Top 20 Most Popular Places to Visit in August in India

1. Saputara Gujarat’s solitary hill station is a popular tourist spot as soon as the rains begin. With the tourism department organizing the monsoon festival every year, Saputara is a perfect place for a weekend getaway. Relax at the lake side with corn on the cob, paddle boat with friends in the lake, witness the magnanimity of Gira Waterfalls, get awed by the variety of flora at Waghai Botanical gardens and get familiar with the Warli paintings and art, as you breathe in a bit of Gujarat.

2. Lonavala

This one needs no introduction, as it stands out to be every Mumbaikar’s and Punekar’s favorite weekend destination. Located exactly at the midpoint of two cities, the journey is as pleasant as the destination. Mumbai-Pune express highway offers a completely different sight in the monsoons, with waterfalls mushrooming all along the road. Enjoy the long drives with near and dear ones while having a bite at the famous Chikki and jelly chocolates.

3. Matheran

India’s smallest hill station offers you the biggest of surprises in the monsoons. As the entire area gets covered with a blanket of greens, the viewpoints present a soothing view to sore eyes. As the entire hill station is a no-vehicle zone, only way to explore is by foot or horseback, which is an excitement in itself. Witness the sunrise and sunset behind the hills in the company of macaques while sipping a cup of tea among the clouds.

4. Lavasa

For those looking for a peaceful weekend, India’s first planned hill station is where you need to head to. On the banks of an artificial lake, stands a peaceful town, away from the hustle and monotony, with lovely views all around. There are lots of waterfalls on the way to the city and the valleys offer breathtaking views. In short, an ideal place to visit for spending a lazy weekend.

5. Goa

For all those who think Goa is a beach destination, they must visit Goa in August to see its other side. Charao Island, a little known place just 30 mins from Panaji is the place to be in Goa when it rains. For hikers and nature lovers, Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is equivalent to an utopian society. But the cherry on the cake is the magnificent Dudhsagar Falls which offers a completely mesmerizing view in the monsoon. Explore an unknown side of Goa at a dirt cheap rate while devouring the Goan Fish Curry and nip of Fenny.

6. Agumbe

An absolute gem of a place in the heart of the Western Ghats. The serpentine roads lead you up to the peak which offers a breathtaking view of the forests. The ruins of Kaveladurg fort are perfect for a day out, as you trek across the paddy fields enjoying the nature at its very best and hike all the way to the end point to witness a spectacular sight on three sides.

7. Kudremukh

A trekker’s paradise and a bike rider’s holy grail, Kudremukh National Park is yet another hidden gem of Karnataka and it springs to life in the month of August. If green pastures, misty backdrops and cool breeze are your thing, Kudremukh should be on your bucket list.

8. Gokarna

[caption id="attachment_2442" align="aligncenter" width="810"] Image source:[/caption] For those who feel that Goa is too mainstream, Gokarna is where you must head to. A few hours ride from Goa, Gokarna is an amalgamation of beaches and mountains, and has lesser hustle and is more peaceful than any of the beaches in Goa. The beaches are secluded, peaceful and offer a beautiful view of the sun setting in to the Arabian Sea. Relax on the shacks of the beach side cafes with chilled beer and Chicken Ghee Roast, speciality of the region, while enjoying the stunning view around.

9. Munnar

munnar The gorgeous tea estates will escort you all through curvy roads of this tiny hill station hidden in the Western Ghats. More reasons to visit Munnar in August of 2018 is the blooming of Neelakurunji, a rare blue flower that blooms once in 12 years, covering the region in a blanket of blue. Witness the raw beauty of nature at Eravikulam National Park, the enigma of nature in Neelakurunji Flowers, the freshness of the tea gardens and the aura of the indigenous Nilgiri Tahr at Munnar this August.

10. Alleppey

Pristine and surreal backwaters surrounded by the beautiful paddy fields and coconut plantations on either side awaits you as you set your foot aboard the house boats and sail lazily into them. August marks the harvesting festival, Onam, in Kerala and is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety. The snake boat races are the main attraction of Onam and it is one experience to witness them, as 100-120 men row the boats in an absolute synchronization while singing “Kuttanandan Punjayile” in the spirits as high as the coconut trees surrounding the area.

11. Wayanad

Adorning the northern hills of Kerala is the beautiful district of Wayanad. This area is famous for its large amount of camping and trekking trails, breathtaking waterfalls, caves, bird watching sites, flora, fauna and an overall plethora of magnificent sights. At Neelimala’s summit, you can get a view of the Meenmutty Falls, the largest of its kind in Wayanad. Get delighted by the range of exotic products including spices, coffee, tea, bamboo products, honey and herbal plants available here and release your tensions with the Ayurvedic massage and get refreshed by the aura of the place.

12. Andaman Islands

Far off the mainland, there are a group of 400 little islands collectively known as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The volcanic islands are home to the best beaches in India. A rich underwater diversity makes it a top spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. Relive the moments of Indian Freedom Struggle at Cellular Jail, witness the architectural genius at Ross Island, be awed by the beauty of Radhanagar beach, swim with fishes at North Bay Island and get lost in the mystical Chidiya Tapu beach while witnessing the unaltered beauty of nature.

