Mysterious and Romantic Natural Beauty Redefined at Lataguri

Travel has turned out to be one of the most fascinating modes of refreshment for many. Either for some weekend short trips or few day long tours, due to the regular hectic lifestyle of the modern time, people are in continuous search of some distinct spots. Tourist destinations which have got a serene natural beauty of its own, combined with sense of adventure and self-reliving quality are in high demand today. Such demands for new and unique have popularized some of the off-track tourist spots at its level best. Lataguri of Bengal, India is one such kind.lataguri tour

With the velvet greenery all way round, the chirping of the birds, the small village of North Bengal, Lataguri, is in ever welcoming mood to its visitors. The natural green colors of nature are the real treat for one’s eyes. The leisure time of the person can be spent with a highest comfort here. The truthfulness of the people staying here, the aromatic quality of the flowers is just more than enough for providing one with certain power of enthusiasm and mind embellishment. Shortest and easiest tour stapled with the touch of natural beauty every bit of this place is ready for gifting you with the thrill one could ever dream of. The ever young and the charming nature of this place, never allows lowering ones energy level. Just a few hours away by driving from NJP station or Bagdogra port, the road towards Lataguri is also something to watch out for.visit to lataguri

The magical and soulful atmosphere, the panoramic natural view makes one acknowledge to the purity of nature and its beings. The instant beauties of this place have the power of enriching one’s mood at its level best. A wide characteristic feature also allows one to explore the nature to a higher level and makes one feel free and cheerful. Ample variety of adventurous activities like mountaineering, river shafting, and jungle safari gives a majestic joyous experience as a whole. Further, trip to Gorumara National Park, Chapramari Wild Life Sanctuary, the beautiful crystal clear waters of the River Teesta etc. is a must visit for all the travelers visiting this place. As some special permit is required for visiting these sightseeing spots, pre-booked hotels or various travelling agencies organizes them before hand, so that the guest can have an enjoyable tour all through without any disruption. Hotels and resorts of this place are also one of a kind. Almost all the hospitality sector being constructed with the modern interesting features and architecture, one can find put in the lap of nature 24/7. With the eco-friendly quality of these hotels, the guests always comes across the serenity of mother nature and keep themselves away from the polluted and complex city life and definitely daily hectic schedules.

Nature here might be the sole reason of attraction among the visitors and travelers, but, the bison, the elephants, the rare quality tigers, the enchanting town of the peacock and the hundreds of migratory and other variety of birds is neither ignorable. In spite of the extreme sense of calmness that prevails after the fiery sunset in the evening, the mysterious beauty it brings along is very much able to tickle one’s enthusiasm level to sky high. The shining moon above the sky is of the unique romantic trademark quality every poet or romantic travel ever fantasizes of. All in all no matter what the purpose is, or the types of traveler visiting this place are, Lataguri have every possible trait to fulfill the want and wish-list of them. Just a simple pre planning is what required and one can travel to Lataguri as per their recess timings and enjoy the most.

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