Top 10 Destinations To Explore In Australia

When making a decision on the destination to explore in Australia, different people rely on different factors. In the long run, whether one is taking a leisure trip, going on honeymoon, planning a romantic getaway, taking a family vacation or simply exploring the beauty of the country, it is important to ensure that they make the most of their excursion. While some tourists will look for famous places, others will consider the most beautiful attractions, historic locations, important destinations or the most popular holiday destinations.

Top 10 destinations to explore in Australia

Fraser Island faser island

Among all the sand islands, this is the largest in the world. Over time, Fraser Island has become one of the top tourist destinations in Australia. There is no doubt that the paradise has a lot to offer. From the sandy beaches that stretch over hundreds of kilometers to the beautiful scenery that can be explored through a hired car. Tourists can also engage in a number of fun activities such as scuba diving and sight-seeing of the rainforests and freshwater lakes.

Uluru Rockuluru rock

Many people have dismissed a visit to this magical rock. Indeed, this is no ordinary rock. While one might assume that it is ordinary, the experience changes as one move closer and the rock gets bigger. This is when tourists get to experience the magic that is Uluru rock. Many tourists have talked of the overwhelming feeling of splendor, magic and history that overcame them on visiting the Uluru rock.


sydney australia
Sydney Australia

Sydney has one of the most iconic and well-known features in Australia. In fact, anyone who goes to Australia is advised to visit Sydney before the end of their trip. The city provides a wide array of things to see and do while in the area, For instance, the Opera House, the magnificent beaches and the Harbor Bridge are some of the major attractions within the city. In addition, one can visit the Taronga Zoo for a great experience or take part in the numerous festivals.

The Great Ocean Road great ocea road

This is one of the best places on which to take a drive. The road stretches over approximately 240 kilometers, letting one partake of the magnificent scenery that can be viewed from different points. More to this, one can enjoy the view of cliffs and the ocean from several points along the drive.

Freyceinet National Parkfreycinet national park

This National Park is home to the Wineglass Bay, among a number of other Bays. Tourists can go on hikes within the park, scenic drives, camping and activities under the guidance of rangers. There are also swimming beaches, rock pools and scuba diving areas which have attracted tourists over the years.

Daintree Rainforestdaintree rainforest

The largest rainforest in Australia has different frog species, reptiles and a significant population of bat and butterfly species in the country. Nature lovers will enjoy the boat rides, hikes through the mangroves and a visit to the animal sanctuaries within the forest.

The Grampians National Parkgrampians national park

This park is mostly known for the magnificent scenery that it offers to visitors. In addition to its beauty, there are numerous hiking areas within the park and beautiful ridges that are curved from sandstones. The park is also home to some of the indigenous rock sites in the country.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park
Kakadu National Park

Any tourist looking for a natural wonder should consider this national park. There is a variety of endangered plant and animal species, the salt water crocodile and other gorgeous attractions. Moreover, the remote nature and rich history of the park will provide a great learning experience.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef

The reef is more than 2000 kilometers long, with amazing wonders at every part of the reef. One gets to see unique and endangered plant and animal species and have an experience that creates lifetime memories. The Whitsunday Islands have been recommended as a must-visit for any tourist.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay Australia
Byron Bay Australia

Byron Bay is a popular destination for both international and local tourists. Apart from the lovely weather and the beauty of the beaches, tourists get to enjoy the fun activities. There is scuba diving, surfing and other natural attractions to keep tourists busy at any time of the year


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