13. Meghalaya

‘It always rains in Meghalaya! That’s why it’s so beautiful!’ Meghalaya is gaining a reputation as a natural adventure playground, a prime destination for trekking, caving and canyoning and tribal encounters. Clouds and forests all around, Meghalaya has the best of the natural heritage in India. Be it the natural root bridges at Khasi hills or the clandestine caves at Jaintia, or the magnanimous Nohkalikai waterfalls, all are unique in their own ways. Experience the spectacle of rains and virgin beauty of the wettest place on earth like never before.

14. Valley of flowers

Perched at an altitude of 14000 feet above MSL, with the verdant beauty of snow capped Himalayas in the backdrop, the green meadows and cotton like clouds blend in to make a dreamlike valley of flowers trek. Known as the most beautiful trek in the world with the blue Primula, Valley of Flowers Uttarakhand is a must do trek for nature lovers. Blessed with exotic flowers, faunas and magnificent views this trek will take you to the world of snow clad mountains and high cliffs. Listen to the sound of birds chirping and the musical sound of the stream during the trek. The soothing breeze and the enchanting beauty lure away the nature lovers and the photography lovers.

15. Rishikesh

It is every adventure enthusiast’s dream destination, Rishikesh offers you a plethora of options to try to satiate the adrenaline appetite. The gushing waters of Alaknanda create roaring rapids as you paddle your raft through them without ending up in the water. Rishikesh also hosts India’s highest bungee jump platform, paragliding, hand-gliding, kayaking and bridge slithering among various activities one can choose from. Camp by the river side with barbeque and music for a perfect ending to a wonderful adventure. Also soothe with some peace through yogic training.

16. Hampta Pass Chandratal Trek

Five days of Hampta Pass & Chandratal Lake trekking will enable you to spend ample time amidst the flabbergasting serenity mixed with fun and excitement. The Chandratal Lake Trek is a treasure trove for the ardent as well amateur trekkers and holds the charm and allurement like any other treks in the Himalayas. The scenic landscape exposes trails that meander through alpine forests, huge rock formations, and remarkably rich vegetation. Not only does the Chandratal Lake trekking experience introduces you to the captivating beauty of the Himalayan meadows, flora and fauna of the Lahaul and Spiti valley, it also gets you close to the life and spirit amidst the lofty peaks. With easy gradients, climbs and descends, this trek will definitely satiate all your quench for trekking in the Indian Himalayas. You can also read a detailed review of Hampta Pass trek on The Ghumakkads.

17. Forts of Maharashtra

The forts have been a strongholds of the Maratha rulers since the reigns of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Tactically built over hilltop overseeing the valleys, these forts provide gem of a sight after the rains turn everything green. Lohgadh, Raigadh and Sinhagadh forts are the most famous of the forts, offering a stunning view along side a brilliant architecture. Visapur fort, Harihar fort and Torna fort are a few other in this long list of breathtaking beauty and architectural marvel. Be amazed by the rich history and the magnificent view of the Maratha bastions this August in Maharashtra.

18. Pondicherry

‘Bon jour’ is what you’ll say as you step foot on the erstwhile French Colony in India. The hotels, restaurants and ‘lifestyle’ shops sell a seductive vision of the French-subcontinental aesthetic, enhanced by Gallic creative types and Indian artists and designers. The internationally famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram and its offshoot just north of town, Auroville, draw large numbers of spiritually minded visitors. Pondicherry’s vibe: less faded colonial-era ville, more bohemian-chic, New Age–meets–Old World hang-out on the international travel trail. The beaches are just as peaceful as the city, making it a must visit place for seeking inner peace.

19. Udaipur

Rajasthan’s best kept secret, shining on the shores of the shimmering Lake Pichola and surrounded by the brilliant Aravali ranges, Udaipur has a romance of setting unmatched in all India. The grandiloquent palaces, havelis and the narrow streets add a human touch to the city’s natural charms. For a tourist, the tranquility of boat ride on the lake, colorful bazaars, lively arts and the tempting shops along the lovely countryside that can be explored and enjoyed to the fullest, while feasting on some of the most delicious street food the city has to offer.

20. Kausani

Situated on a ridge, above a dense alpine forest, a small village in the Uttarakhand offers lovely panoramic views of the snow clad mountain peaks, fresh air and relaxed atmosphere. Kausani is a backpacker’s happy place and an author’s dreamland, offering exquisite views of the massive Nanda Devi and Panchachuli Peaks. The glory of the views reach its pinnacle at dawn and dusk, as the sun-rays turn the peaks into golden during sunrise and crimson at sunset, making a spectacle to observe and relieved in the memory box. There you have the best 20 places to visit this monsoon, so pack up your bags, pick up place or two and blend in the surroundings of the mesmerizing places of our Incredible India. India is happening during New Year’s too. So also have a look at New Year celebrating destinations of India.]]>

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