Holiday Destinations to Surprise your kids

Many parents will attest to the fact that traveling with children is hectic. Getting the ideal holiday destinations for the kids is imperative. Typically, such destinations should not involve too much traveling as children tend to get bored rather fast. What’s more, such destinations should be child-friendly with attractions that will pique the kids’ interest. Some ideal holiday destinations in this regard include:

Les Amis de la Plage, France fance tour

Wondering where to go for a family holiday in Europe? Les Amis de la Plage in France is a perfect place to start. This is a camping location whose name translates to ‘Friends of the Beach’, and provides the perfect setting for the kids to enjoy their holiday.

– The pristine beaches allow kids to play in the sand and build castles even as the parents go windsurfing or wine-tasting.

– There are also numerous child-sized rock pools where the kids can play.

– The advantage of this camping site for kids is that the washroom facilities are specially designed for kids, making Les Arnis de la Plage an ideal holiday destination for kids.

Osea Island, Essex osea island

Osea Island is the perfect holiday destination for your kids since:

– The island’s beaches allow kids to enjoy sun, sand and sea. Swimming in the turquoise blue waters is something the kids will love.

– There are also expansive farms where families can take the kids to enjoy nature walks.

– The calm environment within the island is just the perfect break for the kids.

Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mi, Thailand

Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life in Thailand lies a sanctuary for rescued Asian elephants where one can take the kids for vacation. The Elephant Nature Park is ideal for kids because:

– Quite unlike other parks in different parts of the world, the kids can freely interact with the elephants.

– The kids also get to bath and nurture the elephants, so parents have the chance to instill responsible behavior whilst on vacation.

– The park is not only home to rescued elephants, it also provides shelter for rescued dogs. Within the park, the kids will get to play with the dogs as well as see how the animals are cared for. This is a unique experience for the kids that will etch great memories in their minds.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Every year, families head to Lanzarote for family vacations. Just what makes this island the ideal destination to take your kids?

– The breathtaking landscapes, coupled with the crisp air and the warmth of the Canary people means that the kids will not have a hard time adjusting!

– The Aqua Park offers great exhilarating water activities for the kids to enjoy.

– Rancho Texas animal theme park is also an ideal getaway for the kids to have fun.

– A drive to Timanfaya National Park also adds a natural aspect to the holiday and keeps the kids occupied.

Walt Disney, Orlando, Florida

It is impossible to talk about ideal holiday destinations for kids without making mention of Walt Disney, for reasons outlined below:

– Disney Hollywood studios have numerous attractions for the kids, including the play space that is dotted with large scale anthills and spider webs.

– The set of ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ is also an attraction for the kids, what with its many props and child-friendly structures?

– There are also rides the kids can enjoy such as the Toy story Mania for a fun experience that will make great childhood memories.

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