Popular Skydiving Destinations in India

Skydiving is an exciting, adventurous sport that brings a large amount of adrenaline rush. Though, this activity is still at a very budding stage in India, but its fame and presence is widely spreading across the country. Sports fanatics and Adventure travellers are letting go of all their fears behind and enjoy this fantastic sport. This adventure sport got much of attention and popularity after it was portrayed in the Bollywood movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ and now, it has become a sought after adventure sport in India. In India, there are not many professional companies that offer full-time skydiving tours or packages, but you may find frequent skydiving camps spread across the country which are gradually increasing. If you are interested and wish to explore Skydiving, then read on to this article and get to know about popular destinations for Skydiving in India! sky diving in mysore Mysore Situated a few kilometers away from Bangalore (now Bengaluru) at the base of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore is a renowned host for many skydiving camps. Organized by the Drop Zone (of Kakini Enterprises), the camp provides you the options of static jumps, accelerated free falls and tandem jumps to choose from. Tourists coming to this place can enjoy the extreme sport and indulge in the thrill that only this sport can offer! skydiving in dhana Dhana Around 200 KM east of Bhopal, Dhana is located in the heart of India, the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is a quietly populated town of the state. This town is land for an airstrip that usually hosts skydiving camps for adventure explorers. Located at the 4,000 ft, the jump from here doesn’t give you much of free fall time, but the experience of looking over the huge barrenness of the landscape is a cherishable memory you will hold onto for a lifetime. Travelers coming here make sure that they indulge in this heart pumping activity and also, explore this unexplored town. skydiving in deesa Deesa It was the Sports Authority of Gujarat that formed the first Indian sporting body to look at skydiving as an adventure sport and ultimately assured that it becomes the first Indian state to have a certified drop-zone in Deesa. Deesa is the lake-side city which has been hosted many skydiving camps and tours. Also, this city is a most important hub for the sport. Travelers who are interested to enjoy this sport can sign up at the camp and get trained from the experts and then, finally take a fall into the open sky. skydiving in amby valley Amby Valley Amby Valley is the first place in India to offer skydiving packages all around the year. This place is situated around 2-hour drive from Mumbai city. In fact, Amby Valley is known to be one of the perfect skydiving spots in the country. This place offers a 10,000 ft tandem jump to its visitors. Travelers visiting Amby Valley should positively try this sport that will give them a lifetime experience. Apart from these places, Pondicherry is another lesser known destination where adventurous tourists can enjoy Skydiving in India. Another lesser known place where tourist can indulge in this extreme sport is in the city of Pondicherry where Kakini Enterprises ensures that adventure fanatics have a tryst with this wild sport. This 10,000 feet jump is surely going to get your adrenaline pumping and you will be asking for more.]]>

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