How To Plan Your First Trip To Italy

Boot-shaped peninsula with rugged mountain range defines this beautiful picturesque country of Europe, named Italy. There is so much to see and do and absorbing everything in one trip is nearly impossible. It doesn’t matter whether you are opting for guided tour or just being on a self guided tour. The fact that is important to you is there are few places and activities that are must-do in Italy and you cannot afford a miss on it. Now the question comes up is how you are going to do it? With a bit of clever planning and proper time schedule, the trip can turn out to be a successful one for you. Still confused and scratching your head about the places to see in Italy? Well! In order to clear out all your doubt, just take a look into following discussed points: –italy tour

Where to head off:

With so many cities on the list, pick up the right one to start off your trip. Some might turn out to be touristy sites and some might be a bit off beat. Mixture of both types of places can actually make your trip interesting. How about flying first to Venice? Spending 2 days is enough to take a tour around the city. Its magnificent architecture, multiple cuisine options and not to forget the gondola ride, the city has a lot to offer. However, the city always remains overcrowded with tourists. Hence, you might be cursing the city under your breadth but you cannot ignore praising its eternal beauty.

Where you will stay: hotels in italy

No matter whichever season you are visiting Italy, this country is always busy with tourists. Hence, arranging accommodation beforehand is always recommended. Especially if you can do so around five months prior to your journey date, you might end up getting good deal in some of the luxurious hotels of Italy. When it comes to royal treat within budget, no one prefer to ignore such option.

Next step in Bologna: next step in bologna

On your way from Venice to Florence, Bologna falls along the route. However, people often ignore this beautiful city and straightaway move on to Florence. But, taking a little break for a day won’t be a bad idea. Like other Italian cities, Bologna is no different when it comes to the heritage beauty. Infact, you get to see a new face of the Italian history in this city. But add to this, Bologna holds a special place is respect to food. Unlike touristy places like Florence and Rome, this city is not overcrowded and yet it offer innumerable option when it comes to authentic Italian cuisines.

Moving on to Florence & Rome: travel to rome

A great place for a walking tour! With some stunning art exhibition and churches, the tour will make you conclude that Renaissance was born in this city. From Florence, take a train to Rome. Italy is famous for having well connected train routes. Whether you wish to move within Florence or you consider your journey to Rome, trains always come as a comfortable mode of transport. The journey will take you around 3 – 4 hours. Make sure you buy the ticket and get it punched before boarding the train. On your way to the Termini train station, you can see the ancient walls of Rome. Visit the famous Vatican early in the morning before the crowds hit the place. Opt for audio guide to make your visit interesting. Being a first time visitor, arrange reservation via online to avoid queue while entering Vatican. This will save your time and instead you can spend that extra few hours for a lot of other things to do in Rome like taking a walk around Rome witnessing its grand architecture. Don’t miss out to have snacks from Gusto and meals from Roscioli.

A trip to the south of Italy: south of Italy

Southern Italy is not so popular for tourists, but a trip to this region of the city might turn out to be interesting. With Amalfi Coast lying in the south, you can always look forward to this trip. Especially the road trip from Sorrento to Positano offers a magnificent scenic beauty of the city. You never know that you might come across any Hollywood star taking private cruise trip on a fancy yacht along the shore. However, you can always give a skip to hault in Positano and Sorrento as these places are overly priced. Instead pay a visit to Le Sirenuse. Though the place is famous for rich people of America but the place itself is exotic for a visit.

If you have some more days left in your trip, you can move on to Milan. Else ending your trip in Amalfi Coast is equally worthy to make it a memorable one.

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