Honeymoon Destinations Around The World

“Honeymoon” is not just a combination of two words honey and moon. It’s a word which comprises precious memories, which are special, very special to the newly wed couples. To make these memories more special couples plan their honeymoon months ago, this planning phase is more exciting than the honeymoon itself. So always try to enjoy this time as much as you can. Further always remember, if you are going to start planning your honeymoon you will find things really difficult, but still the most difficult thing is to decide where to go? You will try your best to find a place where you get everything. Which is next to impossible, this is because if you find a good place you probably find it costlier (it’s a fact). However it’s always said never think about money when you are planning for your honeymoon. But sooner or later money does matter; it’s good to think about money, there is no harm in this and proper planning will definitely help you to save some extra bucks.


Destination selection can be done on the basis of different factors; you can start with finding those places where you and your spouse have visited earlier. Then select those places individually where you think you wanted to go with your spouse. After completing this, share your destination with your spouse and discuss over it. In most of the cases couples find a great place after this practice. In case if you have still not reached to any decision than make a list of your priorities like destination must have good beaches, awesome sea food and so on. This will make sure what exactly you are looking for.

Usually destination selection takes 2-3 weeks, after finalizing a destination you have to think about travel tickets and hotel booking. If you are travelling during the peak time you will face issues in booking as well. It has been noticed that around 60% of the couples change their honeymoon destination because of over bookings. To avoid all such issues its suggested to select at least 2-3 destinations with priorities. Check bookings for all destinations you have selected and finalize the one which is most feasible for you by all means.

Still if you are confused and not able to select a honeymoon destination this info-graphic will help you to select one. This info-graphic features all important information with destination like top attraction, peak time, accommodation and food expense range.

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