Top 5 Forts of India – Gateways to Indian Majesty

While talking about Indian history, the first thing that one visualizes is its majestic forts. Indulged into several historical tales, the forts of India are the witness of several legends of kings and warriors. One can discover many specialties of the rich past of India still existing in each part of the forts and its various destinations. Carrying a mysterious and extravagant ambiance, these forts of India are still an inherent part of its heritage and please the visitors with their existence and by bestowing complete extravagance. Explore the most popular forts of India through this article. delhi red fort Red Fort, Delhi Red Fort of Delhi is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site and a must visit attraction in the capital city of India. Built using red sandstone, the fort is situated in clamor of Old Delhi. The fort used to be the residence of the Mughal emperors of India, until 1857. The main gate of the fort is called as Lahore Gate, which attracts a huge crowd on eve of Independence Day. The fort was built by Emperor Shah Jehan in 17th century. It features a huge lotus made of a single block of marble that will surely amaze you. agra red fort Agra Fort, Agra Agra Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Agra. It is built using red sandstone along River Yamuna. The fort can be precisely depicted as a walled palatial city. It was built by the Mughal emperor Akbar. The fort features grand palaces of red sandstone and white marble. Agra Fort allows the visitors having a glance of the luxurious life of the Mughals and art enthusiasts of that era. jairpur tour attraction Amber Fort, Jaipur The magnetism of this incredible fort of Jaipur is such that even the scorching sun of May and June can’t stop tourists from exploring this architectural marvel. Built with the blend of Rajputana and Mughal architectural style, the fort is positioned over a hilltop enjoying the view of Lake Mayota. The ambiance of the fort has got an aesthetic feel with artistic archways and elaborate doors that offer picturesque views. The ceilings and walls of the fort are decorated with mirror work, complex carvings and symmetric paintings that leave the visitors amazed. gwalior for tour Gwalior Fort, Gwalior Gwalior Fort is stunningly beautiful. The moment sunrays fall on the fort, it shines like a beautiful jewelry enhancing the beauty of Gwalior. The fort features artistic sculptures and sapphire paintings on its walls that enrich its splendor in every way. The fort has a place called Gujari Mahal that is converted into an archaeological museum. The museum displays a rare collection of Hindu and Jain sculptures. The fort used to be the home of the Scindia family and at present, it is one of the steadiest forts in India. mehrangarh fort Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur Mehrangarh Fort is the true symbol of power and honor in Jodhpur. The breathtakingly majestic fort in Jodhpur is the real glory of the city and the main base of its tourism. One can witness the marks of cannonballs on its walls that symbolize its vigor. The fort is huge, beautiful and appealing. This architectural masterpiece has seven gates and it also features a well-stocked museum displaying a collection of royal palanquins, weaponry, costumes, paintings and much more.]]>

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