15 Most Popular Fairs and Festivals in Thailand

1. Water Festival (Songkran) [caption id="attachment_10544" align="aligncenter" width="810"]Water-Festival-(Songkran) Water-Festival-(Songkran)[/caption] It is the most exciting, longest and biggest festival in Thailand. With music, dancing, drinks, water guns, buckets and hose pipes, this festival is the craziest one. The water fight goes for 3 days in the entire country and people from different places especially come to Thailand in the month of April around 13-15 to enjoy this amazing festival.

2. Ghost Festival (Phi Ta Khon)

[caption id="attachment_10545" align="aligncenter" width="810"]Ghost-Festival-(Phi-Ta-Khon) Ghost-Festival-(Phi-Ta-Khon)[/caption] If you want to see the combining religious tradition with handicrafts by locals and super fun party atmosphere, well than Phi Ta Khon is the festival you should visit for sure. In this festival, everyone wears colorful masks and they are like stretched faces, ghastly and decorated with bright and gaudy colors. The ghost festival can be an amazing experience for every traveler and it is held on the weekend of the 6th full moon of the lunar calendar.

3. Lantern Festival (Yi Peng)

[caption id="attachment_10546" align="aligncenter" width="810"]Lantern-Festival-(Yi-Peng) Lantern-Festival-(Yi-Peng)[/caption] This is the most famous festival in Thailand, almost every person knows about it. It takes place in November and it’s a very peaceful festival, yet super enjoyable. This is held by the bang of the River Peng, where thousands of paper lanterns are released into the sky to fly with the evening breeze. It’s the perfect festival to take some breathtaking photos and capture the moment forever.  

4. Rocket Festival (Boon Bang Fai)

[caption id="attachment_10547" align="aligncenter" width="810"]Rocket-Festival-(Boon-Bang-Fai) Rocket-Festival-(Boon-Bang-Fai)[/caption] This is the very vital event which attended by the whole village, as they consider this event as the last big “knees up” before the beginning of planting season. The rockets are used to convey the message to god to shower rain in good quantity so that the rice crops grow properly. The rocket parade starts before launching it into the sky throughout the weekend. If any rocket is failed to launch than the maker of the rocket is playfully thrown in the mud as the punishment.  

5. Buffalo Racing Festival (Wing Kwai)

  [caption id="attachment_10548" align="aligncenter" width="810"]Buffalo Racing Festival (Wing Kwai) Buffalo Racing Festival (Wing Kwai)[/caption] This is considered as one of the best festival in Thailand. From various countries, people especially visit Thailand to see the Buffalo racing. You won’t believe that the race is around 100 meters long and it is 100 years old traditional festival. The crowd cheers for the jockeys and it’s so amazing to see how fast these beasts can run actually.  

6. Lopburi Monkey Banquet

Lopburi Monkey Banquet is of the most popular festival in Thailand, This is very astonishing to see how tourists feed the monkeys. You just won’t believe the numbers of monkeys being gathered here, it’s around 3000 and they are permitted to feast on four tones of vegetables, fruits, and other treats. It’s a treat to watch them eating in such huge numbers and enjoying so much.

7. Vegetarian Festival

This festival is famous among the travelers because of the unique acts are done by the locals. Walking over hot coals, body mortification and some other very extreme activities are done by the locals in this festival. The belief behind this festival is that Chinese god will protect you if you painfully demonstrating your beliefs.  

8. Wonderfruit Music and Arts Festival

Like you must have seen music and art festivals in USA and UK, similarly, this one is held in Thailand. In this festival local bands perform and you can also take part in yoga, meditation and give your belly a treat by visiting pop-up restaurants. It is held in December in Pattaya and all the Americans and Europeans are invited to enjoy the festival.

9. Chinese New Year

  The bustling path of Chinatown is always very fun to explore but during Chinese New Year the charm of the place enhances. The street gets filled with the crowd who are worshipping and doing dragon dance with exploding firecrackers and families who come to enjoy the fun and eat sumptuous Chinese food. It’s a must to attend the festival and it normally takes place in the month of January or February.

10. Candle Festival   

In this festival, you will be noticing 10 very huge wax sculpture created by International artists, which depicts the modern as well as traditional art and abstract creation. This is a religious festival in Thailand, celebrated on a sacred Buddhist holiday, where devotees donate some items to monks but you will get the party atmosphere all the time during the festival. The wax sculptures are paraded with folk music and dancers to give it more religious feel.

11. Bo Sang

It’s an Umbrella festival which is held between 18th January to 20th January and if you wish to soothe your eyes with colors, well this is the perfect festival for you. Floral motifs and handmade Umbrellas enhance the beauty of the festival. You must visit this place at the time of Umbrella festival.

12. Tattoo Festival

Do you have a Tattoo or still wondering to get one? Well, the Wat Bang Phra temple, you can get Sak Yant tattoo done by monks on Tattoo festival which a spiritual festival. You will be going to get inked which includes Buddhist inscriptions and it is believed that this inscription will protect you from the evil spirit.

13. Flora Park Festival

With the magnificent vertical garden, you are going to get a 360-degree angle viewpoint of more than 100,000 flowers of over 20 multiple species. The flowers are capturing the landscape beautifully and will give your eyes and mind a very soothing feel.

14. Cooking Khao Lam Up Hill

It’s a fair that is organized annually during February- march in front of city hall. Here you are going to enjoy the Pong Lang contest and Phrae Wa silk exhibition with interesting cultural performances and entertainments. For shopaholics, this fair is heaven on earth as you are going to get the sale on fast varieties of merchandise.  

15. Elephant Satoke Fair

This fair is all about giving importance to elephants. From elephant show to parades and decoration, you are going to enjoy it a lot. The main thing is that they arrange a feast of fruits and vegetables for elephants. It is held on 13th March, so you can add this fair on your festival bucket list and do visit it when in Thailand. These fairs and festivals are going to take make your visit to Thailand worthy. You don’t have to search online regarding the festivals and fairs as we have mentioned top 15 here, just to make your travel planning more convenient. Every festival is unique in its own way and will give you some knowledge as well as you will enjoy it a lot for sure. You just have to plan your itinerary as per the festival you want to see from the above-mentioned list and make your vacation package as per that. Thailand is not only about scenic beauty and amazing food but these fairs and festivals also make it a must to visit the place on your travel bucket list. The colorful festivals and what you get to experience is more important when you travel to Thailand for any attending any fairs or festivals. We bet you will take back so much of unforgettable memories with you and will surely going to visit again to attend these festivals. They are so fascinating and people come from different countries to be a part of it. Imagine how graceful and interesting the festivals would be. You not only take amazing photos and have the opportunity to taste the local cuisine as well, which is the best part for international travelers. From flowers, sculptures, dangerous acts to delicious food, interesting tattoos, arts, cultural traditions, you are going to experience endless things here which are very hard to experience on normal traveling months. So pack your bags and wear your traveling shoes with a camera and a mindset to visit this gorgeous place and experience the most popular festivals and fairs. Trust us, it is going to be a lifetime experience for you and you will cherish the captured memories forever. Choose the festival and the months as per it to book your holiday package and enjoy the ride that will entice your soul and give you a fascinating break from your monotonous life. You are just a small decision away to enjoy the most entertaining days of your life in Thailand.]]>

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