Top 20 Beautiful Destinations Where UK Citizens Do Not Require a Visa to Visit

1. Bahamas Bahamas is a perfect destination for sun-starved Britons. A tropical haven and a maritime playground. The archipelago offers a range of marine activities to indulge. This magnificent string of 700 subtropical islands and 240 cays is a magic to explore.  Most of them are encircled by spectacular corals and deep ocean trenches. The first things that behold the attention of every traveller visiting the archipelago are the white sandy beaches and shallow blue water. Take a rejuvenating stroll, enjoy the cool sea breeze or lay down on a hammock to soak the sunshine. Unfurl the seaside cities and revel in the ravishing nightlife by booking cheap flight with Crystal Travel.

2. Argentina

Having a visa-free entry has its own advantages. It gives you a quick entry into a country. And if that country is Argentina, you are lucky. Landen with nature’s wonder and scintillating cities, exploring them is a sheer joy. The capital Buenos Aries nicknamed Paris of South America has its own flavour and charm. Peppered with architectural marvels and heavy Spanish influenced is easily visible. Saunter the streets and explore its rich culture, people and food. And if you are an adventurer or nature lover, then get ready to satisfy your craving. From the snow-capped Andes to Valdivian forest or Patagonia’s cold landscape, wetlands, deserts and pristine blue lakes, the destinations takes you into an entirely different level of the voyage.  

3. Barbados

Barbados an eastern Caribbean island is famed for its scintillating beaches and colonial history. Mostly cherished for its sun-kissed coastal areas and turquoise bays this destination has a lot to offer. And this is only possible if you allowed yourself to drift away from the beaches. Bridgetown, the capital city, known for its imposing colonial edifices, captivating gardens and scenic outdoor. On sunset, the city’s smashing nightlife takes over. A walk in the city is a perfect way to divulge the charming island.  

4. Chile

Chile is an incredible country to explore and holiday. Incredibly long and strangely thin, this is the country of unexpected natural wonders. Varied landscape peppered over its 4300km stretch, includes volcanoes, astonishing sand dunes, fertile valleys, glaciers and fjords. Sandwiched by the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, Chile keeps on surprising travellers with its terrain. The destination serves as a haven for adventures and explorers. And don’t miss to sip the wine made fresh, perfect to quench your thirst. In Chile, beauty is everywhere. Every city whether a metropolis or small town has their own picture-perfect outdoor milieu.  

5. Philippines

Philippines With 7000 islands most travellers have stereotyped the Philippines as a beach lover’s abode. But, on reaching, the emerald rice paddy fields, burgeoning metropolis and great outdoors takes no time to clear this misconception. Also, popular festival and fairs adds the charm to this Southeast Asian destination. Every island carries their charm catering to every backpacker’s requirement. From the colossal island of Luzon and Mindanao to Volcanoes, lagoons and cays, rest assured for an incredible escape. Not just nature, but its cities and metropolis have their own shades. Ruled by Spanish for over 300 years, the legacy of their colonial rule has not only been imprinted on the land in the form of edifices but also in the lives of the locals. Brits can enjoy a visa-free entry in the Phillippines.  

6. South Africa

South Africa A trip to South Africa unveils the abundance of beauty the country boasts. From untamed wildlife to outdoor adventure and rich history showcasing the astounding diversity. It is one of the few countries popular for the African safari ride. The safari ride in the world- famed parks of Kruger and Kgalagadi will offer you the sight of Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino, and elephant). Adventurers can try or enhance their skills on craggy mountains of Cederberg, enjoying abseiling on the Table Mountain, bungee jumping from the Bloukrans Bridge and more. The tumultuous history imparts a unique colour to South Africa’s diversity. Visit Museums and chat with locals how they struggle to end the apartheid.

