Things to do in San Francisco

If you are an experienced traveler, than you know that finding a new city to explore is always near the top of your list. If you haven’t been there already, the San Francisco and Bay Area of California is waiting for you to come pay a visit. No matter where you are coming from there are plenty of great things that you can do on your trip. With a few simple tips, you can capture all of the best the city has to offer. Things to do in San Francisco

  • Grab a Bite to Eat: The great thing about San Francisco is that there are so many great restaurants that you can visit on your trip. You can stop by Restaurant Gary Danko or Boulevard for traditional American cuisine or hop in at Kokkari Restaurant for classic Greek food that is some of the best outside of the Mediterranean. All of this not to mention the great seafood restaurants and other great local spots.
  • Treat Yourself: After you have had your fill of delicious food, the next step will be to treat yourself to a mini shopping spree. Union Square is one of San Francisco’s most popular shopping spots, filled with designer stores that have everything you want. You can also stop by the world famous Levi’s Denim store, which truly is a one of a kind establishment in the heart of the city. Who knows, you may even want to stop into a hair salon and get a new look while you have time, as long as you are spending money on yourself it’s worth it.
  • Take in a Sporting Event: After you have had your share of shopping, and after you ate all that you can, make it a priority to take in a sporting event. San Francisco and the greater Bay Area are home to many professional franchises. Whether you like baseball, basketball or football, chances are that no matter when you visit there will be a great game going on that you can make a stop at.
Next time you are planning a trip, make sure that you keep San Francisco and the Bay Area in mind. You will enjoy every minute of your trip no matter when you go.]]>

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