10 Houseboats In Kumarakom For A Surreal Stay Experience

Kerala, backwaters, and Houseboats go in sync with each other. Houseboats in Kumarakom are the most favorite activity in Kumarakom. The backwaters are serene, and houseboats are the perfect way to experience this calmness of the backwaters. The pleasant system of conduits is engaging the eye.

List of 10 Best Houseboats in Kumarakom and Alleppey.

1. Rainbow Cruises:

[caption id="attachment_10993" align="aligncenter" width="810"]rainbow cruises alleppey Source: Rainbow Cruises Alleppey[/caption] This one is certain to give you the most charming background on the planet. This houseboat catches the embodiment of the Venice of the East, which is Alleppey. Cruising on the backwaters, there are in excess of 900 km of conduits to be investigated. The various biological system of the territory and lake can be experienced en route. Rainbow Cruises is one of the best houseboat in Kumarakom. 
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2. Blessed Messenger Queen Houseboats:

[caption id="attachment_11003" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Source: Boathouse, Photo by Silver Blue, CC BY-SA 2.0  Blessed messenger Queen Houseboats Alleppey[/caption] These are a standout amongst the most prevalent houseboats in Kumarakom and Alleppey. There is no season or off-season with regards to giving you a satisfying houseboat encounter. The booking rates additionally join scrumptious Kerala culinary enjoyments. The houseboat benefit utilizes a down to business approach with regards to joining quality administration at esteem for-cash rates. 
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3. Prasanthy Houseboats:

[caption id="attachment_11005" align="aligncenter" width="810"] Source: Prasanthy Houseboats[/caption] Prasanthy houseboats are known for their lavish sustenance menu. Astounding levy prepared staff, and exquisite administration is the thing that draws in travelers to this houseboats. Prasanthy Houseboats are favored by local people, national, and worldwide guests alike. 
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4. Johnson’s Eco Houseboat:

Source: Johnson’s Eco Houseboat This name rings a chime for a standout amongst the most one of a kind houseboat in Kumarakom. Offices like that of Johnson’s are the explanation behind numerous voyagers to visit the backwaters. It conveys forward the inheritance of this beautiful locale with exceptional client benefit. This houseboat benefit began activities when there were at that point set up administration organizations in this area. 
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5. Magnificence Houseboats:

Magnificence Houseboats Kumarakom Grandeur Houseboats in Kumarakom have been the front-running houseboat benefit in Alleppey from quite a while and with the best houseboats in Alleppey. The voyage line of this administration has a wide range of houseboats. Appealing highlights are a great settlement, joined washrooms, parlor, kitchen, and a cooking workforce. There are upwards of six rooms in the houseboat. 
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6. Water Jumbo Houseboat:

Source: RedBus.in , Water Jumbo Houseboat This one is a coasting royal residence which is an altered type of customary Kettuvallams. It has 2 rich outfitted rooms with joined washrooms. Attractions incorporate sunbath-deck, relax cum lounge area and a sterile kitchen. Real Kerala nourishment is set up in the kitchen that leaves the visitors awestruck! At the point when this royal residence coast along the immense green field of backwaters you can encounter the most energizing display of the world. The quality gave to our visitors is incredible. We offer night trek and day travels dependent on the visitor inclination. 
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7. Amrutham Houseboat:

Source: Amrutham Houseboat Thinking of a quiet and peaceful time in Kumarakom, Amrutham houseboat in Kumarakom is a perfect choice. It is decked with modern amenities and luxury.  
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8. Olala Cruise:

Olala Cruise Kumarakom Comfortable accommodation, luxurious facilities, a fully functional kitchen is what defines Olala cruise. The eco-friendly components of the houseboat duly complimented by the modern decor make Olala Cruise a popular option in the backwaters of Kumarakom. There is a variety of meals on the houseboat; ranging from Chinese, continental seafood and Indian cuisine.

9. Paradise houseboat in Kumarakom:

Source: Paradise Houseboat in Kumarakom Let the cool breeze of backwaters sweep you off your feet as you spend an awesome vacation in Paradise. Beautiful rooms, good food, the clean houseboat is a feeling of the perfect holiday set up. With exciting activities and scenic interiors carved out of wood, a stay on this houseboat is never boring or dull.

10. Thathwamasi Premium Houseboats:

Source: Thathwamasi Premium Houseboats The fleet of Thathwamasi Premium Houseboats in Kumarakom includes well-equipped boathouses that offer a maximum of 6 rooms and have a dedicated staff to make your stay worthwhile. You also get to have your business meetings on the luxurious deck of this houseboat. Thathwamasi Houseboats hogs the limelight with its fascinating interior design. All the accommodations have a pattern different than the other, which make this boathouse in Kumarakom different than others and is a stay to stay on to forever!

In the event that absorbing yourself the unbound excellence and quieting tranquility of Kerala backwaters is your concept of the occasion, houseboats are the most ideal approach to encounter this. For the individuals who need to appreciate a not really packed occasion in Kerala, Kumarakom is a superior pick over Alleppey. It is prominent, however not as occupied as Alleppey. What’s more, the regular magnificence is to such an extent if not more.

Cruising over the interlinked trenches, advancing through harsh tidal ponds with bulging coconut trees in the setting, extravagant houseboats in Kumarakom take you to the inconspicuous purposes of the backwaters in Kumarakom. They ensure flawless perspectives of the encompassing vegetation and also the best of solace and extravagance.


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