, attracting many tourists from around the world. Egypt is one of the most historically and culturally rich, best places you could visit.

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3. Nepal and Bhutan

March is the perfect time to travel to these cold Himalayan regions. It’s usually dry and cool in March, perfect for touring the two regions. Be sure to sign up for the helicopter flight to the top of The Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest). Here you can enjoy a fabulous picnic, while taking in the incredible view above the clouds. Nepal and Bhutan are both known for their intense Buddhist culture. Be sure to visit a few hillside monasteries, buy some frankincense, and explore the villages on foot.

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4. Iceland

Game of Thrones has really brought Iceland to the fore. Today, Iceland is a hot tourist destination, with people wanting to check out the locations where the famous TV show was shot. Icelandair, Iceland’s airlines offers passengers’ free stop-offs in Iceland on the way to the US as well. Iceland is home to a number of musical artists, many of whom are known internationally such as Björk, Múm, Sigur Rós, Ólafur Arnalds, Gus Gus, Emiliana Torrini and others. There are cultural, food and music festivals on at the capital every week. Spring festivals in March-April are vibrant and great fun.

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5. Vietnam

Vietnam is Asia’s fastest growing tourist destination. It’s also the destination of some truly wonderful festivals, especially during spring. There’s the Perfume Festival, in Hanoi, where pilgrims from all over the world visit the Perfume Pagoda. There’s a fetching dragon dance at Den Trinh Pagoda as well. The Phu Giay Festival from late March to early April is a vivid celebration when people worship various deities in a colourful form. There’ll be many dances, wrestling competitions, human chess, lion dancing, satirical musical theatre, chamber music and much more.

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6. Tunisia

Tunisia is rich in history and diverse natural beauty, with a sand-fringed Mediterranean coast and swaying palms. Jasmine trees abound, so the air is always scented with jasmine. If you’re looking for a straightforward sun-sand-and-sea holiday, head straight to Tunisia. The country is a mix of contrasts – forested coastlines vie with Saharan sand seas with blissful turquoise waters. The country enjoys many wonderful festivals, such as the Octopus Festival in March on the Kerkennah Islands, the Sousse Spring Festival, the Orange Blossom Festival, Sbeitla’s Spring International Festival and many more.

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7. Uruguay

Uruguay is South America’s fastest growing tourist destination. It’s a culturally sophisticated destination that’s home to some really cool UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The pristine Atlantic beaches are the pounding heart of Uruguay’s summer scene. If you’re into the water scene, head straight to Punta del Este, Jose Ignacio and La Barra, Manantiales. High-rise hotels and the beach scene give rise to a Miami-like appeal to Uruguay’s coasts. The capital city, Montevideo is rich in colonial history and architecture, along with 15 miles of beach-side glory. Uruguay is an eminently walkable city and a wonderful vacation spot. The local wine, Tannat, is a fruity beverage that’s produced in less quantity, and is a must-buy.

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8. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is coming up at Central America’s fastest growing tourist destination, despite all the recent unrest. In truth, the country’s revolutionary history adds to the tourist appeal, apart from the verdant interiors. Nicaragua is rife with colonial history and architecture. There are some fine old cathedral ruins and a Sandino statue at Managua that are well worth a look. Lake Nicaragua with its water sports and boating is always an attraction. The Concepción Volcano & Santo Domingo Beach at Ometepe is another tourist attraction. Festivals in March include the Folklore, Gastronomy, and Handicraft Festival in Granada, the Joy for Life Carnival at Managua and others.

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9. Mongolia

Mongolia, once considered so out of the way given its geographical isolation, is now a well-trodden tourist destination. The country’s appeal lies in its vast lonely steppes and sandy deserts. The population is mainly nomadic, with many of them opening up their tents for tourists to lodge. There are some cool, slightly mad festivals such as Nadaam, which is a celebration of archery, wrestling and horse racing. Mongolia’s cuisine is also garnering acclaim for unique flavours.

10. Israel

Israel enjoys a booming tourist industry. While visiting Jerusalem on pilgrimage is a definite must-do, the Dead Sea with its healing mud is a tourist draw as well. The Salt Lake with its tourist resorts and the famous Masada ruins in Tel Aviv is also a tourist draw. Tel Aviv’s culture, beaches, museums, and nightlife attract tourists, as does the Sea of Galilee, popular with Christian pilgrims. March sees many events and festivals in Israel, such as Adloyada Holon, Holon Purim Parade, Beer Sheva Old City Purim Festival, Tel Aviv Purim Street Party, Tel Aviv Purim Zombie Walk and others.

11. Chile

This long and thin slither of South America is a magnet for tourists, who enjoy Chile’s breathtakingly diverse range of natural landscapes. The Atacama Desert’s Mars-like red plains contrast the Torres del Paine National Park’s icy blue glaciers. Santiago is a bustling cosmopolitan hub with a vibrant nightlife and emerging food scene. Valparaiso has its own appeal with its vivid street art displays, museums and connection to Nobel prize-winning poet, Pablo Neruda. During March, it’s time for the grape harvests and wine festivals and plenty of spring programs for tourists to enjoy.

