One India: Many Beautiful Faces

India is known for giving varied experiences to its travellers. Everyone who visits here goes back with not some, but many memories to cherish for the rest of life. The beauty of this whole country is such that is incomparable to any other thing in the world. We say this because of the fact that India is not just rich in terms of culture and traditions but there are many more things which are there in abundance and which are worth a watch. For instance there are heritage monuments, ayurveda ahrams, temples etc. Natural beauty of India is also something that has received accolades many a times. Here we present to you in brief many beautiful faces of India that you can explore while on a trip here:

Cultural India: Cultural exploration in India is an elaborate affair. Several papers, documentaries, TV broadcasts etc have been made to educate people about the cultural flourish here. But coming here and experiencing everything in person is a different thing altogether. There are auditoriums, dedicated culture museums which showcase Indian dances, music etc. Besides this, culinary art also forms a part of the glorious Indian culture and one should definitely get a taste of some famous cuisines here.

Hospitable India: India is known for its hospitality all over the world. This is because generations after generations ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ is imbibed as a basic tradition which literally means Guest is God. Tourists in India are therefore very well received and we suggest that to experience hospitality at its best, you can opt for a home stays viajes paquetes which will give you an opportunity to stay in a traditional Indian home.

Spiritual India: India is always at its spiritual best. There are myriad temples which are visited by devotees from all around the world year after year. Not only temples, but there are some sites which form a very important part of the Buddhist pilgrimage, there are gurudwaras (Sikh places of worship), world famous mosques and churches. So we can say that India is a perfect destination for the ones who want to go on a soul searching.pangong lake leh

Naturally blessed India: Blessed with a wide range of geographical features, India is a country that has everything starting from mountains till beaches ornamented prettily on it. It receives every season at its peak across its length and breadth. There are several national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries tucked away in highly protected regions offering the viewers spectacular opportunities to spot animals such as tigers, elephants, lions, black bucks, bustards etc. And along with this there are natural haunts also like Munnar, Leh Ladakh which are perfect for planning a short sojourn.ellora caves

Heritage India: India is a repository of heritage valuables. These heritage symbols represent Indian heritage as it has been there since the beginning of time. For example, the great living Chola temples, Ajanta caves, Ellora caves, Khajuraho group of monuments etc. These are all great examples of accomplished heritage of India as they perfectly narrate the story of Indian civilizations living peacefully and working harmoniously towards common good.

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