Aga Khan Museum- An Islamic Abode Of Heritage

Before the era of iPhones and the internet, people loved to visit museums and places to enjoy learning about both the past and new. Information was not easily accessible at fingertips and hence museums held great reverence. This does not mean that museums and planetariums have lost their importance now, all it means that now people who long for the love of art and culture, are the only ones who visit such places. The Aga Khan Museum, however, has not seen a decline in the number of visitors at any time, maybe because of the beautiful unique features it has.

Housing the exquisite collections of Islamic art and heritage, Aga Khan Museum overwhelmingly showcases the artistic, intellectual and scientific contributions of Muslims to the civilizations. The museum has been dedicated to the procurement and preservation of the religious and cultural traditions of the Muslim community. For the lovers of the art, this place is an abode.

Features that make Aga Khan museum world famous:

Aga Khan Museum in Toronto (Source)

Aga Khan Museum, located in Toronto, Canada, is one of the finest places to get exposure to the true Muslim, Islamic and Persian heritage. Below is a list of some of the many features of this museum, which make it a place worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

  • It houses artifacts from the private collections of his highness, Aga Khan. For those who know the value of the art, they would understand how precious this is!
  • The collection of 1000 artifacts, includes some of the previous examples from the Holy Qur’an, manuscripts of the earliest styles of Kufri script, and much more.
  • Musical programs are organized to give people an insight into the traditional backgrounds of Muslims and Islamic culture.
  • The architecture is exquisite and made by a famous Japanese architect.

Best time to visit:

Interior view – Aga Khan Museum (Source)

Though Aga Khan Museum is open 10:00 am to 6:00 pm every day except Mondays, all year round, people can enjoy a visit to this one of its kind museums in different time slots. For those who wish to enjoy a group, gallery tour would like to visit the museum from Tuesday to Sunday at 11:00 am or 3:00 pm. The Aga Khan park tour is seasonal and depends on the weather conditions and availability of a tour guide.

Tickets and pricing:

Tourists can also can enjoy a few hours of fun and calm in the Aga Khan park or the museum courtyard without having to buy any tickets. They can also visit the museum shop to buy some exquisite collections without actually purchasing the ticket. However, if visitors wish to get an entrance to the gallery or for the participation in musical shows they need to buy the tickets from the ticket counter. The visitors also have the option of booking their tickets online for museum admission, musical shows or tours.

There are various family packages and other group discounts also available. Know about which the visitors can inquire from the website or at the counter. On usual days the price for an adult ticket is $20 whereas for children it is $10. The price for a senior citizen ticket is $15. Several tour agencies offer tickets at discounted rates that can be availed to maximize your savings.

How to reach the Aga Khan Museum?

Aga Khan Museum is located at 77 Wynford drive. Reaching the museum is quite easy and various modes of transport can be used. It is one of the most popular destinations in Toronto and hence can be reached without many troubles. There are many ways to reach the museum. It is a short drive from Toronto downtown via car. If you are interested in using public transit, you can easily grab a bus from several subway stations. Like- Broadway, Pape and much more directly to the museum. The nearest airport is Toronto airport, which is a 1-hour cab ride from the museum.

Parking is rather convenient at the museum. Tourists can park at the ground level or the underground lot at a flat rate of $10. Visitors also have the option of booking the parking on arrival or online parking space can also be booked. Various discounts and offers are available which should definitely be availed! Visitors should check out the website of the museum for such available ongoing offers and deals.

The Diwan restaurant:

The Diwan restaurant (Source)

How can a trip ever be complete without treating your taste buds to some mouth-watering delicacies? The Diwan restaurant is the nearest food eatery to the museum and is definitely one of the best in the city. They have a wide menu to treat all kinds of taste buds well. The restaurant is mostly loved for attractive ambience and courteous staff. If you are visiting the here, then you should definitely not miss the chance of grabbing a bite.

Activities and attractions nearby:

Ismaili Centre, Toronto (Source)

If you have some extra time after your exhilarating visit to the museum, you can check out the nearby places-

  • The Ismaili center
  • Edwards garden
  • Tilley endurable
  • H2o float spa

Toronto is a place worth visiting. There are several destinations which are unique in their own ways and need to be appreciated. It’s a beautiful destination to spend a day, a week or even a month without feeling bored! The city has enough to serve its visitors well.


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