12. Cuba

Cuba offers an enchanting mix of beautiful scenery, amazing cuisine, culture and history. This country is so much more than cigars and vintage cars. Visit Trinidad’s Casa de la Musica to learn to salsa in the right way. Check out all the vibrant street art, with many faces of Che Guevara. Stroll through the pastel-hued streets of Havana. Be sure to purchase some Cuban rum, coffee and honey – the country’s specialities. Tourists are attracted to Cuba’s sunny climate, its vibrant culture, dances, and music and spring festivals.

13. Dubai

March is a great time to visit Dubai, as it’s not yet as hot as it will be in August, and the few rain showers make the city pleasant. Admire this opulent city’s incredible manmade landmarks – there’s quite a list. Be sure to visit the Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world, and the Burj al Arab, the first 7-star hotel in the world. Enjoy the decadent shopping; explore the souqs and the cultural richness of old Dubai. Be sure to sign up for a morning desert safari with camel ride in Dubai – one of Dubai’s not-to-miss holiday destinations.

14. Borneo

If you’re into primates, especially Orangutans, and rich, lush rainforests, then Borneo is your destination. During March, the city of Sabah experiences lower levels of rainfall, which makes it perfect for locating gentle Orangutans in their natural habitat. Visit Gaya Island, Kota Kinabalu and Sipadan in March and sun yourself on the warm beaches. March is also the time for the whale season, offering scuba divers and snorkelers the best time of their lives.  If you want to see whales and whale sharks, head straight to Lankayan Island. Divers enjoy their time in Borneo owing to its many sunken shipwrecks and rainbow-coloured reefs.

15. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is finally being seen as a proper tourist destination, not just a stopover. Hong Kong’s vibrant nightlife, its impressive skyline, foodie offerings, festivals and museums attract tourists.  Shoppers can shop till they drop in Causeway Bay. Foodies can dig into various foodie treats in SoHo, and hipsters can feel at home at Sheung Wan. Hong Kong also has 260 outlying islands. There are opportunities here for rock climbing, trekking, boating and enjoying fabulous scenery.

16. India

India is an amazing country, as diverse as it is huge. If you’re in India during March, don’t miss joining in the Holi Festival. This festival ushers in the spring with every colour of the rainbow. People throw colour at each other, sing and dance on the streets and have a whale of a time. An effigy of Lord Ravan, the demon king, is made out of straw and then burnt to indicate that good triumphs over evil. India is famous for its cuisine, its palaces-turned-into-hotels, and its amazing culture, textiles, jewellery and people.

17. Northern Mariana Islands

This beautiful 15-island archipelago with its white powdery shores and swaying palms is a tourist’s delight. Tourists visit these islands to get away from the masses and enjoy a pristine island retreat. If you’re tired of the urban scene and long for endless beaches and warm sun, head straight to the Northern Mariana Islands. There are plenty of casinos, beach resorts and golf courses to keep tourists occupied. WWII shipwrecks beckon scuba divers and snorkelers into the blue waters. An aerial tour of the islands is a definite treat. March and April see many wonderful island festivals as well, so it’s the perfect time to visit for your March holidays.

18. Jamaica

Credit : https://www.flickr.com/photos/msmccarthyphotography/3565297670

Jamaica is an incredible Caribbean island, home to many greats in the music industry such as Bob Marley. Jamaica’s unspoilt coastline, its incredible music, dances, cuisine, laid-back lifestyle, and intriguing Rastafarian religion are tourist magnets. By the end of March, hurricane season is over, and it’s time to party. The temperatures are warm and breezy and it’s the perfect weather for the beach. Join in the many impromptu spring festivals, relax in the turquoise waters, and watch brave divers jump off the cliffs at Negril.

19. Northern Italy & The Swiss Alps

Northern Italy is home to some of the most scintillating natural scenery you’ve ever seen. Be sure to explore Venice with its incredible canals, and the picturesque and pristine Lake Como. The temperatures in March will be mild. It’s the best time to have a nice spring adventure in the land of history, art, culture and pasta. The scenery is mind-blowing in Northern Italy. The Swiss Alps are permanently snow-tipped, even during spring and summer. Be sure to visit remote villages, try local dishes, and explore the incredible vistas on foot and bicycle.

20. Palestine

Tourism is booming in Palestine. This previously war-ridden region is now peaceful, and tourists are streaming in to enjoy the ancient land. New hotels are opening up – case in point being a new boutique hotel in Palestine’s West Bank opened by a street artist named Bansky. There’s much to see and enjoy at Palestine. The ruins at Sebastia, the Dome of the Rock interior, and the Mar Saba monastery in the Judean desert, Hisham’s Palace in Jericho and other traditional landmarks beckon.


March is the time when winter’s back is broken by spring in many countries. It’s the time of spring harvests and harvest festivals. Many countries have their own celebrations during March. Decide where you want to travel this March and start packing your bags. Whichever destination you choose from our list, you’ll be making the right choice.


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