Fabulous Budget Hotels near Mysore Palace

A noteworthy mention of the budget hotels near the famous Ambas Vilas Palace in Mysore for those tourists who are on a fixed budget travel. Traveling can be of various types. While some people want and can also afford all the luxury and want everything first class, this is not the necessary case for all the people who go out on a vacation. In India, a large number of people try and save up a lot in order to be able to go out on a vacation and hence their trip is usually on a fixed budget where they do not want to spend extra. So this article is for those tourists who want good quality budget hotels near the Mysore palace on their visit to the beautiful town of palaces and history.hotels in mysore


Mysore Palace is a very significant landmark in the city and as a result a large number of hotels as well as eateries have sprung up around the palace. These are not necessarily all five star or heritage hotels. In fact, there are a large number of budget hotels near Mysore Palace because a huge chunk of the tourists who visit the city go there on a budget. Plus there are also a large number of people who come on a pilgrimage to the temples in the city and can hence not afford to pay exorbitant prices for three stars or five star hotels. Hotels in Mysore are available in various price ranges and one can choose accordingly the best fit.

A few of the budget hotels near Mysore palace include the following:

Hotel M B International: This is one of the most preferred budget hotels near the Mysore palace and has really good customer responses. It is situated close to the bus stand as well as the railway station also. There is conveyance easily available plus there are also other services which are usually not found in budget hotels. One such extra facility is free wifi which makes it a step ahead when it comes to budget hotels.

Hotel Suhasini Palace: This hotel is also a convenient choice when it comes to budget hotels near the Mysore palace. It is in fact within walking distance of not only the Mysore Palace, but it is also close to the Mysore zoo as well as the St. Philomena’s Church, which is also within walking distance from the hotel.  It has a total of around 30 rooms and it is situated in the heart of the city. It has amenities such as doctor on call, a mini bar, wireless internet services and also complimentary transfers, a travel desk and it accepts all major credit cards too.

The Gallery View Hotel: This is also located in the center of the city and is hence close to major tourist places. It is directly opposite to the Jagan Mohan Palace, which is also known as the art gallery and is also close to the bus stand as well as the railway station. The hotel has a total of 31 rooms. It also has the basic amenities of hot and cold running water, internet, laundry, car parking, travels and transfers, money exchange, air conditioning among many others. It is a pretty sought after budget Hotels in Mysore.

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