Places to visit and the Top Temples in Patnitop

Patnitop is one of the most beautiful towns in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The town is basically a tourist town that is blessed with the best of nature. Meanwhile, religion also finds significant place in the city and there exist number of temples and religious shrines in the region. Visit the town for a refreshing holiday .

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Located in the beautiful regions of the state of Jammu & Kashmir, is a tranquil town called Patnitop. A beautiful hill station that derives its name from a popular belief that centuries back, there existed a beautiful pond where the princess of the region used to come and take bath. Thus, the place was called Patan da talab which means the pond of the princess, and later got modified and settled in Patnitop.


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Meanwhile, the place still is one of the most beautiful places in the country. However, there are no further signs of the ancient pond in the town. Today, the town is most popular as one amongst the country’s premier paragliding and skiing destinations. Nature abides and blossoms in the town at its best. The snow-covered slopes, dense woods of conifers, sparkling water bodies, colorful houses, and grassy meadows simply beckon one to visit the town. Though, today the town is most flocked by the honeymooners and Adeline junkies, but it is also an ideal destination for families and solo backpackers seeking for a holiday in the midst of serene nature and at a quietude replete destination.

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The beautiful town falls within the territory of Udhampur district of the parent state Jammu & Kashmir, and is about 35 km from the headquarter of the district. Plus, it is also 112 km from the city of Jammu, which also houses the largest rail head, called Jammu Tawi, in the parent state. The city is yet to get with modernization, although modernization has already started to spread its tentacles. Meanwhile, the town is still free from the downfalls of modernization, including mindless deforestation, pollution etc. The town is still the place where several legends and belief still linger.

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According to one of the popular belief, rather religious belief, goddess Parvati visits a place in the region, called Gaurikund everyday and bathes in the pond before the prayers start. The place is seen with utmost respect and is one of the most significant religious sites in the city. There also exists a revered Hindu temple called the Naag Temple, and is believed that it is the place where lord Shiva and goddess Parvati got married. The temple remains flocked by devotees yearlong. It is particularly during Shiva Ratri, the temple is most busy with pilgrims and devotees who visit the temple to worship the lord. Meanwhile, the temple is also one among the popular places to visit in Patnitop.

Temples in Patnitop:

Sudh mahadev temple
Sudh mahadev temple

The other popular places in the town include: Kud, Sudh Mahadev Temple, Madhtop, Shank Pal Temple, Ladoo Ladi Sanasar, Mantalai, and Shiv Garh. The good thing is that although these tourist attractions are a bit far from each other but they are well connected by roads.  Plus, there are some good hotels in Patnitop that offer transportation services to these tourist sites.
Meanwhile, the town is favourable for a visit throughout the year, because of the lovely weather that stays in the town yearlong. However, according to experts time between April till September is best for a tour of the town.

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