Using Video Marketing to Promote Your Holiday Business

Christmas getaways, bar mitzah singers, Easter specials. Holidays present a phenomenal opportunity to shop, purchase items you normally wouldn’t buy, and spend income on leisurely activities. For businesses, they can provide an opportunity to increase sales and capitalise on new potential markets, but they can also be a time of tremendous stress. Competition is fierce and each year consumers become more and more saturated with the marketing gimmicks they are exposed holiday

That’s where video marketing comes in. Video marketing during holidays presents a creative challenge that, if done successfully, can catapult a business, especially small businesses, into a new level of success. If you own or run a holiday business, here are some ways video marketing can give your work a boost.

A Holiday Without Us is No Holiday
First, holidays are about family, quality time, and, hopefully, a time to relax and celebrate. Your holiday business needs to connect intimately with these values in order for your product to be something that comes to consumers’ minds the next time Easter or Hanukkah rolls by. One idea is to create small videos with staff leading up to the holiday and promoting your business. Let’s say you are selling Christmas fruit baskets. Create a short 30-45 second video with staff where they fill in the blank, “Christmas isn’t Christmas for me without. . .” Then end the video on a picture of your product with the line, “And Christmas isn’t Christmas without (insert name) fruit baskets).” This is an extremely low-budget way to brand your product, create a relationship with the consumer, and get ahead of the holiday marketing game. Unlike other marketing media, video can be reshared at no cost to you. This is essential to remember when crafting your video marketing campaign.

Holidays Are Time Spent with Us
A holiday is a special day out of the calendar year. Let’s say you are selling a service or product that many others are selling and you are struggling to distinguish your business. One effective way for intimately linking your holiday business with the product is to showcase video footage throughout the years of customers using your product. Let’s say you run a bed-and-breakfast. Shoot footage of diverse people coming and and out of your bed-and-breakfast then cut so that there is a montage of this footage. In the corner, note the years, “1982, 1985. .” to indicate how long you have been running your business. This is helpful for family businesses and smaller businesses that are well-known in a local context, but seeking to expand. Consistent service over time for holiday businesses means tradition. Your customer should see having your product or using your holiday service as synonymous with celebrating the holiday. Connecting your business visually to the traditions associated with the holiday and annualness of the holiday will help cement this association. Like a holiday movie that everyone longs to see, your video marketing campaign can provide subtle, necessary, and long-lasting visual tools for maximising product growth.

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