7. New Zealand

New Zealand New Zealand offers an otherworldly pleasure to adventure seekers and nature lovers. From its pristine forests, rejuvenating mountains, blue lakes, beaches and fjord have lent New Zealand the nickname, “Adventure Capital of the World”. Adventure junkies have plenty in their platter. Whether it is canoeing, kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, bungee jumping the list goes endless. Away from the magnificent wilderness to exploring beautiful cities is cheery on the cake. New Zealand’s towns are some of the most beautiful in the world. Captivating outdoors with all ultra-modern amenities make them unmatched. Escape to New Zealand and unfurl a magnificent destination you have ever seen.

8. Fiji

Fiji Fiji is an ultimate tropical paradise. It is the apex of a tropical destination when it comes to choosing a beach holiday. White soft sand, swaying palm trees and glistening blue sea water, Fiji’s beaches are in a league of its own. These beaches entice vacationers from around the world. The tropical destination both on the land and below the sea is teeming with wildlife. The crystal clear water one can see various marine life without even diving too deep. But if you are looking to explore the land beyond the sea, then Fiji will open up its hidden magic.  The archipelago offers plenty of opportunities for hikers, birdwatchers, leisure seekers and explorers.  

9. Canada

Canada The mammoth diverse in the terrain perfectly defines Canada’s colossal size. From its rock-crag coastal lines, imposing mountains, spooky rainforests and hinterland beaches peppered across six time zones. The varied landscape provides a wonderful opportunity for various adrenaline rushing activities. Whether it is kayaking on the South Nahanni River, snowboarding or sledging on the Whistler Mountain or riding the waves on Nova Scotia the opportunities are abounding. Away from the majestic nature’s marvels, Canada’s cities showcase how nature and urbanization go together in harmony. Also, the amalgamation of different culture influenced by Asian and Indian communities is remarkable.

10. Brazil

Brazil There are hardly few destinations in the world that matches the energy and fervour of Brazil. Whether it is the people, nature’s wonder or teeming wildlife, there is hardly any match for Brazil’s diversity.  Away from the Mother Nature’s lap, the cities have their own things going on: festival and carnivals happening throughout the year, delicious food and a peek into the rich culture. Locals playing football, basking in the sunlight and strolling on the beach makes for a picture-perfect holiday postcard. Book your cheap flight from Crystal Travel and set on an incredible trip to Brazil.

11. Belgium

Belgium Belgium shares its borders with the heavyweights like France and Germany famed for their rich history, fashion and food. But, once a traveller visits Belgium he is welcomed by the unexpected trove of medieval edifices, natural spectacles and carnivals. Its medieval towns are home to an array of UNESCO sites, but it is the cities that perfectly blends with rich ancient and medieval heritage. Despite being a small nation the dichotomy it shows is remarkable. From the Dutch-speaking town of Flanders boasting medieval belfries, eye-catching market squares, and bewitching canals peppered with museums and galleries. To South, Wallonia beguiles travellers with its exquisite caves, castles and beautiful pastoral valleys. And don’t forget to devour the delicious pastry, a crispy croissant to add the flavour to your trip

12. Malta

Malta Malta is a small archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea somewhere between Sicily and the North African Coast. Despite its small size, the destination packs a range of attractions. Most of the seaside area is rocky and limestone cliffs, which subtly wades into the shallow blue seawater. There is plenty of things to explore underwater laden with crags, wrecks and caves. The country is a melting pot of different cultures. The cultural amalgamation is also visible in the food, with Middle Eastern and Sicilian influence. The country’s rich medieval history and prehistoric sites help to lend a broad understanding of the country’s ancient civilization.  

13. Luxembourg

Luxumbourg A tiny and beautiful country is particularly famous for its magnificent countryside, impenetrable Ardennes forest and astounding nature’s marvel. The captivating outdoors combined with mesmerizing villages and medieval-era castle steers a person into the world of fairies. Its capital the Luxemburg city features remarkable medieval era structures, which includes a UNESCO listed Old Town. The city’s dining and art scene are striking, featuring museums and restaurants perfect to spend your day. From its natural marvels to the rich history and modern ambience, this little country has a lot to offer.

