Top 10 Tips to Travel New York

Many people often make travelling arrangements, but do not get much out of the experience. With New York being one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world, proper planning is paramount to ensure that every day has its own set of activities. Below are some tips that can be helpful when travelling to New York.

 Purchase the City Pass

For tourists that do not mind walking for long periods, buying a City Pass can come in handy, especially if one intends to visit tourist attractions that require payment. The City Pass includes entry to six top attraction sites. Most of them are Museums and others attraction sites that may be fun to explore.

New York City Pass

For touring New York City, the New York City Pass, which is valid for 72 hours, can save you a considerable amount of money in terms of entrance fees to majority of attraction sites in New York.

Plan your Schedule in Advance

Planning the next day’s tour schedule should take place preferably in the evening. This is because New York has plenty of attractions and one can easily spend more time on other sites, hence not making the best out of a tour in New York.

Rather than Travel by Land Taxis, Try Water Taxis

To break the monotony of traveling by land taxis, one can use water taxis that allow tourists making their way to Liberty Islands to view the Statue of Liberty.

Travel with Fewer Valuables

It is wise to travel light with fewer valuables. This will save you a lot hassle at the airport and on your way to the hotel.

Sign Up on Sites to Receive More Information and Reap Other Benefits

Before arriving in New York, sign up on sites such as Groupon, Bloomspot, Gilt City and Living Social. Signing up to these sites does not only give valuable information on activities in New York, but also allows one to have gotten discounts in clubs, restaurants and places of attraction among others.

Go Sightseeing between Tuesday and Saturday

If you are planning to visit different attraction sites, any day from Tuesday to Saturday is appropriate. This is because most museums are not open on Mondays and during weekends, they may open late and close early.

Opt for Volunteer Guides Rather than a Regular City Guide

In case you require a city guide, you can get help from a volunteer guide. A volunteer guide does not only reduce touring costs, but may sometimes be more informative than a regular guide may have.

Guide Book versus Mobile Apps

In order to make better travelling arrangements, it is advisable to have the Guide Book. This book has valuable information on over 50 attraction sites. If you do not have a Guide Book, you can also make use of mobile applications that have maps and directions of different attraction sites in New York.

Avoid Making Reservations

If possible, avoid making reservations as they may hold you from visiting other places when chances occur. Reservations may be expensive and may limit your time to explore other locations.



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