Most Popular Tourist Attractions to visit in Dubai

Have you always envisioned a vacation that is full of pleasant memories and many joys all at a time? You don’t have to rake your mind hard to find a vacation destination that not only promises fun, adventure, edutainment, and thrill on paper, but actually serve them in a platter. And that holiday location is the fabulous and exotic city of the UAE, famously known to the world as “Dubai.” Shining as a silver star on the global map of the hot spot tourist destination, this wonderful and peaceful desert city will amaze you like an interesting tale you won’t get bored reading and listening to time and again. So organize your luggage with necessary traveling papers and grab a holiday package that will help you explore the city as if you are aware with its every nook and corner.

If you are able to find a right and honest tour management company, book a Dubai city tour package through which you can see the many attractions of the desert city. Since Dubai is a single most visited tourist attraction in the UAE, you will be able to soak in its architectural genius, man-made wonders, history, culture, food, nightlife, wildlife, azure sea, beaches, hotels, resorts, and pristine nature. The first interesting thing about this city tour package is that it starts in the morning with enough time for you to get ready without any rush. At the scheduled time, an AC car or a limo, based on your preference, will arrive at your hotel for pickup.

1. Dubai Creek

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The Dubai city tour start with a visit to the famous location that has a rich history and is one of the main sources for transforming Dubai into a tourist hub. And the place where history and prosperity blend seamlessly is the Dubai Creek. It is where the city’s new chapter was written. In the yesteryear, it was used for fishing, pearl diving, transportation of goods and people, and trading of commodities. The only change today, compare to the olden times, is that it has adapted to a new and modern type of business – cruise tour. Hundreds of yachts, dhows, and abras are seen moving up and down the Creek offering tourist a view of the city from the water and everything that is possible to do on the water from food, music, and entertainment.

2. Dubai Museum

duabi museum

After you have drunk the beauty of the Creek, the tour then proceeds to Dubai Museum. The Museum was built in 1799 and is another most-visited tourist attraction situated inside the Al Fahidi Fort. It will take you back to the time when the UAE was not so developed and people lived an ordinary life. The museum holds invaluable treasures of the country’s history, culture, and tradition. Many of the items, artifacts, and souvenirs are so rare that one would happily spend through his nose to procure them.

3. Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Dubai as well as in the world. It is entirely built with white marble and has two imposing minarets and a large dome in the center. The mosque is one of the stunning landmarks of Dubai. Looking at this beautiful holy place ignites the feelings that there could be no better residing place for the god than this. Its beauty quadruples when it bathes in the sunlight. And when it is lit up in the evening, it appears as if a white rose has blossomed that is nurtured by the heaven.

This mosque is a true symbol of love, beauty, purity, humility, and spirituality. It makes no distinction between Muslims and non-Muslims. People of all faith and religion are welcomed here with open arms. A guided tour is arranged for all by the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding where visitors can brush up their knowledge about Islamic culture and taste traditional food.

4. Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road

The Sheikh Zayed Road is the address of Dubai’ progress and prosperity. Several major companies of the world as well as of UAE’s have their offices in this location.  Commuting on this road is a sheer pleasure as traffic move in a convenient speed owing to its multiple lanes flanked by skyscrapers on either side. It has emerged as a progressive business district of UAE due to the establishment of the best hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and trendy eateries.

5. Burj Al Arab

burj al arab dubai

The Burj Al Arab has surpassed all the standards set by the hospitality industry. It is the only the 7 Star hotel in the hotel, but also a structure with a unique design that resembles a billowing sail. It stands 321 meters tall and houses 202 duplex suites built across 27 floors. It is also hailed for building the world’s highest tennis court. The hotel also has a helipad for those who want to take an aerial route for entering the hotel. It also offers a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce in guests want to make an entry in style.

6. Burf Khalifa

burj khalifa view

Burf Khalifa is an awe-inspiring structure and one of the major reasons tourists want to visit Dubai. A Dubai city tour is incomplete if it doesn’t include a visit to this tallest building on the planet. This building is the best place to feel and experience the real meaning of the word “height.” There are a few fun activities in the world and watching the city from the building’s observation deck is one of them.

While touring the city is a fun in itself, you must also not miss the desert safari in Dubai. There is also a combo package that includes a city tour and desert safari where visitors can experience a six-hour of wild adventure in the red desert of Dubai. The package includes sand bashing in an air-conditioned SUV, camel ride, smoking traditional pipe called “Shisha,” BBQ dinner, and belly dancing.


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