14. Italy

Italy It is not wrong to say that Italy is a living museum. Compare to any other country, Italy has the largest number of UNESCO world heritage cultural sites. From Michelangelo’s David and Sistine Chapel paintings to Botticelli’s Primavera and Birth of Venus, witnessing these Renaissance-era marvels is breathtaking. Also, explore the ancient Roman vestiges at Pompeii or Colosseum in Rome. Nowhere art and life has intermingled with each other as it is in Italy. Everything about Italy is splendid, whether it is freshly cooked Italian dishes, refreshing wine and magnificent landscapes. Stretching from coral laden seashores to mountains and hypnotizing cities, Italy is a complete package for travellers.

15. Iceland

Iceland Iceland close to the North Pole is a country to behold. It is still a pretty young country, with natural forces continuously shaping the landscape. Volcanic forces along with geothermal and glaciers relentlessly cutting the terrain. Unique outdoors combined with friendly Icelanders attracts millions of tourists to this Nordic country every year. Reykjavik world’s northerly capital is magic to explore. Museums, art galleries, cuisines and live music there is something for everyone.

16. Spain

Spain Spain is an extraordinary escape giving every reason to visit this historically magnificent country. The bygone era ruins take you down into the memory lanes tangible in the form of Roman remnants, imposing cathedrals and gems of Islamic architecture. It is the country where grand structures of history stand face to face with each other. The natural landscape that the country possesses is breathtaking. The snow-capped mountains of Sierra Nevada, Pyrenees and powdery beaches of the North West Atlantic are perfect for an adventurous and tranquil escape.

17. Switzerland

Switzerland Switzerland’s beauty is sliced up between the urban grandeur and the countryside alpine tradition. It doesn’t matter in which corner of the country a person is, rest assured he will be blanketed by the captivating outdoors. In winter skiers, snowboarders and every mountain enthusiasts turn towards Switzerland’s stunning snowcapped trails in Graubünden, Bernese Oberland and Central Switzerland. In summers, these mountains turn into lush green meadows offering the perfect platform for hiking and trekking. Cities such as Bern, Zurich and Geneva showcase their grandeur in the form of contemporary edifices, medieval structures, museums, galleries and cafes.

18. India

India India is unique and at times can be full of sensory overload. The land is an epitome of diversity, where culture, people, attire, landscape and food quickly change with every mile travelled. Home to one of the most ancient civilizations, the glory of its ancient era, medieval grandeur and contemporary world jostle with each other. Outdoor aficionados can only imagine what the land has to offer. In the north, the sky soaring Himalayas are perfect for adrenaline rushing trekking and hiking. Its mammoth coastline peppered with spectacular beaches, marine wildlife with seashore cities and towns is enough to stir your soul.

19. Bhutan

Bhutan Bhutan surprises many with its magnificent charm and ancient Buddhist legacy. Buddhism has etched the country’s mountainous landscape perfectly coexisting with beautiful nature. Termed as the last Himalayan Buddhist kingdom, a term that perfectly defines the country. Shrouded in pure Buddhist culture, which is practised by the majority of its population. Dzongs and Buddhist monasteries dangling on the cliff showcase the might and grit of the Buddhist monks. These ancient edifices set the melody for the traditional dance and festivities. Exploring the country is a treat with mountain decked with pine trees and meandering paths.

20. Australia

Australia Australia ignites a traveller and adventure in everyone who visits this “the Land Down Under”. Its sheer colossal size, varied landscape and unique wildlife woo travellers from all over the world. Majority of its population lives near the coast enjoying beautiful sunshine and sea. People from varied nationalities have settled in the cities across the country, making them a melting pot of culture. Sydney’s spectacular beaches, Brisbane’s subtropical climate, Melbourne’s art scene, Adelaide’s festivity or the chill of Hobart every city is a treat to explore.   These destinations increases travel appetite of any travel enthusiasts. Explore magnificent places and venture out in some of the stunning places that will enthral you. Get ready to witness imposing magnificent nature’s wonder and experience them.  The best thing about all these places is that Brits do not require Visa to travel to these destinations. So, pack your bags and escape to a world that is full of surprises.]]>

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