Myanmar – A Fascinating Cultural Destination

Myanmar is a unique and interesting destination with a lot of history and culture behind it. It’s temples and stupas will remind you of Northern India, yet Buddhism is practiced like in neighboring Thailand. It’s a cultural mishmash rich with stories waiting to be told, so why not book a Hong Kong holiday to Myanmar?myanmar culture

Why The Name Change?

The country has undergone a lot of name changes over the years, but its English name was officially changed from the Union of Burma to the Union of Myanmar in 1989. Since then, adoption of the new name into the English speaking world has been very mixed. The use of Burma has remained widespread, because many questioned whether a regime can legitimately change a country’s name without a referendum.

Although the United Nations has endorsed the name change, governments of many English speaking countries such as Canada, Australia, the USA and the UK still refer to it as Burma.

Weather and When to Visitmyanmar tourist attraction

There are two seasons in Myanmar, the wet season and the dry season. You can visit this destination all year round, but during the peak of the wet season there will be many regions that will become inaccessible. Also, some of the tourist attractions might close in preparation for the high winds and rainfall.

The dry season is during October to May and the wet season takes place from May or June to early October. However, the busiest time to book your flight to Myanmar is during November to February and you will find that hotels are booked and attractions are very busy. You might prefer to visit on the shoulder season, such as October or March in order to avoid the crowds.

Things to Do in Myanmar

What can you do during your visit to Myanmar? Here are some ideas:

  • Bagan – This is a famous archeological site with thousands of pagodas near the banks of the Ayeyarwady River.
  • Yangon – The economic centre of the city, offering beautiful colonial architecture and pagodas.
  • Golden Rock – A mysterious pagoda, built on a gold-covered rock on the edge of a hill, holds a Buddha relic.
  • Inle Lake –A beautiful and peaceful lake perfect for boat trips and visiting local floating villages.

What to Eat: Many people overlook the cuisine of Myanmar, especially because it is sandwiched between two famous culinary countries – China and Thailand. However, the cuisine in Myanmar is unique and there are plenty of delicious treats available from cheap street vendors. During your visit, you should definitely try Mohinga, which is a fish-based soup that is sprinkled with deep fried fritters over a bowl of rice noodles.

Another popular food in Myanmar is green tea leaf salad. It is often served with rice on the side and fried mung beans. The taste of the crunchy shredded cabbage and the slightly oily green tea leaf is marvellous and very addictive.

Also, don’t leave Myanmar without tasting some spicy noodles in a clay pot. The noodles are cooked within the pot itself and the ceramic vessel really helps the flavours to blend together harmoniously.

There is a lot to explore in Myanmar, so why not book your Cathay Pacific holiday today?

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