The Best of the Vietnamese World: Best Places to Visit

Holiday – What does it really entail? When the term comes to mind one can only think of family get together and having mad fun. To experience the best out of one’s holiday all an individual needs is some cash and a planned destination.

There are plenty of places which an individual might choose to visit with relatives or friends this is so as to bring them together. What better way to spend time in a serene environment surrounded by amazing people that’s where vacation, as well as vacation in vietnam, comes in. let nobody mislead you on it’s a war-torn nation Vietnam is known for welcoming tourists and visitors alike due to its history, biodiversity, ancient and modern cities. There are also delicious foods influenced by French, Chinese, and Khmer culture.

Experience the beautiful, colorful mountain ranges, and yellow rice terraces. Also, get the most out of your holiday there are various destinations that will give you value for your money and you will never go wrong by choosing them.

Hanoi city

Hanoi city (Source)

It is a busy city with a mixture of markets, bikes art together with various delicious meals. Get the enjoyment of Vietnamese coffee or pastry. The great tomb of ‘uncle ho’ is worth a visit. There are also various art museums such as the Apricot gallery and Mai Tai Art Gallery. These sites are for art lovers as they are beyond human comprehension due its uniqueness.

Tu Duc tomb

Tu Duc tomb (Source)

The site has two areas consisting of the tomb itself and temple area. As a tourist have fun with the view and relaxation in Lake Luu Khem and its neighboring garden. There is the Luong palace, Koa Khlem palace, and oh Khlem palace. This shows the beauty and architectural design used by ancient dynasties. Tombs are normally dedicated to the military members as well as civilians.

Ho Chi Minh trail

Ho Chi Minh Trail (14) | by manhhai

If you are a historian this is the place to visit. The area contains paths and hidden routes used during the guerrilla war by both soldiers and villagers. There is also an underground battlefield in the Ho Chi Minh City. These indicate how ancient battles were fought and as a historian on vacation one may also learn one or two things.

Nha Trang Beaches

Nha Trang Beaches (Source)

Who doesn’t love the beach? It is an area with white sand, amazing restaurants serving delicious meals, and also presenting sporting opportunity and swimming in the ocean. In these beaches sunbathing is the most popular activity while you are served with fresh fruits, drinks by vendors. The coral reef provides an opportunity to learn about the different corals that are within the area. The area also has a park and stalls where you can also buy food.

Phong Nha Caves

Phong Nha Caves (Source)

It is one site you can’t miss during the holiday. It’s a declared ancient site by UNESCO. It has limestone that dissolves, in turn, creating caves such as Buddha Caves. Find an eco-tourism tour expert who shall show your family through caves learning of its dissolved bedrocks.


Serenity at its comfort, that’s the least one can describe a land of inclusivity. Adventure and learning are inseparable therefore vacation in vietnam is the best option for young and elderly scholars. Enjoy as well as gain knowledge in the fountain of nature.


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