Dubai Travel Tips: Top tips on what to do before you travel

While travelling to any foreign country, it is imperative to know about its culture, etiquette, people and rules. Travelling to a Middle East country makes it all the more important. One such bustling city of UAE is Dubai. This entertainment hub of the world is on the bucket list of almost all the travelers, but there too are rules.
Dubai is a city of pleasure and you certainly don’t want any stress while you are there. To make your Dubai travel completely hassle and stress free, take note of the few insiders Dubai travel tips before you embark on your journey.

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If you are a tourist and have little time to see everything, it’s better to plan and make every possible booking ahead. We promise you won’t regret it. For example, while in Dubai you would definitely want to see the observation deck of Burj Khalifa. So book it in advance, especially during the peak months, so you don’t have to waste your time doing bookings there. Similarly, if you want to try out the Frying Pan adventure, you can book that too and secure a slot.

If you are visiting Dubai, you know that you won’t be able to buy wines other than having the hotels and licensed restaurants, and the cost for them is too high. If you are a wine person, it’s better to book your wine in advance and that too duty-free delivered to you at your arrival.

Know everything about Dubai Visa

While the visa laws to enter and exit Dubai is very liberal, it’s better to know all about the Dubai Visa information. For example, there are 39 countries that can get a 30 day free visa on arrival in Dubai. Similarly, there are different types of visas to be applied for depending upon the nature of your visit. The duration of the visas also differs. You can get a visa for Dubai for as small a duration as 96 hours too. Dubai visa authorities have recently facilitated multiple entry visa option as well.

While major tourists visit Dubai by air, the Dubai Cruise terminal also witnesses a large number of tourists arriving in Dubai through the sea, so you do have an alternate way to reach Dubai. You can also fly to Sharjah or Abu Dhabi in cases of non- availability of flights during peak seasons and reach Dubai by road with a valid visa.

Check the legality of your medication in Dubai

A prescribed drug that is freely available in your country might be banned in Dubai, so it’s better to check online regarding the same. In case you have to carry any essential medicine, you must have a medical prescription of the same. And yes, please take proper stock of the medicine you need to have as you may not get the same medicine in Dubai.
For any medical emergencies, you can dial 999 while in Dubai and receive medical attention. While no special immunization is required before visiting Dubai, please check for the latest information before leaving. Although, sun exhaustion and heatstroke is always a risk in the desert city and therefore, this goes without saying that good SPF sunscreens, hats and sunglasses should be a part of your luggage, especially if you are travelling with children.

Inquire what’s special going on while you are there

Before you leave for the travel, look for the major events happening in the city. With Dubai being a hotspot for celebrities from all across the world, some or the other event is always happening. From best of bands and international artists to Dubai racing World cup, camel racing festival, a Dubai desert classic event for golf and yes, the Dubai food festival; Dubai calendar is almost always full of events. Why has not been part of one while you are there, Right? Check out for the latest events happening during your dates of travel online and book your tickets in advance.

Get a deal on your food

While in Dubai food is one thing that’s in abundance. Such is the love of the city for food that you are sure to find out restaurants serving dishes of almost all the cuisines of the world there. If you want to save some extra on food, check out various meal deals online offers meals for 2 at the price of 1 and discounted buffets. Even fine dining restaurants that you otherwise might not think of visiting, offers great buffets and meal deals. Book these deals before you leave to have a planned day knowing where to eat. If you are more into street food, try the streets of old Dubai as they offer a perfect value for your money.

Etiquettes & moral code of conduct while in Dubai

  • Refrain from showing affection in public places. Even being cozy is frowned upon in Dubai, forget about hugs and kisses.
  • Even poppy seeds are considered as a drug so if you don’t want to land up behind the bars, refrain from taking any kind of drug even in miniscule amounts for personal use. There is a zero tolerance policy for the same.
  • Drinking in Public is strictly banned and the legal drinking age limit is 21 years in Dubai. Drink in a hotel if you want to but don’t roam drunk outside.
  • So what if there are beautiful beaches in Dubai, visitors specially women are required to wear ‘decent swimwear’ with no or minimal skin show while on the beach. Nudity on the beach is strictly illegal.
  • Check beforehand if your visit falls during the month of Ramadan. If yes, it is illegal for non Muslims to drink, eat or smoke in public areas, especially in front of Muslims between sunrise and sunset. If you are planning for a leisure travel, it’s better to pre-pone or postpone your trip.

Dubai is a must visit country for its sheer magnificence, beauty, man-made structure and hospitality. But like every other country, there are some rules and code of conduct to be followed. Before embarking on your trip, read about them and visit the city of wonders well versed to have the best time.

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