Kerala- a Perfect Destination for Backpackers!

Kerala is located at south-western India over the tropical Malabar cost. The topographical location of Kerala has bestowed it with some of the most pristine and the finest beaches of the entire globe. The natural beauty and beaches of Kerala are famous throughout the world. The silvery sand and azure seas turn it to be amazing for the people who look forward for some adventure in their vacations.kerala tour

The place of Kerala has been marked amongst the ten paradises of world by a magazine called national geographic traveler. For the foreigners, Kerala has uncountable amazing destinations that can be enjoyed in a quite memorable way. The backwaters of Kerala act as prime attraction for the tourists. The best way to relish backwater is by hiring houseboats. With the help of houseboats, tourists can glide over the world of picture vistas, exotic resorts, ancient forts, green paddy fields, waterfalls and lots more. The natural beauty of Kerala has been lately grabbing the heart of tourists by offering them eternal memories about the place.


Apart from beaches, hill stations of Kerala are also amazingly beautiful. The nostalgic hill stations of Kerala are adorned with cascading waterfalls, evergreen wooden tress, orange plantations, spices etc. across the globe natural lovers, honeymoon couples, vacationers tend to visits Kerala in order to redouble their travelling experience.

The herbal care practice of Kerala has made it all the more preferred for tourism amongst foreigners. the soothing climate, delicious cuisines, warm hospitality and multiple tourism attractions have further played a role in the development of Kerala tourism. The state is visited by a handsome number of foreigners each year. The rooms of the hotels allow visitors to get a full scenic view of the place with just a single glimpse.


The seafood can also be spotted by you in great quantity in Kerala. The place is a hub of restaurants and good quality food stalls, especially during tourist seasons. Above mentioned reasons are enough for you to have a glimpse of this place during your vacations.

Kerala has got something for everyone. With intense natural beauty, sunshine, beaches, boating on the backwaters and Ayurvedic massages, this is an ideal vacation destination. Kerala has mouth watering local delicacies, strong cultural values and friendly people. Once you visit the place, you are bound to relish it thoroughly.

Vedanta Wakeup Hotel – The Finest accommodation in Kerala!


Vedanta Wakeup Hotel is amongst most renowned hotels in Kerala. This hotel has an ideal locality and offers opulent facilities that bring comfort and luxury in the life of the guests. The very famous Vedanta Wakeup Hotel is one of the finest hotels that offer ideal surrounding. The hotel is strategically positioned in the middle of the great Kerala. It is situated at one of the most crowded and eminent streets of Kerala so that tourists do not face a single trouble in locating it. Once you visit the hotel, you are surely going to elongate the number of stay in this place. With homely atmosphere, there is not even a single reason to not to relish this place.

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