Seven Spots You Shouldn’t Miss in Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany is one of the best places to visit in all of Europe. Every year, this city receives more than five million visitors, proof of how popular it is to travellers. There are many places of interest in Hamburg, but seven spots stand out because of their natural beauty, history and national significance.

The Port of Hamburg

The second largest port in Europe welcomes about 13,000 ships from all over the globe. Upon disembarking from a ship or visiting one of its numerous museum ships, one can get an idea why the city is dubbed “Gateway to the World.”

The seafaring tradition of the city is honoured in May during the Hamburg Port Anniversary. During this huge festival, a grand display of tall ships and historic vessels attracts thousands of visitors. Exuberant festivities are held all over the city with a fireworks display capping off the celebration.

Hamburg Fish Market

Almost every type of commodity and not just seafood is sold at the Hamburg Fish Market. It has been operational since 1703, and every first-time visitor should drop by the market to get a sampling of everything Germany has to offer.


This century-old structure is reputed as the largest contiguous warehouse complex in the entire world. It is located in the free port just between Deichtorhallen and Baumwall. Today, this warehouse complex has become a historic monument. You’ll be in awe of the beautiful red brick buildings in this complex.

St. Michaelis Church

Perhaps the most popular religious structure in Hamburg, the St. Michaelis Church or simply “Michel” to locals was built in the 16th century. Its stunning Baroque architecture makes it a favourite destination of tourists. It has white and gold interiors that can set up to 3,000 people. You can try the climb towards the top of the church and witness the magnificent view of the cityscape and harbour.

Alster Arkaden

The shopping capital of Hamburg is not only the place you should go to for your retail therapy. It is also a place of history as it is the oldest shopping arcade in the city. The place is inspired by Venetian architecture. At night, the place is lit by wrought iron lamps. It also leads to the main square of Hamburg and its city hall.

Hamburger Kunsthalle

This architectural gems house is where one of the most expansive art collections in all of Germany is found. If you appreciate art and history, be ready to admire more than seven centuries of European art history. Some of the highlights of this art collection include works by Rembrandt and Edvard Munch.


Did you know that the Beatles started their international music career right in this red light district? The most famous street for party goers in Hamburg is Reeperbahn with its vast number of entertainment establishments like bars and restaurants, strip clubs and museums.

Hamburg is an exciting place to visit. Before you fly to this German city, be sure to get travel insurance first. With travel insurance, you will be protected from unforeseen expenses that may arise during your trip.

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