Incredible India: A perfect place to see

India is a nation of diverse culture, rich history, beautiful tourist spots and people of many classes, languages & religions. After being hurt by continuous poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, terrorism and natural disasters the way the country rehabilitates & represents itself is truly admirable. The country is always dynamic in movements toward conserving its wildlife and tourism. The tourism industry in India is a large contributor to its GDP and employment (approximately 7% of total GDP & 8% of its total employment).incredible india

When you’re in India you’ll find a true beauty in every entity that will raise your curiosity to know more about the country. If you’ve not been able to experience the true India yet, go get your tickets soon.

Main attractions: The attractive sites spreading all over India contribute to the world travel immensely. Few of them are briefed below.

  • The mainland of India (spreading from Gujarat’s Kutch to Arunachal Pradesh longitudinally and from Kashmir to Kanyakumari vertically) is full of amazing sites of special significance.
  • The country has more than 442 Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks spread across the states which are protected by various National Conservation Acts.
  • States like Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh etc. have many magnificent spots like great monuments, places with international heritage, beautiful hill stations and natural attractions.
  • India has some amazing sea beaches like Marina beach in Chennai, Juhu beach in Mumbai, Puri beach in Odisha, Calangute sea beach in Goa. The beaches are the most beautiful hippy hangouts for people all through the year.
  • Temples are spread all over the country. Wherever you go you will come to see large Hindu temples. The Konark Sun temple & Sanchi Stupas in the east, Thanjavur temple in the south, Somnath temple in the west, and Golden temple in the north-west are few among the ancient temples in the country.
  • The great Himalayas are the matchless mountain series having no comparison in the world.
  • The old caves like Amarnath cave, Ajanta & Ellora caves are just one of a kind.
  • The famous Chillika lake, Dal lake, Lake Pichola in Udaipur, Periyar lake in Kerala are few of the unique names constituting the aesthetic scenes in the country.

How to travel efficiently:

If you’re gradually falling in love with the pure elegance of the scenic spots, make your travel plans ready. First off make a list of the well-known travel agencies in each state and have a little knowledge about the geographical location of the spots. The local travel agencies are pretty much experienced in finding the efficient way of travelling. They will help you in every regard.

So if you’re planning to visit a place where you can enjoy your trip as well as learn about the place & its people, select India as the spot. Come as just a traveller, spend few days and go as a knowledgeable researcher. But one important tip: Before making your travel plan you must have a glimpse on these travelling details. Know the convenient ways to travel, stay and dine and start your journey. Wish you a happy trip!!

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