Top Reasons to Visit Bikaner in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a royal state of India and each city of this state has a rare grandeur that can leave you spellbound. Which city reflects in a tourist’s mind while talking about Rajasthan – Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, or Jaisalmer?  One rarely thinks about the dusty yet vibrant small town of Bikaner. The question is “why the town is not so popular among tourists?” “Does it having nothing to offer?” This is not so. This desert tourist circuit of Rajasthan has a lot to offer its tourists. Explore the top reasons to visit Bikaner on your Rajasthan vacation. bikaner palace   Royal like Any City of Rajasthan Yet Peaceful Rajasthan is full of royal cities but you can’t ignore the fact that those destinations are bustling and can’t give you break from the stress of city life. So, if you can tolerate the same rush on your vacation as well, go ahead with the busy destinations of Rajasthan. However, if you want to avoid the rush and chaos, then visit the beautiful town of Bikaner and enjoy the sparkling magnificence of Rajasthan leaving the hums & buzz of city. The town features a number of magnificent forts and temples. Life moves slowly here calming the days you spend. Tourism is a wonderful activity to enjoy and shopping is a joy ride. bikaner food Gastronomic Delights of Bikaner Bikaner is acceptably called as the sweet & snack town of Rajasthan. This is the reason that India is full of such sweet shops that are named after this place. You must be aware of Bikanerwala and new Bikano. In various sweet and snack shops of Bikaner, you can give pleasure to your taste buds. Delicacies, including sweets and snacks of Bikaner are one of the reasons that suggest you to visit the place. bikaner temples Town of Temples Bikaner is full of temples and the most popular one was Karni Mata Temple of Deshnokh. About 20,000 rats can be spotted rushing all over the temple and devotees feed them to get their blessings. Another temple is old Shivbari Temple having a four-faced black marble statue of Lord Shiva. Jain temples of 15th century, including Bhandasar Temple is very famous. There are few other places of worship like Sandeshwar Temple and Laxminath Temple, which are famous for their carvings and unique way of worshiping. camel rides Camel Tales & Rides You can’t separate Rajasthan from camels. In fact, camel ride is one of the greatest attractions of a Rajasthan holiday. Bikaner features a complete breeding farm full of camels, which is possibly one of the biggest in Asia. The breeding farm is known as Camel Research Institute located 8 km away from the city. Several shops of Bikaner sell Rajasthani footwear or mojris prepared from camel hide. If you enjoy riding the gentle desert of Rajasthan then go for a Camel safari. Bikaner offers a great option to the Jaisalmer safari and you can enjoy it here for any time period along with several other aspects of Rajasthan. There are many other reasons to visit this beautiful place of Rajasthan. Those reasons can be found out after reaching Bikaner.  ]]>

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